Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414 - Despair

When the Emperor Clans took action, who could face them?!

It wasn’t a single person who moved. While standing on the great golden paths, even though their movements weren’t that fast, they moved together, all of them wishing to kill Shi Hao!

This was an extremely serious matter. Since ancient times, forget about being able to fight a group of them, just finding someone who could fight one on one with an emperor race was extremely hard.

Once an Emperor Clan appeared, the entire world would bow down. They would sweep through everything, no one able to face them!

They were the embodiment of unequalled, living legends, never having opponents. Unless they encountered each other, how could they not sweep through all enemies unstoppably?

At their level, among their peers, no one could keep them in check, to the extent where no opponents could be found!

Just how terrifying was this? When other creatures saw them, they would all be in despair, not having the qualifications to fight at all, the difference too great.

Heh heh… Huang, if you survive through this, then it can be considered defying the heavens, I will feel admiration for you!” In the distance, Wang Xi’s grandfather laughed, face covered in wrinkles, teeth white. This smile seemed a bit cold, naturally not sincere. He felt that Shi Hao was going to die.


The golden spear...

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