Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411 - Establishing a Legend

Shi Hao’s body moved back and forth. He walked onto a bridge, lightning everywhere, arriving in the Nine Heavens. He slaughtered his way here from the Ten Earths!

This was a type of magnificent feat. The enemy army was endless, boundless without borders, no end in sight. Meanwhile, he crashed his way through just like this, slaughtering his way over!

Only, after he came here, it became even more dangerous!

There was already a great battle happening here, shouts of war shaking the skies. Shi Hao charged straight in, equivalent to participating in the battle. There were immediately many creatures who targeted him.

The foreign cultivators threw themselves over, attacking crazily, not holding back at all, to the extent where they gave up on their original opponents, starting to surround and pursue him!

The ancient people were at a disadvantage, powerless to provide him with help. No one could come over to help him, Shi Hao’s situation dire, to the extent where it was even more dangerous than when he was in the Ten Earths. It was because the overall strength of the creatures of the Nine Heavens was a bit higher!

Shi Hao had no choice, he could only fight a bloody battle. At this point, how could he turn back? He couldn’t retreat even if he wanted to. The lightning tribulation wouldn’t disappear, he either succeeded and...

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