Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410 - Slaughtering Into the Nine Heavens

Aohou… A great roar sounded. A lion-bodied human-faced monster rushed over, its entire body releasing golden light. It became faster and faster, exceeding other creatures.


In the end, it turned into a streak of golden lightning, cutting a thousand li through the air. A large claw slapped down, golden light surging endlessly, blasting the void apart. Black cracks extended outwards, the scene terrifying.

dang noise sounded. Shi Hao faced it bare-handedly. A deafening noise erupted from the two, as if metal was colliding, sparks flying in all directions.

“Kill!” Shi Hao released a low shout, rising up, avoiding the other creatures and attacking this monster.


The lion-bodied human-faced monster was too fast, exceeding many people’s imaginations. It instantly rushed into the distance, a single jump taking it over a thousand li, simply impossible to catch up to.

This was the speed of lightning.


Immediately afterwards, it rushed over again, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, golden light rushing out in ten thousand streaks, blazing light endless, too resplendent. It was as if a giant divine lord was attacking.

This was, without a doubt, the leader of this region. It commanded a great army, crawling back up on the mountain of corpses, blood, and bones to attack Shi Hao.


At the same time, many foreign creatures on the ground released great cries, their...

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