Chapter 1409

Chapter 1409 - Nine Heavens Ten Earths Tribulation

Has heavenly tribulation arrived?!

However, everyone was still a bit confused.

These were continents, one after another, dark and massive, vast and boundless, a savage and uncivilized aura surged outwards!

What was going on?

Everyone was shocked, stupefied. Wasn’t he going to guide down heavenly tribulation, why did so many continents silently appear, descend from the heavens? Every single one was extremely large, as if there was no limit to them.

“The tribulation process was hindered? Or is this to say that he wanted to guide down heavenly tribulation, but failed in the end?” Someone said quietly.

Even Wang Xi’s grandfather was staring at this, revealing a strange expression. “There was no heavenly tribulation that descended, what is this fella doing? Is he deliberately making things more confusing?!”

Regardless, everyone was still extremely shocked. Where did these continents come from? They were just too massive, majestic and limitless, no end in sight.

Quite a few people were confused. Where was the heavenly tribulation? With Huang’s aptitude, he could definitely guide down lightning tribulation, and...

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