Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408 - Comprehending the Dao

After gaining a flash of realization, Huang entered seclusion here, about to face tribulation himself!

Everyone was shocked. Just how freakish was this? Crossing cultivation realms, removing Jin Zhifei’s head, obtaining a great victory, and then about to guide down lightning tribulation to refine his body!

“Worthy of being Huang. He slaughtered out a great reputation in Great Scarlet Sky Border, sweeping through foreign enemies, it is normal for him to have this type of unmatched might.”

“Only, is he really going to face heavenly tribulation? At that level, especially with how extraordinary he is, once he does it, he might bring down those legendary types of tribulation. It will be unimaginable, with danger of having his true body destroyed at every turn!”

While many people were feeling shocked, there were many who felt worry for him as well.

It was because once one reached this cultivation realm, facing tribulation was no small matter, almost impossible to make it through. Heavenly tribulations would become endlessly more terrifying as one’s cultivation realm increases, more difficult the further one went.


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