Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407 - Opposition

Jin Zhifei had his head removed just like that, making everyone feel headaches. A heaven warping figure was beheaded just like that, it truly was shocking!

Shi Hao carried the slightly scorched black head that had been hacked by lightning. The hair was in a mess, and it was flowing with blood. A blade hacked down, removing the head, the victory just this thorough.

This scene left every young cultivator greatly alarmed. How extraordinary was Jin Zhifei? He was a well-known young expert from Jin Family in recent times, potential powerful. He crossed lightning tribulation, yet in the end, he was still defeated today, his head removed!

Right now, the scenery was incredibly frightening, making one sigh inwardly! Worthy of being Huang, someone who slaughtered ten kings in Great Scarlet Sky border, there was a good reason behind this feat, and now, his strength was proven.

Only, his words, finding an altar to cook Jin Zhifei’s body, it really did ruin his heroic appearance a bit.

Ah… Jin Zhan roared, entire body surging with bone texts, as if great dao flowers were erupting, terrifying and surging into the heavens.

He pressed forward, about to take action, carry out a battle to the death with Shi Hao.

“Don’t force him to do the killing blow, Eighth Uncle is not dead yet!” Wang Xi said quietly, advising Jin Zhan.

Jin Zhan was the Pride...

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