Chapter 1406

Chapter 1406 - Control the Heavens

Grasping lightning tribulation, just how inconceivable of a thing was this?

That was the power of nature, force of heaven, immeasurable. It was as if a sword of death was raised high up above the head of a cultivator, once it descended, it would most likely cut them down!

Now, there was someone who was urging it, trying to trigger heavenly tribulation!

This was definitely a great matter, leaving everyone horrified. This was simply the embodiment of the ruler of the world! By grasping heavenly punishment, the creatures of this world could all be controlled.

“Impossible, I don’t believe it!” Jin Zhifei said with a sunken voice. He formed imprints, entire body shining, as if he was covered in divine gold, raising his condition to the absolute peak.


Above Shi Hao’s head, lightning poured down like a waterfall, making Shi Hao’s area appear mysterious. Wisps of primal chaos swirled about, an utterly terrifying scene produced.

Then, lightning swept about like boundless waves, illuminating the heavenly dome, especially brilliant!

Shi Hao stood in the sea of lightning, his entire being looking like a war immortal. There was a wave of austere might in the air as well, his head of dark long black hair soaked in lightning, becoming a light golden. His appearance became more and more imposing, as if a distant giant was rising up, one who possessed incomparable fighting strength.

“Putting on such...

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