Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405 - Heavenly Tribulation Ruler

Jin Zhifei’s eyes were like blades, a streak of lightning firing out as soon as he opened his mouth. With a wave of his hand, precious light erupted, condensing into a Yazi. It opened its bloody mouth, throwing itself towards Shi Hao.

Then, the space between his brows also shone, revealing a sword imprint. It was scarlet red like blood, turning into a killing sword, hacking down. Sword radiance immediately surged!

This was only the beginning, yet he already used three types of precious techniques, attacking Shi Hao!

Everyone backed up, not daring to approach.

“Please get on the dao platform, you cannot fight below!” Tuogu Yulong shouted.

The disciples inside Imperial Pass all carried sentiments towards Jadefall Island. They were born in the pass, grew up in the pass, and this was a rare place with True Immortal remains, suspected to be intimately tied to their ancestors.


Shi Hao was simple and direct, his hands forming imprints, producing the Lightning Emperor Precious Techniques. Dark clouds surged in the sky, water vapor rising, creating a large black expanse.

Moreover, during this process, he rose up, continuously forming imprints, making the lightning technique more and more vast!

The Lightning Emperor Divine Ability was unimaginable, especially when it merged with great natural force, now even more terrifying. When it reached its peak, it directly linked up with heavenly tr...

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