Chapter 1404

Chapter 1404 - Challenge

“You dare take action, kill my people?!” Jin Zhifei’s hair flew about. With a hu sound, crazy winds swept about, an eruption of power!

Right now, he was like a javelin, rushing over like a streak of lightning. He landed with a peng sound, making the hard diamond-like rock explode, rubble flying everywhere.

Shi Hao killed two people before everyone’s faces, his expression calm as he replied in a simple and direct manner, “You think you are anyone special?”

“I am going to kill you today!” Jin Zhifei’s expression was gloomy. His entire body shone, endless streaks of blazing divine radiance shooting out from his pores, resplendent like a blazing sun.

“Didn’t you want to take action against me this entire time, looking for so many excuses, now, I’ll give you the chance! You can stop acting so hypocritical!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Halt!” Qi Hong rushed up, standing between the two, not allowing them to fight a great battle.

“Qi Family’s little brother, walk aside, don’t protect him. Today, I have to execute this fierce creature!” Jin Zhifei’s eyes were treacherous, killing intent fully...

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