Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403 - Ought to Be Punished

Huang’s identity was revealed, triggered a commotion!

Large amounts of youngsters gathered, many of them grew up in Imperial Pass, never left before, so this was the first time they saw Shi Hao.

“Brother Huang, shocking Desolate Border through a single battle! Even though we were born in Imperial Pass, it is shameful to say that we spent all this time cultivating, never fighting with the well-known people of the other side. However, we’ve also heard about how strong they are. Through that battle you proved yourself to be stunning under the sky after all, worthy of admiration!” Someone said, extremely sincere, not exaggerating his praise.

It was hard for Shi Hao to move his feet even if he wanted to. There were figures everywhere, surrounding him, men and women included, but they all had a common trait, which was that they were surging with youthfulness, currently in their golden years.

There were some people who asked about the details of that battle, some people trying to become friends with him. It was extremely enthusiastic, filling this place with noise.

Wa, this little ant is the legendary Heavenly Horned Ant? It is entirely golden, eyes so big, it’s so cute!” A little girl widened her beautiful eyes, looking at the ant on Shi Hao’s shoulder.

This drew many people’s attention, all of them staring at the Heavenly Horned Ant.

“It is too cute! Golden, brilliant, tiger head tiger brain[1], so charming!” That little girl said. She was only eleven or...

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