Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401 - Powerful Individuals Gather

“This place really is beautiful!”

In the distance, a few young ladies stepped on the endless lotus leaves, walking over from a dark green brook, their dresses all touching the water surface. They were beautiful and refined, as if they were girls from immortal dao families.

Indeed, Jadefall Lake was beautiful and outstanding, blue like gemstones. Even though they were still far away, that type of spirituality could already be felt, sending over waves of pure white immortal energy.

Crystal trees grew here one after another, taking root in the spiritual mountains around the lake, releasing pure and clear light. These trees were extremely special, all of them semi-transparent, the patterns in the trees clearly visible. Moreover, the trees’ color was divided into many different types, from purple that looked like they were made from purple gold, to red-colored ones that were brilliant like cornelian.

“It is indeed extremely beautiful!” Shi Hao stopped, gazing towards this holy land.

“This person is so fat, hehe!” When a few young girls passed by, they all covered their mouths, releasing a few giggles. They gave Cao Yusheng and the others a few looks.

“This is a sign of good fortune, okay?” Fatty Cao disputed.

Soon afterwards, the young ladies went into the distance, moving gracefully. Then entered Jadefall Lake, stepping on the brilliant lake surface, and then flew towards a massive spiritual...

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