Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400 - Distinguished Meeting of Geniuses

“Descendants of unmatched beings, what kind of people are those?” The Heavenly Horned Ant muttered, not all that concerned.

This was especially the case when it even overlooked the descendants of True Immortals, not even asking about them.

The messenger who came couldn’t keep his composure anymore, reminding, “There are also descendants of True Immortals!”

“Are True Immortal descendants that special? It’s not like I haven’t met them before, what Wang Xi, Jin Zhan, didn’t they all come from long life families? Aren’t they the same as being descendants of True Immortals?” The Heavenly Horned Ant curled his lips.

Um, you haven’t met those people before, they belong to three long life families in Imperial Pass.” The one who came wiped at his sweat. This was the first time he met this ant who spoke so boldly, not even placing the inheritors of long life families in his eyes.

“Descendants? They aren’t even the children of True Immortals. I’ve even met Immortal Wang, that immortal kid before, so why would I have any interest in those descendants?...

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