Chapter 140 - Rise of the Humans (Teaser)

Chapter 140 - Rise of the Humans

When the Rainbow Luan heard what was said, all of the feathers on its body stood up, especially those that were gathered on its head. Its bright tail feathers were standing even more upright, and magnificent and bright colors covered its entire body. It angrily widened its two eyes, revealing an ominous glint.

“Human, who do you think you are speaking to?!” Its words resounded, as if blades and swords were clashing together; it was a bit awe-inspiring.

“Aren’t you just a bird? Nothing more than food.” The little guy spoke without caring in the slightest. He casted sidelong glances at it; were you trying to imply that you were actually something special?

The Luan’s cries shook the skies. Multicolored light blossomed, and an expanse of bright feathers flew out. It was as if rainbow-colored swords were slashing their way over, emitting air-shattering sounds. The wuwu sounds were terrifying, attacking straight towards the area between the little guy’s brows.

Hou… The Nine-Headed Lion released a roar, and golden rays of light burned and flourished. It submerged the area in front of it, blocking those bright feather swords and stopping them in midair.

“Brother Lion, what is the meaning of this?” The Rainbow Luan’s face dropped, seeming extremely unpleased.

“Brother Luan, there is no need to take things too far. There is no need for such force.” The Nine-Headed Lion spoke. If it was anyone else, then whatever. However, this Luan’s grandparents were quite close to the Nine Spirit King, so the lion was not willing to see it suffer from bad luck.

The little guy got annoyed and said, “Little bro, why are you blocking me from my prey? This type of strange bird is extremely rare. I think that it will be extremely tasty.”

The Rainbow Luan’s feathers stood up one by one. Multicolored light flickered, and its eyes were scarlet red as it said, “Human, say that again!”

The little guy didn’t even pay it any attention, not opening his mouth again. He directly walked forward with large steps, replacing words with action. He closed in on the Rainbow Luan, darkening its little face. He hated being threatened by other creatures the most.

The surrounding creatures were shocked. This human youth was so powerful! Was he truly not afraid of the Rainbow Luan, and truly wanted to eat it?

“Human, you are too arrogant…”...

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