Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399 - Purely For Training


A sea snail bugle horn sounded, making heaven and earth tremble. The foreign great army withdrew like a tide, the black expanse slowly disappearing into the limits of the desert.

On Imperial Pass’ side, there was no one who chased after them. It was because on the other side, there was an elder who held a Heaven and Earth Pouch. This was an immortal weapon, holding up the rear, ready to attack at any time.

Then, a Heaven Swallowing Beast roared. Three lions released low roars, all of them rising up to the air, flying towards Imperial Pass. The cultivators on the Nine Heavens side also began to withdraw under the great knights’ command.

A great battle came to an end just like this.

Along the way, the warriors from various clans all became extremely quiet. Even though they didn’t suffer greatly this time, even occupying the advantage, everyone still carried worries inside. It was because the other side was too powerful, having undying beings. Once they slaughtered their way over, there would be nothing they could do!

The only thing they could rely on was Heaven Abyss. Once it was broken through, Imperial Pass definitely couldn’t be defended any longer, the Nine Heavens inevitably being buried under.

Meanwhile, the other side’s Anlan and Shutuo, the two unmatched ancient ancestors from the last great era...

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