Chapter 1398

Chapter 1398 - Unmatched In the Same Generation

“The thing is ours, why must we give it to you all?” Great Elder said calmly.

In reality, he didn’t know what it was either, but he wished to learn more about it, needing more information from the foreign important figures’ mouths.

“Then just wait to be wiped out once again. The Nine Heavens ten Earths will be blood purged, this time, not a blade of grass will grow!” The foreign elder said with an extremely cold and strict voice.

In the battle of Immortal Ancient, the Nine Heavens suffered a great defeat, already slaughtered once, an entire great era buried, completely destroyed. Now, danger was going to arrive once again!

“What is that thing?” Shi Hao opened his mouth and asked. He looked towards Great Elder, this was naturally playing along.

Great Elder didn’t say anything, not responding.

“Old thing, what do you want?” On the Nine Heavens side, there were some irascible war generals who couldn’t hold back, loudly shouting.

“Unbridled!” That elder’s eyes glared angrily, two blinding streaks of silver light instantly blasting through heaven and earth, blasting that person apart...

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