Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397 - Rebuking the Heavens

This scene left everyone stupefied, feeling shocked from their innermost depths. The two foreign ancient ancestors were communicating with Heaven Abyss?

On the ground, that skull was three zhang tall, pitch-black like ink, its eye sockets and other apertures releasing essence energy, turning into a mysterious flame. This flame continuously burned the golden decree, making it more and more resplendent.

“Wait, how could that skull have strands of immortal dao energy?” On the Nine Heavens’ side, many people were alarmed. That skull definitely had an extraordinary background, yet it was refined into an altar by another.

However, it carried even more strange energy, as if it was corroded. It flowed with mysterious power, spraying out divine flames from its seven apertures, extremely terrifying and astonishing.

Everyone knew that once this type of flame made contact with them, they would definitely be directly burned to ashes. 

It was because they could see that even the nearby space was burning, absorbing secret force from the great cosmos, everything created...

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