Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396 - The Undying Make Their Move

Wu… A bugle horn sounded. The great earth in the distance trembled, bright red color blossoming, sky and earth becoming a blood color.

It was clear that an abnormality happened further out, even more terrifying things happening.

The battlefield was too large, divided into many regions. There were clearly energy fluctuations that were too powerful in that direction, drawing everyone’s attention.


Then, heaven overflowing bloody light surged, shattering the sky dome. It was too shocking, time itself seemingly severed there.

“Great formation, the extreme great formation has been activated!” Many foreign creatures cried out.

Even Shi Hao and the others could hear the sky shaking cheers from this place, their expressions changing greatly, feeling that something really bad was about to happen.

“Good, this formation was actually completed? Haha…” The creature surrounded by the golden divine ring laughed loudly, making heaven and earth rumble with noise.

The world was burning, great dao symbols everywhere, rising from the ground surface in the distance, extending towards the skies.

The foreign...

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