Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395 - Great Figures Taking Action

“It really is him!” A creature said quietly, looking at Shi Hao, cold light flickering in its eyes.

“I never expected him to have come to Desolate Border too, daring to appear here! Who knows just how many people want to kill him!” Another young foreign creature said with a cold laugh.

The battle of Great Scarlet Sky Border ended in the foreign side’s younger generation’s great loss, one person killing ten of their kings. This type of battle accomplishment made everyone feel ashamed.

When news were transmitted to the other side, all clans were shaken. There was actually someone who was this domineering, continuously killing ten great experts of their young generation, who wouldn’t feel shocked?

It could be said that during this year, many creatures of the foreign side’s younger generation were eager to give it a try. All of them carried a wave of resentment, wishing to fight against this person.

Even some older generation figures learned about the results of Great Scarlet Sky Border. Towards the defeat of the younger generation, they all carried different opinions.

It could be said that Shi Hao already had some reputation in the other side, quite a few creatures hearing about him, many of the younger generation even viewing him as their rivals.

Now that he truly appeared here, it naturally produced a great disturbance.

“You came at the perfect time. Kill him, completely eliminate this disaster!”

“Wash away Great Scarlet Sky Border’s...

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