Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394 - War of Two Realms Pt.2

Shi Hao’s massive magical projection towered there, ten thousand zhang tall, directly ripping this eight thousand zhang long ancient beast in half, moreover raising it above his head. This immediately shocked everyone nearby.

Who was the vicious beast here?

Aohou… This vicious beast still didn’t completely die, struggling about there, primordial spirit wishing to struggle free, but it was trapped in its flesh, unable to leave.


Shi Hao exerted force, Reincarnation divine ability erupted, making its flesh directly age who knew how many tens of thousands of years, beast skin sagging, continuously falling. Bones were revealed, continuously growing dim, no longer sturdy, its primordial spirit instead starting to age and decline.

This was also under its seriously wounded state, the consequences even more so far from reassuring. There was simply no way for it to resist Shi Hao’s Reincarnation divine ability!


Immediately afterwards, its primordial spirit decayed, filled with cracks, as if it had been cut by heavenly blades over a hundred times. It then turned into ashes, instantly separating, aging to the point where it decayed, completely dying!

“Excellent!” Many people cried out, clapping their hands. It was because this beast really was too vicious just now.

The old cultivator’s disciples carried tears in their eyes, nodding in Shi Hao’s direction. They didn’t say anything else, turning around to kill enemies.

It was because on this battlefield, death was too common, even the most powerful cultivators eventually dying here. Right now, when everyone was slaughtering to the point of almost going crazy, they didn’t stop, there was no chance to hesitate, with enemies all around them, they had to keep fighting.

“Kill him for me!”

In the distance, someone waved a war banner, pointing in Shi Hao’s direction, ordering experts to move out, take Shi Hao’s head!

The one who died was a king beast. It died such a humiliating death, ripped apart by someone, truly affecting their morale. They had to suppress the one who did this with iron blooded methods.

Shi Hao discovered that the sparkling bone tile shone, revealing a number, instantly adding fifty heads. This powerful vicious beast was equivalent to the heads of fifty Void Dao Realm cultivators.

There were several dozen cages in the distance. Just now, several dozen giant beasts were released, vicious energy overflowing, wreaking havoc through the masses. At this moment, they received orders, all of them rushing in Shi Hao’s direction.

This type of giant beast was too majestic, as if imposing great peaks were moving, shaking up the void until it rumbled with noise, truly intimidating.

A vicious beast covered in fur rushed over, having a lion-like body, but a golden mammoth head. It was twenty thousand zhang tall, body resembling a mountain. With a hong noise, that golden nose swept over, making the void explode.

Its nose was too long, truly as if a mountain ridge was falling, lashing at Shi Hao!

Moreover, it released shocking golden light, using its ancestral method to support this elephant trunk, wishing to kill Shi Hao on the spot.

It was clear that its cultivation realm was extremely high, in the Self Severing Realm, moreover at the consummate level. It was incredibly ferocious, similarly a vicious beast with king blood flowing through it.

Everyone’s expressions changed. Shi Hao’s display just now was extraordinary, but he was now undoubtedly in danger, no one wishing to see him die.

“Hurry and retreat!”

“Don’t face it head-on!”

It was because this vicious beast’s cultivation was too profound, could not be fought directly.

At the same time, in another direction, there were several other vicious beasts who also rushed over, every one of them extraordinary and terrifying, the smallest ten thousand zhang tall, killing intent roiling.

“Not good, he was noticed by the Dragonslayers, they want to eliminate Huang!” Someone said quietly.

The other side had Dragonslayers who were in charge of watching this battlefield. When they noticed anyone especially strong, or young cultivators with powerful potential, they would focus on them, prioritize beheading them!

With a qiang sound, Shi Hao produced a strange weapon. This was a dragon scale that came from the blood-soaked black ancient ship, a Defying Dragon Scale!

He previously had Great Elder look at it, verifying that this was a True Dragon’s defying scale, a shocking supreme treasure. It carried incomparable murderous energy, but he had never activated it.

Dragons had defying scales, when provoked, there would inevitably be rage!

This scale couldn’t be lightly touched, couldn’t be blasphemed against!

Right now, Shi Hao prepared to use it like a weapon, testing it out here to unleash a great slaughter.

However, things weren’t that terrible. When a few vicious monsters threw themselves over, a bowstring noise sounded in the skies above.


An iron arrow seemed to fly over from the heavens beyond, fast as lightning, like a streak of eternal immortal light. It was too terrifying, making the void collapse and explode!


Blood blossomed. That lion-bodied, golden mammoth-headed monster had its skull instantly pierced through. It released a mournful cry, and then its body turned into a blast of bloody mist!

This was a several tens of thousands of zhang tall giant beast, but it was killed by an arrow just like that!

Then, other giant vicious beasts were also shot through, exploding in the sky.

Everyone turned around. There was a middle-aged male there, in his hands a great bow, expression calm, as if he was only carrying out an extremely normal task.

One had to understand that just now, those giant beasts were in the Self Severing Realm, yet in the end, they were eliminated by him just like that.

“It’s him, one of Imperial Pass’ Ten Archery Gods!” Someone cried out in alarm.

“Divine arrow unmatched!” Many people exclaimed in admiration, and then they revealed fanatical expressions.

Shi Hao was shocked. He had seen this person before. When he first entered Imperial Pass, he had previously saw him practice his archery, every single arrow shooting into the world beyond, rumored that every single arrow could shatter a star!

Now, he received verification. He shot down Self Severing Realm vicious beasts like shooting down cattle, just too powerful, directly making them explode!

“Demon Hunter!”

In the foreign side, there were people who said quietly, their pupils contracting as they stared at the divine archerer.

Just like the foreign side had Dragonslayers, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths had Demon Hunters, here specially for dealing with especially powerful enemies.

Now, there was someone who wished to kill the dragon that was Shi Hao, so the Nine Heavens directly displayed a powerful response, hunting those who took action.

This Demon Hunter was especially formidable, one of Imperial Pass’ Ten Archery Gods. Moreover, he himself was at the peak of the Self Release Realm, power deep and immeasurable.

“Do not try to overwhelm the dragons with numbers for now, just find kings who are at similar cultivation realms and kill them!”

There was someone from the foreign side who gave the order, feeling restraining fear towards that archer.

If they didn’t want to incur the revenge of the other side, then they could only fight in an upright manner, search for kings that were of similar cultivation realms to kill Shi Hao.

The great war continued, entire battlefield too large, this was just one part. However, this place drew many people’s attention.

A golden creature appeared, on its back yaksha wings, having a human body. It was quite similar to a human, but it was extremely ugly. Its entire body looked like it was cast from gold, giving off a great feeling of power!

“Golden Yaksha, a king race!”

“A powerful young king has appeared, its bloodline even more noble than a king beast’s!”

On the battlefield, someone cried out. This was but a glorious and well-known king race, extremely well-known in the foreign side. This clan was one who had been ranked within the top fifteen King Clans for a long time.

Ha, just a human, yet you all think he is worth me taking action? However, since there are orders from above, then I will take your head!” The Golden Yaksha threw itself over.

This place immediately became quiet. Many creatures backed up, giving them a sufficiently wide space.

“Is the Golden Yaksha Clan that formidable? The so-called king race, it’s not like I haven’t killed them before!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Even someone like you dare boast shamelessly? My realm’s king races, just a single one can kill a group of creatures of the same level from your side, not even your realm’s so-called young supreme beings are a match!” The Golden Yaksha was arrogant. With a hong noise, it took action, fast like lightning. Its golden fist made heaven and earth collapse, immediately arriving before Shi Hao.


Shi Hao faced this attack, directly rushing up, fist against fist, endless light erupting.


The sound of bones fracturing rang out, cries of alarm sounding from the other side.

“The Golden Yaksha King Race has innately domineering bodies, yet he dares compete in physical strength, simply not knowing the difference between life and death!”

“Just a single punch, yet that human brat’s fist already shattered, haha…

However, those foreign creatures’ laughter came to a screeching halt, all of them becoming stunned. It was because they saw the Golden Yaksha tremble greatly, staggering backwards. Its fist was deformed, entire arm dripping with blood.

“Impossible!” Many people cried out.


Shi Hao’s entire body shone, using the most powerful precious techniques, slaughtering his way forward. Meanwhile, this time, he even more so operated Imperishable Scripture. It was as if a heavenly emperor was brandishing his fist, blasting this world apart!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

He continuously swung his fists, moving about like lightning, speed too fast. All of them landed on the Golden Yaksha’s arms. The Golden Yaksha braced itself against these attacks, or else its body would have been blasted through!

In the end, under these fists, his arms distorted, and then suddenly exploded!


Moreover, afterwards, his body cracked apart, suddenly also exploding.

His arms weren’t able to block all of the force, body still affected, exploding under the tremendous power.

It was completely silent, the foreign side utterly stupefied. All of them thought that their side was going to achieve a great victory, yet in the end, they discovered that their representative was easily crushed!

“Who is he? Who is this person?” Many people cried out.

“Just a Golden Yaksha, even if you are a king race, so what? Even ten of your realm’s ranked young kings were killed by me in a single breath, let alone someone like you!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“He is Huang! I went to Great Scarlet Sky Border, previously saw the scene of him killing ten kings from my side!” A figure rushed out from the distance, shouting like this.

“Heavens, its him, the legendary murderous fiend, he… is Huang!”

“Capture him!” Someone ordered.


At the same time, on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, it was as if a sun rose into the sky. It was that archer, towering in the air, entire body shining, offering Shi Hao protection.

The great knight seated on the Heaven Swallowing Beast, after defeating his opponent, also rushed over, protecting Shi Hao.

Two other great knights also rushed over, one of them shouting, “If your side’s young kings are unwilling, then they can feel free to come over. However, if you wish to behead dragons, then you all need to pass us first! Who knows, we might have to hunt some demons!”

“All of the young kings, just come at me!” Shi Hao walked forward, facing the foreign creatures, still without fear, challenging those powerful king races.

“It really is Huang, he actually came, seeing him again here. Who will take action and kill him? The deaths in Great Scarlet Sky Border are unforgivable!” There was a creature who said through clenched teeth, staring at the battlefield.

Shi Hao walked forward step by step, roaring loudly, “Actually, what I wish to know is if there are any young experts from Emperor Clans here!” 

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