Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394 - War of Two Realms Pt.2

Shi Hao’s massive magical projection towered there, ten thousand zhang tall, directly ripping this eight thousand zhang long ancient beast in half, moreover raising it above his head. This immediately shocked everyone nearby.

Who was the vicious beast here?

Aohou… This vicious beast still didn’t completely die, struggling about there, primordial spirit wishing to struggle free, but it was trapped in its flesh, unable to leave.


Shi Hao exerted force, Reincarnation divine ability erupted, making its flesh directly age who knew how many tens of thousands of years, beast skin sagging, continuously falling. Bones were revealed, continuously growing dim, no longer sturdy, its primordial spirit instead starting to age and decline.

This was also under its seriously wounded state, the consequences even more so far from reassuring. There was simply no way for it to resist Shi Hao’s Reincarnation divine ability!


Immediately afterwards, its primordial spirit decayed, filled with cracks, as if it had been cut by heavenly blades over a hundred times. It then turned into ashes, instantly separating, aging to the point where it decayed, completely dying!

“Excellent!” Many people cried...

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