Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393 - War of Two Realms Pt.1

A great sun set in the west, sunset radiance like blood, scarlet clouds heavy. Most of the sky was a red color, crimson color spreading, beautiful and bewitching.

It was to the extent where there was a bloody smell that rushed into their nostrils.

This wasn’t a misconception, because shouts of war filled the skies, endless creatures fighting a great life and death battle, blood scattering down in large amounts everywhere.

The war zone was vast, creatures endless, impossible to count just how many there were. Corpses rested on the ground one after another, stretching out for hundreds of thousands of li, coming from different clans.

This was a great battle of cultivators, completely different from that of ordinary people. The effects of this battle were too far reaching!

It was because cultivators who were slightly stronger could travel hundreds, or even over a thousand li in an instant, slaughtering to the east, fighting to the west, the boundless desert becoming a giant battlefield.

“Kill…” The roaring sounds rushed into the heavens, shaking up heaven and earth, the skies even collapsing. It was because the creatures who were fighting were all too powerful.

The murderous intent of war reached into the heavens above and earth below, shaking up the void. The world’s fluctuations were intense, blood scattering outwards. One could see many areas on the ground were damp, becoming a scarlet red color.

Ah…” In the sky dome above, atop a hundred thousand zhang...

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