Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392 - Heaven Abyss

The entire great desert used to be a battlefield, vast and boundless without end. Countless ancient people fought here, fighting into the heavens above and earth below. Even after endless time passed, it was still as if they could hear the resounding war songs and iron blooded shouts of war.

The great army advanced, pressing forward.

The geniuses who could move freely all chose to follow along, also wishing to see the grand scene of the two realms fighting.

“There are undying beings holding down the other side, our side already not having true immortals a long time ago, will we be able to stop them?” Someone asked with a small voice.

A genius asked. This was the first time he arrived in Imperial Pass, so he didn’t understand this place at all.

In reality, these were also the question Shi Hao had inside, the situation grim. How were the Nine Heavens Ten Earths suppose to stop the foreign masters?

“For all these years, my side’s true immortals have all died off, no longer existing, yet every clan is still able to stand tall, there is naturally a reason for this.” An old knight said.

Yi, what is that reason?” Someone cried out in alarm.

When they entered the desert depths, everyone subconsciously raised their heads, because they just felt like there was something covering them above, boundless like a star dome!

Those who came out for the first time were stunned. They looked...

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