Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391 - Outside the Pass

Jin Zhifei was defeated, moreover in an extremely shameful manner. His face was stepped on by Shi Hao, as if he stepped on the ground. This was but one of the few geniuses of Jin Family in the present age!

The crowd became noisy. Jin Family’s people almost rushed out to settle things with Shi Hao.

Only, this was Imperial Pass, there was no room for them to act randomly, so they had no choice but to hold in their rage.

The glorious heaven warping figure of a clan, entering Self Severing Realm in under forty years of age, how stunning was this? It was rarely seen throughout the entire Nine Heavens, yet he was greatly humiliated here, even Jin Family shamed!

“This truly is shameful…” An elder from Jin Family said through clenched teeth, eyes cold. That foot not only stepped on Jin Zhifei’s face, it also felt like it was stepping down on all of their faces too.

This twenty-something youngster was flourishing with heroicness, destroying a well-known heaven warping genius of this generation. Just how glorious of a battle accomplishment was this?

Shi Hao’s black hair scattered down, eyes like lightning. He sat on the Southern Li Divine Flame Rhinoceros, mighty and unmoving, overlooking Jin Family, Wang Family, and others, calm and composed.

This battle made everyone see his terrifying potential. He was like a rising...

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