Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389 - The Last Three Great Realms

The martial field was extremely vast, able to accommodate the gathering of the armies of all different clans. There were many soldiers here from all different clans, all of them dressed in ice-cold armor, holding sharp weapons in their hands.

Meanwhile, in the sky, vicious birds and beasts spread their wings one after another, casting down great shadows. There were powerful knights seated on them.

The great armies were all going out to battle!

“Are you not going to consider picking long life medicines? Entering the battlefield like this, your life or death is hard to say.” The silver-robed enforcer who led him here said with a low voice, trying to convince him one last time.

Shi Hao released a sneer, shaking his head. How could picking long life medicines be that easy? If he went, he would likely die even faster. Moreover, even if he successfully brought any back, who would he have to hand the medicine to?

“You are going to atone for Stone Clan’s crimes?” In the sky, another powerful knight spoke. He stood on a mountainous white lion’s body. He looked down, saying, “Your words are quite bold!”

Shi Hao really wanted to say that Stone Clan was without guilt, but he knew that disputing it was meaningless. What he could do now, was to first bring Stone Clan out from danger.

This was originally an extremely flourishing...

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