Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388 - Conscription

He was that old celestial who had lived since the archaic times from Celestial Clan. After not meeting for many years, not only did he not die in meditation, his vitality even became quite a bit greater.

The old celestial’s body was thin and withered up, indeed becoming a bit younger. He had a head of gray hair, even though his body was still dried-up, there was a life flame burning within him, no longer lifeless.

“It seems like you obtained some natural luck in Imperial Pass, your life flame not going out, going to continue burning for a few years.” Shi Hao said.

Back then, the old celestial didn’t have much lifespan left, already reaching his late years. Now, his spirit was healthy, blood energy abundant, there was no worry to his life force for quite some time.

“Entering Imperial Pass was precisely to give up my life, use up the residual heat within me. If I died right after coming here, wouldn’t it be letting down all of my cultivation?” The old celestial said.

There was not much to hide. When an ancient figure who shocked the world under heaven didn’t have much time left, they would be chosen to enter Emperor City, comply with the Archaic Contract of Alliance, go out to fight!

The great medicinal dao masters in the city would bestow divine pills upon them to prolong their lives, ensure that they could continue living for a period of time.

“There is much natural luck outside Imperial Pass, rumored to...

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