Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387 - Stone Ancestor’s Sin

“Back then…” The old man who was dressed in completely patched clothes became dispirited when he spoke up to here, his expression becoming bitter, difficult for him to continue speaking.

“What happened back then?!” Shi Hao hurriedly asked. He urgently wished to know why they were always called sinner’s blood descendants. He couldn’t accept this, feeling extremely indignant.

He believed that Stone Clan’s ancestor didn’t make a great mistake, that he was wronged, instead achieved great merit!

It was because when he tracked down the ominous and inauspicious back then, he previously ascended onto a blood-soaked black ancient ship, seeing the Seven Kings defend the Desolate Border with his own eyes, the scene of fighting the bloody battle to the end, moreover seeing kings die because of this.

“Don’t ask anymore, our ancestors perhaps truly did make some great mistake, as their descendants, this can be settling a debt.” The elder Shi Houde shook his head in disappointment and frustration.

“Tell me everything you know. I refuse to believe Stone Clan’s ancestor did anything wrong, because I know a few secrets!” Shi Hao said firmly.

He wouldn’t forget the scenes he saw on the black ancient ship’s altar. Even elders and children ascended that blood-soaked ancient city walls that was covered in traces, fighting a great battle against countless experts.

Blood was shed in every battle, corpses piled up beneath the city walls. Elders, children, and young ladies continuously fell, dying, bodies drenched in blood. Their eyes were opened wide, full of sadness, carrying a type of mournful expression even after dying.

Whenever he thought of that scene, Shi Hao would always feel a tightness in his chest, wishing to roar into the sky, wishing that he had achieved the dao in the most difficult era, to go back in time and save them!

There was actually this type of situation now. Stone Clan was slandered as sinner’s blood descendants, labeled with a dishonorable past, with people even saying that they should have humiliation nailed to their name.

How could he not feel anger inside?!

The Seven Kings fought while drenched in blood, in the end all withering away, ending in death, the final scene leaving many people in grief. Now that the present situation of Stone Clan was like this, he naturally couldn’t be any more furious.

Was what Stone Clan ancestors did worth it? They fought powerfully, ultimately killed in battle, blood scattering over the border, yet their descendants fell to this decree. Just how tragic was this?!

Under Shi Hao’s repeated requests, the elder Shi Houde spoke up. With an extremely blank expression, he said, “There was an ancestor who killed people on the same side, removing the heads of several great figures!”

Among them, two of them could be considered leading individuals.

“This…” Shi Hao took steps backwards. The consequences were too severe, removing the heads of several leaders of this world, the sin was extremely great, signifying that he was rebelling.

This type of sin truly was difficult to wash away. If there wasn’t enough proof, as well as results that could topple everything, it would be extremely difficult to prove Stone Clan’s innocence.

The issue was extremely serious!

Only, Shi Hao knew well that there were definitely great secrets hidden within this, because he personally saw the Seven Kings unleash a bloodbath outside Imperial Pass.

This was especially the case when they saw the stone engraving today, only then did they know that this white bone club holding individual was Stone Clan’s ancestor. Meanwhile, Shi Hao had seen him fight the other side with everything he had, blood flowing endlessly, and then falling in the end.

He didn’t surrender even to his death, so how could he have betrayed this side?

Shi Hao felt his scalp turning numb. What exactly happened back then? Stone Clan’s ancestors died in battle, living glorious lives, why were they called sinners in the end?

He began to shiver all over, feeling a bit of fear, a wave of coldness produced from his back. If Stone Clan’s ancestor was wronged, then there were definitely people who told lies.

“Who was it who decided that our clan was guilty?!” Shi Hao asked. This was extremely crucial, there was perhaps a great disaster hidden here!

“It is something from too long ago, those from that era have pretty much all died off, no way to investigate any further. It is rumored that even if it wasn’t a public opinion, it was pretty close.” Shi Houde said.

He was the chief of the clan, yet he wore a tattered beast skin, extremely poverty-stricken, one could see just how difficult Stone Clan’s situation was.

“Could it be that there was some type of misunderstanding, and that was why our ancestors didn’t have time to explain themselves?” Shi Hao asked.

“I do not know, there is no way to investigate. Hundreds to thousands of eras have passed, no one able to speak of the past events clearly anymore.” Shi Houde shook his head, somewhat bitter.

One could tell that for all these years, Stone Clan was always discriminated against, living under the shadow of sinner’s blood, their plight difficult. An unmatched great clan was directly destroyed, about to be completely extinguished!

A few children ran over from the distance, all of them dressed in tattered clothes, blood on their bodies, carrying wounds. They went hunting even while still so young, some of the children crying out, “Dad!”

They staggered along, running toward the coffins at the front of the village.

“Dad, come back, don’t die! Great grandfather died, grandpa died too, and now, you’ve also left, our family doesn’t have a single strong man left, ah wu…” The children wept.

There was a little girl dressed in tattered clothes, extremely dirty, only her large eyes bright. Right now, they were full of tears. She cried out miserably, “Uncle, you aren’t here anymore… mom and dad have left a long time ago as well, now, there’s only me left!” She cried out loudly, her little body curled up in front of the coffin, pitiful to the point of leaving one’s heart in pain.

Ah!” Shi Hao couldn’t help but release a low roar. He couldn’t bare to watch this scene.

Shi Hao took up residence here, waiting to head out to battle at any time. During these days, he familiarized himself with the small tribes in this mountain range, their lives dificult, adults all conscripted, those who remained were all the old, weak, and sickly.

If there were powerful beasts that rushed over, the entire tribe would face a disastrous trial.

“Take a deep breath of innate spiritual essence, take it into your inner vessels…”

Early in the morning, while facing golden multicolored light, Shi Hao stood in the mountain region, instructing a group of young cultivators. He wasn’t extremely strict, but everyone still studied seriously.

“You’ve operated this type of bone text incorrectly. The Suan Ni precious technique, release of lightning, a single mistake and the lightning might hurt yourself.” Shi Hao helped correct a child.

He was extremely serious, teaching them carefully, helping this tribe, hoping for these people to live a bit better, at the very least help the youngsters grow up a bit faster, obtain the skills to protect themselves.

During this process, Shi Hao couldn’t help but sigh. This group of children were extremely talented, to the extent where there were some formidable geniuses.

Among them, the young man named A’Shou was fourteen or fifteen, but his adaptability was too high, not too much to call him a heaven warping talent. At the very least, he wouldn’t be inferior to the geniuses outside.

This left Shi Hao shocked. This was just a thousand member small tribe, yet there was such a large amount of mixed gold and unpolished gems!

A’Shou’s father was the strongest genius of this village, this was what the clan chief Shi Houde said, and now, Shi Hao believed it as well. No wonder he always obtained so much praise.

A’Shou inherited his talent, extremely formidable. He could make vicious Flood Dragons yield, subdue mammoths at the age of just fourteen or fifteen, entering the mountain range depths alone to hunt extremely powerful ancient beasts.

Shi Hao instructed him carefully, and he learned quickly as well. It was because A’Shou’s father was killed in battle, so he wanted revenge, to fight in the battlefield beyond the pass.”

“I want to learn the Great Peng Fist!” A’Shou said. It was because he saw someone from outside the clan strike down a Heaven Swallowing Beast with a single fist from the distance, subduing it as a mount. The impression this left him with was too deep, he liked this type of bold and powerful fist method.

“Fine, I can teach you. However, when the Great Peng Fist is cultivated to the extreme, it is not as simple as just forceful and domineering.” Shi Hao said. It was because what he wanted to pass on was the Kun Peng Fist!

“I wish to pay my respects as your disciple!” A’Shou said resolutely.

“We’ll talk about it more after you study for some time.” Shi Hao didn’t have any intentions of taking on a disciple right now.

“Okay, when you feel like I have the qualifications, I wish to have you as my master!” A’Shou was an extremely firm and persistent person.

“Truly a formidable youngster, the younger generation will surpass us in time, about to start his own sect. However, selecting disciples from the sinner’s bloodline Stone Clan isn’t too good.” That day, someone walked into the mountain range, arriving in Stone Clan’s small village.

The expressions of the villagers all went rigid, all of them stopping, looking at the mountain entrance. Every single one of their expressions weren’t good, because something bad was about to arrive.

Whenever outsiders came, there would always be unfairness and sadness.

This was especially the case after seeing the clothing of the people who came, Stone Clan people’s hearts became even heavier, because the one who came to conscript mature experts came. They were going to send people onto the battlefield again, meaning that there would be more sadness, more deaths!

“Respected individuals, A’Shou’s father had just died in battle, it is still not time. Why did you come so soon to conscript people again?” The clan chief Shi Houde walked up, carrying a miserable smile on his face. For Stone Clan, this was an unbearably heavy loss.

Stone Clan was always suppressed like this for all these years, difficult for smiles to be seen among clansmen.

Even those children lacked naive qualities, cultivating every day. Even the young girls were like this, unable to laugh and giggle, their little dirty faces all nervous right now, expressions pale, making those who saw them feel brokenhearted.

The children couldn’t help but tremble inwardly, feeling worry. It was because once others came to select people, it meant that they might lose their parents, becoming orphans!

Once the adult experts left, it would likely be an eternal separation, not coming back unless they died. They always left alive, but returned as bloody corpses.

In the tribe, the number of elders who survived were just too few. Most of them dying in battle when they were young, even if they lived, they had long become crippled, lacking the ability to fight.

In the end, a little girl couldn’t help but cry out, hugging the leg of a robust man, not letting go no matter what as she wept, “Dad, I don’t want you to go! I don’t want to become an orphan like A’Min, A’Shou! I want you to stay behind, live together with me!”

“Respected ones, the time interval is too short, it cannot be like this! Otherwise, Stone Clan will be wiped out soon, the inheritance cut off!” Shi Houde pleaded.

Shi Hao walked forward step by step. It was because he recognized them. Those people were familiar, likely coming for him.

Haha, don’t worry, this time, it isn’t for conscripting Stone Clan’s strong men, after all, it still isn’t time. I came to see a little friend.”

Five people came in total, one of them an elder, someone Shi Hao recognized. This was precisely the one who spoke.

“Many years have passed already since our last meeting, little friends’ accomplishments really are startling, leaving this old one speechless, truly can’t help but feel a bit of alarm. A Void Dao Realm expert who is only twenty-something in age, there really aren’t many that can be found, seemingly almost unprecedented!” The elder sighed.

“There are some others, this time they’ve also entered Imperial Pass.” Shi Hao said.

“They are at least four or five years older than you, the youngest still almost thirty. Don’t look down on these few years, if there is a ranking, it will immediately make the many spots lower. Your accomplishments are hard for others to match in recent times!”

“Cultivation speed and final accomplishments do not have too much of a connection, your praise is too much.” Shi Hao said calmly, not all that enthusiastic, because he felt like the other party came with bad intentions.

Even though they hadn’t met for many years, there were some old grudges that were difficult to dispel.

Wu, this time, I came for the matters involving little friend going out to fight.” The elder said while smiling.

As expected, this day came!

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