Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387 - Stone Ancestor’s Sin

“Back then…” The old man who was dressed in completely patched clothes became dispirited when he spoke up to here, his expression becoming bitter, difficult for him to continue speaking.

“What happened back then?!” Shi Hao hurriedly asked. He urgently wished to know why they were always called sinner’s blood descendants. He couldn’t accept this, feeling extremely indignant.

He believed that Stone Clan’s ancestor didn’t make a great mistake, that he was wronged, instead achieved great merit!

It was because when he tracked down the ominous and inauspicious back then, he previously ascended onto a blood-soaked black ancient ship, seeing the Seven Kings defend the Desolate Border with his own eyes, the scene of fighting the bloody battle to the end, moreover seeing kings die because of this.

“Don’t ask anymore, our ancestors perhaps truly did make some great mistake, as their descendants, this can be settling a debt.” The elder Shi Houde shook his head in disappointment and frustration.

“Tell me everything you know. I refuse to believe Stone Clan’s ancestor did anything wrong, because I know a few secrets!” Shi Hao said firmly.

He wouldn’t forget the scenes he saw on the black ancient ship’s altar. Even elders and children ascended that blood-soaked ancient city walls that...

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