Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386 - Sinner’s Blood Clansmen

This creature’s body was stooped, old to a ridiculous degree. He sat there, revealing a meaningful smile, saying, “Those three experts are not true bodies, only stone engravings.”

Wang Changhe, Gu Mingdao, and the others were stupefied, somewhat unable to understand what the elder was saying.

“Senior, please explain further. Just what exactly is going on?”

“Everything has already been said. There are stone engravings on the ancestral altar. Someone offered sacrifices, and that was why heroic spirits appeared.” The aged creature narrowed his eyes, like cracking old bark when he smiled.

Gu Mingdao, Golden Giant, and others all wished to get to the bottom of this, understand why the three unmatched experts protected Shi Hao, or else they just couldn’t find peace inside. When they heard this, all of them felt a bit stunned.

“I understand, I previously heard some old matters about the ancestral altar, it was built by True Immortals…”

Whey they completely understood the truth, these people erupted, so angry their hearts were burning. They were actually scammed, scared witless by some stone engravings.

This truly was humiliating. They were all great experts who had already become famous for many years, yet they were fooled by a younger generation,...

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