Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386 - Sinner’s Blood Clansmen

This creature’s body was stooped, old to a ridiculous degree. He sat there, revealing a meaningful smile, saying, “Those three experts are not true bodies, only stone engravings.”

Wang Changhe, Gu Mingdao, and the others were stupefied, somewhat unable to understand what the elder was saying.

“Senior, please explain further. Just what exactly is going on?”

“Everything has already been said. There are stone engravings on the ancestral altar. Someone offered sacrifices, and that was why heroic spirits appeared.” The aged creature narrowed his eyes, like cracking old bark when he smiled.

Gu Mingdao, Golden Giant, and others all wished to get to the bottom of this, understand why the three unmatched experts protected Shi Hao, or else they just couldn’t find peace inside. When they heard this, all of them felt a bit stunned.

“I understand, I previously heard some old matters about the ancestral altar, it was built by True Immortals…”

Whey they completely understood the truth, these people erupted, so angry their hearts were burning. They were actually scammed, scared witless by some stone engravings.

This truly was humiliating. They were all great experts who had already become famous for many years, yet they were fooled by a younger generation, moreover in such a humiliating manner.

This was especially true for Gu Mingdao. When he thought about how he slapped his own mouth, apologizing there, he was so angry his entire body shivered. There was nothing more embarrassing than this.

“I want to skin them alive!” Gu Mingdao roared in anger, slapping the table and standing up.

“What do you want to do, who are you skinning? Let me warn you, Ye Qingxian’s origins are extremely great, not someone you can touch!” The elder said with a sunken face.

“This matter is not finished!” Wang Changhe was also indignant. Wang Family’s five dragons were sent to Desolate Border, this alone leaving them vexed and upset, feel a pent-up wave of anger. Now, they suffered again, so they naturally revealed killing intent.

As for the Golden Giant, Gold Family’s experts, their faces sunk as well. If news of this got out, they would definitely become a laughingstock.

“Senior, this matter has been stirred quite big, it cannot be considered a small problem. There is someone who pretended to be unmatched ancient ancestors, they need to be strictly punished! This is especially the case when until now, Stone Clan’s three brothers still didn’t make things clear, admit their faults. They should be punished!” Gu MIngdao said with a cold expression.

“You are correct, all of them needs to be punished severely, sending them out to fight the enemy. Not even the most powerful people dare to promise that they can come back alive, there are ‘Dragonslayers’ there.”

“It is useless no matter what you say to me!” The elder’s face fell, ending this conversation, sending them out.

The group of people got up, not daring to say anything else, leaving after giving their respects.

They naturally wouldn’t leave the matter at that, because they lost too much face this time. Quite a few people were crushed to the ground by the three magical projections. When they thought back, this truly was too shameful.

These people moved, which naturally also startled some others. After understanding the situation, everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

Ye Qingxian’s origins were extremely great, Gu Mingdao and the others didn’t dare touch her. Meanwhile, Huang won over ten kings, so they couldn’t take action either. They were momentarily trapped in an impossible situation.

“We are going for broke. Report to the people inside the ancestral altar that someone tried to impersonate unmatched experts, that there needs to be an explanation!” Gu Mingdao said through clenched teeth.

Jin Family’s people expressed their agreement, believing that this was feasible. If they startled several unmatched experts who were secluded, they might punish Stone Clan.

“Are we overestimating ourselves too much? Those types of people will most likely not meet us.” Someone muttered.

“We don’t necessarily have to meet those people, it is enough as long as we meet their attendants.” Wang Changhe said. He understood the unmatched figures’ situation well, because when he was young, he previously had the luck of being the dao child of Immortal Wang for a few years, serving outside his cave of seclusion.

The ancestral altar was extremely quiet. This group of people arrived, wishing to ‘bring an accusation’, make the unmatched people appear to severely punish the sinner’s bloodline.

“All of you, please go back. The old ancestors are in seclusion, they will not come out.”

This was an old-fashioned ancestral altar that occupied an extremely large amount of space, historical sites appearing continuously. These people were stopped as soon as they approached. After understanding the situation, this was what they were told.

“Why? Impersonating several unmatched seniors, how could this not be punished?” Gu Mingdao said.

“This is especially the case with the sinner’s blood descendant, someone sacrificed to their ancestors, moreover producing heroic spirits, this is not a small matter!” Wang Changhe added.

“An old ancestor had previously spoken up, but only spoke two words: forget it.” The young cultivator that stopped them said, having them stop and immediately leave.

“Forget it?” Everyone was stunned. It was only these two words, there was too much hidden beneath this.

This matter wasn’t something they could continue investigating, but that old ancestor didn’t seem to be too satisfied either. After all, someone interfered, pretending to be an unmatched expert.

Wu, we can’t produce too much of a disturbance, but we still have to display a type of attitude. That ancient ancestor doesn’t seem to side with the sinner’s bloodline Stone Clan. Interesting, let’s go.” Someone said quietly.

“The future is long!”

They left, eyes flickering with light.

Of course, every one of them still carried resentment inside. They were truly angered badly this time, feeling like they were scammed and humiliated by others, yet they couldn’t immediately get revenge.

Inside the ancestral altar, Cao Yusheng’s face was bitter, saying, “Even though venting our anger feels good, this group of idiots aren’t going to let things end here, they will start trouble sooner or later.”

“You definitely won’t die. Just treat this as a type of self sharpening.” Ye Qingxian laughed.

“How do you know?” Cao Yusheng looked at her, completely on guard. He was extremely sharp, because his master had previously divinated his fate, seeing a corner of the future!

“Because…” Ye Qingxian wanted to say something, but quickly closed her cherry mouth, and then laughed in an extremely lowly manner.

“Accept your sharpening, or perhaps await for your great opportunity to come. When the time comes, I’ll also come to join in the fun.” Ye Qingxian said while blinking her large eyes. She sent them out from the ancestral altar, speaking like this when they were parting.

In the end, someone came to receive them. However, they were broken up, split up to different tribes.

Emperor City was extremely large, like a great world. Mountains, rivers, all living creatures, everything that should be there was there. Shi Hao felt like this place was many times more vast than the lower realms’ eight regions! He was led into a small tribe, great mountains majestic, forests luxuriant, apes crying and tigers roaring, full of a savage feeling.

Cao Yusheng was close to him, separated by a river, in a mid-sized tribe on the other side. Comparatively speaking, Shi Yi and Qin Hao were a bit farther, not in this place at all.

“You are surnamed Shi? Why didn’t you temporarily change your surname before coming?” An old man walked out from the small tribe, dressed in a patched beast skin cloth, looking at Shi Hao.

“This is my surname, why do I need to change it?!” Shi Hao asked.

The old man released a light sigh, not saying anything else.

This small tribe didn’t have many people, only around a thousand. Compared to the massive Emperor City and various clans, it was extremely small and insignificant.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao understood a few matters, because this small tribe’s surname was precisely ‘Shi’.

“All of you are surnamed Shi?”

The old man nodded, in  declining spirits, lacking a type of vitality.

“You were dispatched here?” A robust man walked over. He wore tattered armor, carrying an extremely heavy war spear, asking like this.

“Those who come here don’t have good endings, they will most likely all fall in battle.” A young man walked over, a mammoth on his back. He just came back after hunting in the great mountains.

“What do you mean?” Shi Hao asked.

“It is only because we are surnamed Shi, so we cannot become rich and powerful, can only decline. Before, we were one of the greatest powers in this city, but everything changed!” That young man said unwillingly.

According to what he said, in the most ancient era, Stone Clan had many people, experts like clouds, possessing great authority in Imperial Pass. However, an old court case was dug out, and then they became sinner’s blood descendants, the situation immediately changing.

Ever since then, whenever they went to battle, Stone Clan’s people had to fight at the very front. Countless clansmen died in battle, no matter how many geniuses there were, how many experts, they still couldn’t support such disastrous losses.

Later on, geniuses pretty much all withered away!

Generation after generation passed. A great clan declined, blood, bones, and tears shed, too unbearable to recall, just too tragic.

Now, Stone Clan had less than a thousand people, this still the result of some people cherishing the past, specially protecting them. Otherwise, their clan would have long been wiped out.

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately erupted into rage, a wave of hot blood rushing to his head. How could things be like this?

Declining to sinner’s blood descendants, the situation here was extremely terrible, even more severe than ‘Sin Province’ in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. It truly was going too far!


Suddenly, crying sounds could be heard from the distance. A few clansmen with Shi as their surnames in tattered beast skin clothes brought back several coffins.

“Dad!” The young man who previously carried the mammoth on his back, having just returned from hunting released a miserable howl. He threw aside the giant elephant and threw himself over, loudly crying.

“How did they die?” Shi Hao asked the elder with a low voice.

The elder who received him to the tribe released a long sigh, saying, “Naturally died in battle. A’shou’s father was an extremely formidable soldier, as well as the most powerful genius of the Shi surnamed adults. Unfortunately, he was still killed in battle.”

Whenever this clan produced a powerful expert, they would always immediately be sent out to fight on the battlefield.

It could be said that this was the reason why this clan declined, geniuses destined to fall, no way they could live for a long time. They would inevitably be sent out of the pass, lasting until they gave their lives on the battlefield.

“They bully others too far!” Shi Hao said in anger, his blood almost boiling. A fist smashed through a giant rock to the side.

“A long, long time ago, there was a group of descendants who were sent out. You are most likely someone of that group, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been sent here immediately after entering Imperial Pass.” The old man said with a sigh.

Shi Hao knew that they were definitely of the same clan, the same ancestor. Otherwise, they would have the same sinner’s blood markings on their foreheads!

This clan, when their emotions were agitated too much, when they got angry, their foreheads would shine, producing an ancient character, producing a mysterious power, sinner’s blood would collapse the clouds!

“What flows with us isn’t sinner’s blood, it is brilliance and glory.” Shi Hao said.

The elder was given a fright, hurriedly warning, “Shh, lower your voice, these words cannot be randomly spoken, or else you will bring a great disaster!”

“I want to see what they can do, how they will deal with me!” Shi Hao said with a cold laugh.

This small tribe of Stone Clan already had very few people. Meanwhile, this place also lagged behind, the spiritual essence not great, far inferior to the spiritual mountains of those top clans.

Shi Hao really wanted to know just what kind of great mistake Stone Clan’s ancestors made for them to be targeted like this. He wanted to fully understand this.

Due to his meeting with Ye Qingxian being too hurried, he didn’t have time to ask her, which was why he learned about the situation in this small tribe.

There was someone who revealed a perplexed expression, saying with a sigh, “There was an unmatched expert among our ancestors, previously unrivaled in this world, but that year…”

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