Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385 - That Scene Really Is Beautiful

The ancestral altar in the distance carried a feeling of endless time, great dao traces. Blood energy overflowed, too exuberant, condensing into three figures that towered between heaven and earth, standing tall in this world.

Meanwhile, at this moment, when the great golden path spread over, their bodies became a bit more bold and powerful, blood energy carrying a faint golden color, power suppressing the entire universe!

From the distance, they could make out one person with dragon tassel-like beard, in his hands a white bone club, body in beast skin, upper body exposed. He was wild and rough looking, as if he was currently walking over from a distant tribe!

Another person was bathed in fiery light, in his hand a golden bone piece, behind him divine wings like those of a true phoenix. His eyes were like lightning, carrying a sea of divine flames, looking down on heaven and earth.

There was another human figure that was a bit blurry, unable to completely appear.

These three figures all appeared a bit primitive, terrifying beyond compare. They were formed from blood energy, dyed in light golden radiance and not true bodies, but they were vivid and lifelike, divine dao power incredibly terrifying!

Were these the individuals who always defended the ancestral altar? They were known to be unmatched, their ages terrifyingly great, even half a generation greater than Immortal Wang and Meng Tianzheng.

When Stone...

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