Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385 - That Scene Really Is Beautiful

The ancestral altar in the distance carried a feeling of endless time, great dao traces. Blood energy overflowed, too exuberant, condensing into three figures that towered between heaven and earth, standing tall in this world.

Meanwhile, at this moment, when the great golden path spread over, their bodies became a bit more bold and powerful, blood energy carrying a faint golden color, power suppressing the entire universe!

From the distance, they could make out one person with dragon tassel-like beard, in his hands a white bone club, body in beast skin, upper body exposed. He was wild and rough looking, as if he was currently walking over from a distant tribe!

Another person was bathed in fiery light, in his hand a golden bone piece, behind him divine wings like those of a true phoenix. His eyes were like lightning, carrying a sea of divine flames, looking down on heaven and earth.

There was another human figure that was a bit blurry, unable to completely appear.

These three figures all appeared a bit primitive, terrifying beyond compare. They were formed from blood energy, dyed in light golden radiance and not true bodies, but they were vivid and lifelike, divine dao power incredibly terrifying!

Were these the individuals who always defended the ancestral altar? They were known to be unmatched, their ages terrifyingly great, even half a generation greater than Immortal Wang and Meng Tianzheng.

When Stone Clan’s three brothers raised their feet, completely stepping onto the great golden path, the entire world trembled, as if an immortal land collapsed, the blast waves reaching into the mortal world!

This type of fluctuation was too intense, making everyone tremble inwardly. Wang Changhe, Gu Mingdao and others’ expressions became snow-white, unable to hold on anymore. They were swept by a wave of pressure, all of them falling onto the ground.

Meanwhile, many people here were even worse off, falling weak onto the ground. They couldn’t help but bow down in worship!

These were unmatched ancestral deities. They seemed to have become angry, towering below the heavens, overlooking everyone, staring at those creatures that slandered Stone Clan, making everyone feel fear.

The so-called mountain road twists around each new peak, the situation suddenly changing.

“Having shame nailed to their name, you all actually dare say such a thing. Really going too far!” Ye Qingxian spoke, staring at Gu Mingdao, Wang Changhe, and Jin Family’s people, her expression cold.

“Seniors, please forgive us, we shouldn’t have spoken randomly!” Those people lowered their heads, feeling extremely nervous. There were some people who trembled continuously, truly not expecting things would be like this, feeling incredibly shaken inwardly.

Those people on the ancestral altar, how astonishing were their identities? They were high up above, known to be unmatched figures, rarely making an appearance. Apart from Meng Tianzheng and Immortal Wang, people like these, not many people had seen them before.

However, today, three unmatched magical projections appeared, blood covering the sun and moon, overlooking everyone here, how could they not feel greatly alarmed?

It could be said that these three creatures, if they directly took action, killing them here, no one would come out for their sake, even their own clans’ ancestors cold only silently acknowledging it.

“Wait a bit, there is still me!” Cao Yusheng waved his hand from the back, because he was the only one left here, even the golden little ant already stood on Shi Hao’s shoulder.

Even though he was quite fat, his movements were fast, with a sou sound moving onto the great golden path Shi Hao was on, resembling a lively rabbit.

The grand golden path withdrew, rumbling with noise. One could see many great dao symbols appear, surrounding Stone Clan three brothers’ bodies, resonating with the dao bones within their bodies.

“Heavens, this is the resonation of dao laws, magical force baptism! These people could be considered to have received quite the blessing!” There were people who said softly.

One could see that including Cao Yusheng, those people’s bodies all trembled, waves of golden multicolored light surging from their bodies. A rain of light was formed, surrounding them as it moved, ultimately entering inside again.

If it was normal people, after receiving the help of unmatched figures, experiencing this baptism of magical force, they would definitely experience a great transformation, undergo great changes! These individuals’ bones and inner qualities were extremely fine, which was why it wasn’t that clear, but they still obtained considerable benefits.

Was this the attitude these senior unmatched figures carried?

Everyone shivered inwardly. They were clearly taking Stone Clan’s three brothers under their wing, making everyone couldn’t help but feel shaken.

Could it be that the past matters had hidden secrets? Gu Mingdao, Wang Changhe and the others’ expressions became ugly. However, the fortunate thing was that they weren’t punished.

Stone Clan’s three brothers were received just like that. The people who dropped onto the ground revealed awkward expressions one after another, feeling extremely embarrassed. At the same time, they were still anxious and frightened inside. The interference of these three great individuals really was unexpected.

They hoped that things ended here, really didn’t want their mistakes to be pursued further.

When it involved unmatched figures at that level, all punishments were unendurably great, to the extent where it would trouble even long life families.

“I only heard that there were a few seniors that watched over the ancestral altar, rarely appearing in the world. Just what kind of history do they have? I have never seen them before.”

Only after a long time had passed did someone speak up, quietly discussing, wishing to understand the origins of those ancestors.

“They were ancient to the point where it was hard to say just what era they came from. I only know that their magical force is heaven reaching, a stellar stream sucked open as soon as they open their mouths, replenishing their own essence energy.”

“They are even older than Jin Taijun, Immortal Wang and Meng Tianzheng’s generation, likely… creatures that were born before the destruction of the last great era!”

“There were previously some who were lucky enough to see their side profile from the distance, rumored to be like golden bodies in temples, golden skin wrapping around bones. They are likely… just too aged.” Someone said softly. He originally wanted to say that they looked like they died in meditation, but he didn’t dare speak it out loud.

The others frowned. The three figures they saw, even though they were magical projections, they should still be embodiments of their true bodies. They were definitely not skin wrapped around bones, those figures were robust, bold and powerful.

However, no one dared to pursue this further. Who dared head to the ancestral altar to take a peek? They didn’t have the qualifications to do so at all!

“They are stone engravings, fake, not real people?!”

In the depths of Emperor City, in front of the mysterious ancestral altar, this place was far from as glorious as what outsiders imagined.

It could be said that on their way here, everything was old-fashioned, broken walls and debris everywhere. If they didn’t know that this was the ancestral altar, they truly would have thought that they were in an expanse of ruins.

The one who cried out in alarm was Cao Yusheng. He was stunned. He stared at the destination the great golden path withdrew into. There were actually three stone carved diagrams, not three real people. 

They originally thought that there would definitely be three unmatched figures seated on praying mats, accompanied by immortal mist, stars surrounding them, when their eyes opened and closed, lightning would flicker endlessly in the nine heavens. However, what they saw was a completely different affair.

This were the depths of the ancestral altar, yet what they saw was an ancient wall, everything else covered in chaotic energy, only some areas visible.

Three supreme figures were carved on this area, just like the boundless magical projections created from faint golden blood energy just now, as if they were going to rush out from the wall!

“Where are the true bodies? How could there only be stone engravings? Seniors, please come out, this younger generation wishes to have an audience, willing to offer you the most devout respects, at the same time ask for your distinguished selves’ guidance!” Cao Yusheng muttered about, cupping his hands here in greeting.

“Do you really wish to meet them?” Ye Qingxian walked over, her figure moving about, beautiful to a speechless degree. She was slender and delicate, dancing about like a graceful spirit. Her long dress fluttered about, making her look like a flying immortal.

Even someone like Cao Yusheng who had seen all types of things was a bit bashful when he looked at this exceptional beauty, giggling continuously.

“They are?” Shi Hao asked.

“The one holding the white bone club is Stone Clan’s ancestor, the one bathed in fiery light is Fire Clan’s ancestor, the other is their war comrade.” Ye Qingxian replied.

Shi Yi and Qing Hao were shocked. They stared at the people engraved on the rock!

Shi Hao was shocked. He immediately recalled Desolate Border’s Seven Kings. These were them? He stared carefully, finding them really similar, because he had previously seen indistinct figures of them from the blood dyed black ancient ship.

After taking a deep breath, Shi Hao asked, “Are they three of the Seven Kings?”

“Correct.” Ye Qingxian nodded. Then she looked at Cao Yusheng, asking, “Do you really wish to meet them?”

“I do!” The little fatty directly nodded. He rubbed his hands, happily saying. He was currently thinking about how he was going to ask for some supreme treasures.

“That is extremely difficult, because we are most likely separated through yin and yang, you must first end your own life.” Ye Qingxian said.

“What?” Cao Yusheng was stupefied.

Ye Qingxian said, “This is the ancestral altar. Not only is it the place of seclusion of a few unmatched individuals, it is also a place of sacrifice. The three experts you all saw are all ancient figures, their life and death currently a mystery.”

What was going on? The three supreme magical figures’ blood energy rushed into the heavens, crushing the sun and moon, that type of power definitely couldn’t be mistaken, but in the end, it was fake, only a stone engraving?

How was this accomplished? Even Stone Clan’s three brothers were confused.

“This place is an ancestral altar. For the sake of helping you all, I offered up some sacrifices, summoning some remnant will on the stone engravings. Perhaps their true bodies are already dead.” Ye Qingxian slowly said.

“What kind of sacrifices can create this type of result?” Shi Yi frowned. It was because this was just too shocking.

“Just some bones that might have been left behind by the foreign ancient ancestors, not very useful for me here, so I sacrificed them.” She said rather casually. She adjusted her beautiful hair, eyes swirling about. Her good looks could topple cities, beautiful to the point of moving hearts.

The golden little ant was petrified.

Shi Yi and Qin Hao were stupefied.

Cao Yusheng was speechless.

Shi Hao was shaken. The bones of foreign ancient ancestors, this was just too shocking.

Anlan and Shutuo were all foreign ancient ancestors, their identities extraordinary, high up above. They were known as the founders of unmatched ancestral clans, their magical force endless, dominating Immortal Ancient Era!

Luo Mo who was killed in battle was also like this. He had five-colored true blood, directly fighting an immortal dao unmatched being who had chaotic blood.

Just what kind of origins did Ye Qingxian have exactly, to actually have this type of ancestral bone, offering it up like this? This expenditure was just too shocking.

“All of you dumb goose, can you not stand stupidly like that? It’s not like I was the one who killed them, just things my family picked up and left for me. It’d be a waste to just hold onto it, so it was just the right time to use them.” She said with a smile.

Even though thing were like this, it was still shocking!

The ancestral altar here was extremely formidable, created by an ancient era True Immortal, could be said to be heaven-defying and spiritual. If a sacrifice was offered here, the quality sufficiently great, then heroic spirits with remnant wills could be summoned.

It was clear that the foreign ancestral bones were enough, the best consolation for the ancient people who fell in battle. This was why Ye Qingxian’s summoning of the ancestors was successful!

“Isn’t this really wasteful? For our sakes, why would you use up such a shocking sacrifice?” Cao Yusheng said quietly, and then he narrowed his eyes. “Don’t tell me you like me?”


He immediately fell on his back. Then, a streak of divine light surrounded him, sending him headfirst into a distant mud pool not far away.

“You don’t have to be so violent even if you don’t like me!” Fatty Cao shouted miserably.

Ye Qingxian giggled and said, “It can’t be considered a waste. If the heroic spirits are still here, by offering up these sacrifices, it can make them remain a bit longer in this world.”

“Will this be able to fool those people?” Shi Hao asked.

“How boring would it be to intimidate them with living people? It’ll be far more interesting when they found out the truth, making them feel embarrassed, and then go mad, seethe with anger, that scene… just the thought alone would be too beautiful.” Ye Qingxian said.

Shi Hao and the others were immediately speechless.

Outside, Wang Changhe, Gu Mingdao and the others didn’t want to accept this. How could sinner’s blood descendants obtain the protection of a few unmatched figures? They were confused, sending people out to find out more information.

The long life families’ backing were great, they naturally had some people inside the city.

“Senior, what exactly happened? Aren’t those individuals protecting the pass? Why would they come out for a few youngsters?”

When Gu Mingdao asked a sparsely haired, terrifyingly old ancestor level figure, he discovered that the other party actually revealed a strange expression.

“Do you wish to learn the truth?” The elder’s face was covered in wrinkles, looking like dried-out orange peels.

“I do!” Gu Mingdao nodded his head firmly.

Not far out, Wang Changhe, Jin Zhan’s senior, Golden Giant, and other experts also looked over, wishing to know the reason.

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