Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384 - Origins Too Great

Sinner’s blood descendant, there were people discussing this even in Imperial Pass, bringing it up. This made Shi Hao narrow his eyes; it seems like things were not that simple. There were some ‘things’ that happened here before!

“What right do you have to say we are sinner’s blood descendants? Which eye of yours saw fault with our ancestors?” Qin Hao was unwilling to accept this, surging with emotion, arguing here.

“There are some things that have long been accepted, moreover, even many people here know that there are some clans that previously made great mistakes that could not be forgiven.” Someone said coldly.

“Sinner’s bloodline, what good is there to say? Many people already know about this.” Wang Changhe said with a sneer.

Wang Family’s hundred thousand elite troops came here, the five dragons even more so assigned here, the environment vile, perhaps unable to return alive, so he naturally hated Shi Hao.

Qin Hao was furious, still wishing to argue back.

Shi Hao stopped him, saying, “What is there to say to them? He is a sinner who has made a huge mistake, sent away here to Desolate Border’s Imperial Pass, yet he has the nerve to talk randomly about others.”

Shi Yi surprisingly spoke up, saying, “You’re not wrong. The past prisoners were banished here, sinners themselves, here to do service. What face do they have left to criticize others?”

Wang Changhe’s face immediately turned green and pale, expression immediately sunken. They actually clearly opposed him just like this, not even...

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