Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382 - Desolate Border Imperial Pass

Emperor City, it had existed from the past until now, towering powerfully in Desolate Border!

Everyone could only raise their heads and look up, deeply feel how insignificant they were themselves. They were only like a speck of dust before this giant city.

They walked forward. The giant walls towered into outer space, even with Heavenly Eyes, it was still difficult for them to see its limit.

“Something that protects an entire realm, how can it not be large? There are unmatched immortal dao symbols carved on it as well, magical formations all over, incredibly concentrated. This is the result of many generations of creatures’ efforts.” An elder explained.

The city really was too large, already exceeding the category of a city. When they walked up, they saw a scene that was like the creation of the world, primal chaos surrounding this giant city.

Great stars surrounded the city one after another, to the extent where there were even stellar rivers winding about.

This type of scenery didn’t really fit common sense, exceeding everyone’s imagination. How could it be like this?

Based on the explanations of the eccentrics, this Emperor City was built on this realm’s most crucial spatial node. Without its protection, the other side could invade as they wished.

“The cornerstones are made from stars!”

When they walked forward, everyone could only release a sigh of amazement.

The walls were made of nothing other than star remains, all of them fallen stars. They were piled into the number one impregnable pass of history, creating this city.

When one stood here and looked at this Imperial Pass, they felt like ants gazing towards the sky dome!

It was boundless, powerful, limitless, and also silent, as if it was a city of death.

When they approached a set distance, everyone’s bodies felt an intense pain, pressured by a mysterious force, feeling as if their bodies were going to crack apart. This was the power of the Emperor City that towered powerfully in this world.

In the distance, there were small towns, open markets, and even more so some tribes. Those were established by the descendants of the powerful experts who protected Emperor City.

There were some of them that already became ordinary people, no longer cultivators.

As for those who truly protected the city, if nothing strange happened, they would never come out after entering the city, forever defending this place!

That was the Archaic Contract of Alliance. Many powerful individuals who didn’t have much life left would come here in their final years, using their blood and lives to protect this place.

“Enter the city!”

The eccentrics each produced a bone. They were extremely serious, piecing them together to create a mysterious small white bone altar.

This altar required several people to maintain. They each grasped one corner, proving just how important the situation was. It was because only by holding it can one enter the Imperial Pass, it couldn’t be lost.

These individuals activated them together. The white bone altar shone.


Everyone was surrounded by immortal light, and then they disappeared from their original location, entering the giant city together.

A dusky ancient land filled with black mist, skeletal remains were everywhere; this was the scene everyone saw. When they stepped down, many bones were turned into white powder.

Apart from this, there were some star remains.

“This is the inside of the city?” A few people cried out in shock. It was completely different from what they imagined.

“Aside from the outer city, there is still an inner city!” An elder pointed forward.

The elders brought out different golden bone pieces this time, piecing them together to form a spherical altar, using it like a key to open up the passage into the inner city.


They finally entered the Imperial Pass. As soon as they appeared, many powerful divine wills instantly reached over, suppressing down like terrifying demon kings, making one’s heart pound.

These were the experts inside the Imperial Pass!

This place still lacked vitality. There were some giant stars that rested on the ground, a few cultivators sitting on them, completely silent. Their bodies were covered in dust, unknown just how many years they’ve sat on this pass for.

There were some individuals who even had grass growing on their bodies, life aura weak. They were going to defend this pass until their deaths.

“It is still different from what I imagined!” Princess Yao Yue said with a sigh.

The hundred young cultivators were all sizing up the inner city’s scene, carefully searching for something.

“This is only a corner of this place, the inner city is boundless, extremely large. You all will understand slowly.” An elder said.

The people they saw before them were already half dead, not moving for many years. It was because these people were in charge of protecting precisely one part of the wall.

“Let’s go, we are heading to the depths of the inner city!” An eccentric led the way. A great golden path appeared beneath his feet, bringing the over a hundred young cultivators with him.

Golden light spread out, its speed extremely fast, able to cross stellar domains. However, they still spent a long amount of time in the inner city, so one could see just how large this city was.

Along the way, everyone became deeply shocked. What they saw truly was shocking.

“Isn’t that a Sky Swallowing Beast? Didn’t they become extinct? We actually ended up seeing on in Imperial Pass!” Cao Yusheng sighed.

A giant beast was currently chewing on a large piece of meteorite. Its body really was too massive, covering the sky and sun.

Wu, there are several dozen of them in the city. This is quite a formidable war beast, belonging to a few extremely powerful knights.” An old eccentric on the great golden path said.

Sure enough, everyone saw a knight on the back of the Sky Swallowing Beast, body covered in armor, ice-cold and emotionless, as if passed away during meditation, not moving at all.

It was taking care of its mount, the material used to feed it actually stars!

Everyone was speechless after seeing this.

Soon afterwards, they saw a middle-aged male with disheveled hair practice archery. Each time, he fired into the heavens, the pitch-black shaft of the arrows cold and deep, no special parts visible.

“Does he have a target? Why is he always shooting into outer space?” Chang Gongyan said quietly, because he similarly excelled at archery.

An elder on the great golden path said with a sigh, “He is one of Imperial Pass’ Ten Archery Gods. Do you all know what he is shooting at? He is shooting at the stars of another stellar domain. No matter how far it is, he will still shoot through one with a single arrow!”

At this moment, the youngsters were all stupefied. When they looked at that middle-aged male, quite a few people revealed expressions of respect. Just how terrifying of an archery expert was this?

As they went further, there was more and more life force, verdant plant life appeared along the way. There were also many mountain ridges and other things.

However, what left everyone shocked was that many mountains in the city were stars, previously struck down from the heavens, turning into massive mountains.

The young cultivators were a bit speechless. This place really was unimaginable.

Up ahead, it was no longer dusky, the same as the outside world. Grass flourished, mountain regions rising and falling, spiritual mountains appearing one after another, even more majestic waterfalls and other things appearing.

“This isn’t like a city, more like a great world.” A youngster said with a sigh.

“It is all because the city is too big!” An old eccentric replied.

Suddenly, several dozen vicious beasts rushed over, every one of them incredibly large. If not for this being Emperor City, the great earth of any other place would have caved in.

Every one of them was at least a hundred zhang tall, terrifyingly great.

There were Heaven Devouring Beasts among them, as well as other giant beasts that were of the same caliber, some even more ferocious.

Every single vicious beast had a powerful rider on them. Apart from this, there were many corpses and captives that were still alive, their bodies carrying blood.

“Who are they?””

“Great knights who left the city. They killed a few enemies and captured some, returning just now.” The old eccentric on the great golden path said.

“What? These are the great knights who fight against the foreign side’s powerful enemies?” Many people were stunned. Just what kind of fierce people did Desolate Border’s Emperor City have? They were actually this powerful.

One had to understand that the news they obtained were all extremely terrible so far. The older generation supreme beings who went to Great Scarlet Sky Border were all defeated extremely miserably.

“There are victories, but there are naturally defeats as well.” The old eccentrics sighed.

Sure enough, soon afterwards, they encountered tens of thousands of men, half of the individuals among them holding coffins, bodies covered in blood.

“This many people died?!”

En, these are still only the corpses we were able to bring back, or else there’d be even more.” The old eccentric said with a sigh.

Last time, reinforcements were sent over from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, increasing the soldiers in the city by many times. Only, now, the casualties each day were also extremely frightening.

The young cultivators immediately became quiet.

After a long time had passed, they approached the heart of the inner city, but they didn’t enter, because this was a restricted land. Normal creatures couldn’t enter.

From the distance, they could see that there was a withered tree, one that was terrifyingly thick, even more majestic than the star remains mountain peaks. Even though it had a broken tree trunk, it was still massive.

Chaotic energy swirled there, making that place extremely indistinct, covered in mist. However, part of the giant tree stump could still be seen.

It didn’t have the slightest trace of life force, long dying who knew how many tens of thousands of years ago.

Occasionally, some black lightning would rush out from the gaps of the dried-up old tree bark, but there was no sound, only flickering there.

“Undying lightning!” An old eccentric said with a sigh.

“This tree stump… what happened to it?” Shi Hao said. It was because he was greatly shaken up inside.

“It is rumored to be the remains of an unmatched expert from Immortal Ancient. It was a tree when it was alive, after it died, only a tree stump was left behind. Right now, there is still undying lightning power wreaking havoc within its ruined body.” The old eccentric replied.

“Are there no legends that are a bit more concrete?” Shi Hao continued to ask.

“There are many, truly too many. Some said that the immortal tree still didn’t die, that it would bud and germinate once more, that it will revive. There are others that say that it ended its own life, failing to protect the pass. There are others who say that its identity is shockingly great, Immortal Ancient Great Era’s most powerful Guardian Spirit.” An old eccentric said.

Shi Hao became absentminded, staring at this withered broken tree in a daze.

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