Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382 - Desolate Border Imperial Pass

Emperor City, it had existed from the past until now, towering powerfully in Desolate Border!

Everyone could only raise their heads and look up, deeply feel how insignificant they were themselves. They were only like a speck of dust before this giant city.

They walked forward. The giant walls towered into outer space, even with Heavenly Eyes, it was still difficult for them to see its limit.

“Something that protects an entire realm, how can it not be large? There are unmatched immortal dao symbols carved on it as well, magical formations all over, incredibly concentrated. This is the result of many generations of creatures’ efforts.” An elder explained.

The city really was too large, already exceeding the category of a city. When they walked up, they saw a scene that was like the creation of the world, primal chaos surrounding this giant city.

Great stars surrounded the city one after another, to the extent where there were even stellar rivers winding about.

This type of scenery didn’t really fit common sense, exceeding everyone’s imagination. How could it be like...

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