Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381 - Departure

In a few days, the one year period would come to an end!

At that time, the young cultivators who wished to sharpen themselves in Desolate Border would have to go on their way.

The atmosphere was extremely heavy and nervous during these few days. Many people asked themselves whether they were going to go or not, because this was related to just too much.

After entering the land of warriors, everyone knew that it would be a trial of nine deaths one life. No matter how extraordinary one’s talent was, if they were a heaven warping genius, they might still wither away on the spot, turn into a clump of yellow earth!

Of course, if they remained undying through a hundred battles, then they could rise up, obtain some heaven-defying natural luck that had existed throughout time from Desolate Border!

Many people were hesitating, at a loss for what to do. Just what should they do?

 Shi Hao didn’t think about these things, because he was definitely going to go to Desolate Border. Right now, he only did one thing, which was cultivate, increase his own strength.

On the cliff, hazy mist pervaded the air. He had already sat on the praying mat for a month, recently not moving at all, cultivating the immortal scripture the entire time.

Within his body, wisp after wisp and strand after strand of light flickered about. These were broken down by immortal energy, taking root in various parts of his body, as if they grew roots, gradually growing.

This was an extremely gratifying process. The seed germinated, growing roots, only then was it able to gradually unfold, become more and more prosperous, more and more powerful.

A layer of faint golden radiance swirled about Shi Hao’s body, as if his body was gilded in gold, like a golden body in a temple. This was an embodiment of his constitution becoming stronger.


Inside Shi Hao’s body, dao bones rumbled. Everyone outside could sense a few things. Right now, shocking radiance shot out, spilling out from his body.

Then, his essence blood roiled, rising up like pillars of smoke, life force just too exuberant. It was to the extent where one could see how resplendent the blood in his body was, as if golden liquid was flowing, extremely dazzling.

“Blood turns to golden liquid, his blood has been exchanged again, an evolution of his fundamental life level carried out!” Many people were alarmed, looking over with eyes filled with jealousy.

No one expected that right when they were about to leave, Shi Hao would obtain this type of accomplishment. His benefits from this definitely weren’t small, could be considered a transformation.

Shi Hao opened his eyes, two streaks of light shooting out. They were like sharps swords that sliced through the void, releasing zheng zheng sounds.

When he calmed down, the blood in his body became a bright red color once more, sparkling like blood diamonds, brilliant and translucent. He was like a slumbering dragon, calm when hidden, powerful when he took action, a type of true reflection when one reached a certain biological level.

“I hope that by building the sturdiest foundation, it can help me soar into the sky, break through this great cultivation realm earlier!” Shi Hao said to himself. This made quite a few people’s expressions change. His cultivation speed was just too fast.

The day to leave was finally here, they had to make their final choice.

Perhaps staying behind was the most sensible choice, after all, living was the most important.

However, this so-called ‘living’ was only effective for a short period of time. If the Desolate Border was broken through, if they didn’t experience enough sharpening and growth before the great chaos, they would still die, so it would all be meaningless.

A few young supreme beings already decided to head to Desolate Border, rise up in that place, achieve the dao! This made others hesitate. If they withdrew, wouldn’t that be a bit too unsightly?

Their decision would have profound and long-lasting effects on themselves, perhaps even revealing the general way of thinking of the future, as well as the orientation of the situation.

“It is time to make your decisions!”

Several elders were seated on the cliff, overlooking the young geniuses below. Today, everyone was here, all of them coming out from seclusion.

“I wish to head to Desolate Border. As a man born in this world, how can I miss the world’s most glorious battle, the most powerful and splendid struggle? How can I be missing from this?!” The golden little ant was the first one to cry out.

He was extremely moved, and also in high spirits, wishing to walk in his father’s footsteps, to grow up step by step in Desolate Border’s extreme battles.

“The bones of the devoted are buried everywhere under green hills, why is there a need to give up our lives on the battlefield?!” Cao Yusheng released a deep sigh. “My master said that I will be buried by another, perhaps he was talking precisely about Desolate Border…”

Everyone was speechless when they heard this. He didn’t even go out to fight, yet he could already sense his own death? Since he was already clear on this, he might as well just not go.

Cao Yusheng’s voice went higher, loudly emphasizing, “Remember, I am not going to die, only sleeping! I will continue to live, even if a hundred worlds reincarnate, era after era elapses, I will still appear, I will return! At that time, those who haven’t died yet, those who are still alive, come find me and we’ll drink!”

“I also want to go to Desolate Border!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit was extremely stubborn, wishing to search for opportunities in the divine medicine mountain ranges outside Desolate Border, not scared even if there was a chance of dying.

“Even though the buddhist monk is kind, it must subdue evil as well!” Great Xu Tuo expressed his stance, standing out resolutely.

Ten Crown King walked over powerfully, a great dragon winding about his body, accompanied by primal chaos. It was as if a heavenly emperor was moving, his aura devouring ten thousand li, possessing a type of unmatched aura. He was heading to Desolate Border.

“The path of long life will include me!” Shi Yi walked out.


People continuously appeared, not fearing death, their convictions firm, wishing to head to Desolate Border.

Sacred Academy’s Jin Zhan moved, a group of people following him, even Wang Xi included among them. All of them were going to Desolate Border, this group drawing attention.

Then, Little Sky King and quite a few others from Immortal Academy also walked forward.

Shi Hao moved, standing together with Cao Yusheng, little Lunar Jade Rabbit, and others. Not far out, Qing Yi, Chang Gongyan, and others also moved, following over, wishing to head to Desolate Border.

There were more than a hundred and fifty people who made their decisions. The number of people here was definitely not small, this could be considered the Nine Heavens’ most powerful group of young heroes.

“The rest of you, don’t make your decision now. You can wait until next time!” An elder on the cliff said, telling them that since they had exceeded a hundred experts, the number cannot be increased anymore.

It was because this was a great risk. If the Nine Heavens’ young geniuses all left, if something unexpected happened, a great disaster arriving, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Come back to this place after a year!” The elders on the cliff came to this decision, this time only choosing a hundred cultivators.

The others could come back after a year, become the second batch of individuals to head for Desolate Border.


The ancient land shone, a black altar activating. Those who were chosen followed the elders up. There were many patterns there that flickered with all types of dao symbols.

“Destination: Desolate Border!”

Streaks of light flew out one after another, as if the sky was splitting. The void here collapsed, forming a giant tunnel that led to a mysterious unknown place.


Immediately afterwards, they all disappeared, leaving Immeasurable Heaven.

This was a primitive forest, one that was extremely boundless. This place was usually quiet, only occasionally would there be howls of malicious spirits sounding, short and hurried.


A group of people, over a hundred in number suddenly appeared in this savage ancient forest.

Desolate Border, they arrived!

This was a mysterious place outside the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. Normally, no one dared enter this place.


A long and mournful howl suddenly sounded by everyone’s ears. In the distance, a set of human skin fluttered about, feet not touching the ground, floating past, the ground covered in bloodstains.

“What kind of thing is this?”

“Go!” An elder in the lead shouted. His palm shone, a copper mirror appearing, releasing the most blinding solar flame essence, yang energy flourishing to the extreme.

That set of human skin began to shake back and forth as if the road was shaky, drifting in the distant mountain range, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“There were too many things left behind from the past battles. That used to be the divine skin of one of the most powerful individuals, its will still not completely dying out.” An elder explained.

Shi Hao knew that this vast uninhabited region had too many inauspicious things. If they recklessly pushed ahead, there would be danger of body and dao disappearing at every turn.


Right at this time, an elder shouted loudly. It was because there was a scarlet marsh up ahead, waves of mist rising, a frightening aura spreading from it.

“Someone who was half a step to becoming a True Immortal died, blood dyeing the marsh. If one steps in, they would immediately turn into a rotten paste!”

When they heard this explanation, everyone felt their scalps turn numb, a layer of goosebumps appearing on their bodies. If no one told them and they rashly pressed forward, wouldn’t they have just directly died?

Shi Hao released a light sigh. Back then, the reason why they were able to reach that Imperial Pass from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces was because they took a safe ancient path, yet even then, many people died.

As expected, the elder also brought this up. “We are walking on an ancient path, or else it would be extremely dangerous.”

Even someone like him said this, so one could see just how dangerous Desolate Border was.

There were some who didn’t understand, asking the elders why they couldn’t just directly appear before the Imperial Pass. Was there a problem with the great transport formation?

“We only wish for you all to experience how terrifying this boundless uninhabited region is. A single moment of carelessness and even a supreme being would fall.” The elder said with a sigh. No amount of explaining was better than real experience, seeing it for oneself.

They did this intentionally so that everyone could feel just what kind of place Desolate Border was exactly.

“Moreover, this region isn’t the most dangerous, because this path is located on this side of what the Emperor City protects, belonging to our territory. Once one leaves the Imperial Pass, the uninhabited region there is the truly scary place!” The elder explained.

Everyone understood what he meant. The uninhabited region on their side was already so dangerous, so once they went past the Imperial Pass, arriving outside the imperial city, it would be hard to imagine just what it would be like!

After walking on that ancient path, as expected, it was much safer. Even though there were unexpected things, they got through more scared than hurt.

“We’re here!” An elder said.

A grand and bleak aura poured over from the distance, drowning out everything.

At the limits of the horizon was a hazy expanse that connected heaven and earth, filling up everything, everywhere in the sky above and earth below.

Everyone became stupefied. After concentrating their mind and carefully observing, their faces all revealed shock. The vast and boundless gray color was actually a city itself!

Many people never saw this place before, all of them couldn’t help but become petrified. How could there be such a large city?

It towered into outer space, vast and limitless, as tall as the sky. This wasn’t like a city, but more like an expanse of ancient cosmos.

“Goodbye, Three Thousand Dao Provinces, lower realm Stone Village!” This was the second time Shi Hao came here, so he wasn’t as shocked as the other young cultivators from the Nine Heavens above. He turned around, looking in a different direction.

After leaving, he might never be able to return. His father, grandfather, all of his loved ones back in Stone Village, as well as Huo Ling’er in the Fire Mulberry Forest, would they be able to meet again?

“I really wanted to see you guys before leaving!” Shi Hao said to himself. He carried great emotions, entirely different from his previous resoluteness, his nose becoming a bit sour.

After he left here, would they be separated by half a world? When he looked back, would those people still be alive?

“Have you all been well?” Shi Hao looked into the limits of the world. Right now, he was in the depths of the Three Thousand Dao Provinces’ uninhabited region, yet he couldn’t leave.

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