Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381 - Departure

In a few days, the one year period would come to an end!

At that time, the young cultivators who wished to sharpen themselves in Desolate Border would have to go on their way.

The atmosphere was extremely heavy and nervous during these few days. Many people asked themselves whether they were going to go or not, because this was related to just too much.

After entering the land of warriors, everyone knew that it would be a trial of nine deaths one life. No matter how extraordinary one’s talent was, if they were a heaven warping genius, they might still wither away on the spot, turn into a clump of yellow earth!

Of course, if they remained undying through a hundred battles, then they could rise up, obtain some heaven-defying natural luck that had existed throughout time from Desolate Border!

Many people were hesitating, at a loss for what to do. Just what should they do?

 Shi Hao didn’t think about these things, because he was definitely going to go to Desolate Border. Right now, he only did one thing, which was cultivate, increase his own strength.

On the cliff, hazy mist pervaded the air. He had already sat on the praying mat for a month, recently not moving at all, cultivating the immortal scripture the entire time.

Within his body, wisp after wisp and strand after strand of...

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