Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380 - A Year Passes Quickly

On the mountain peak, scripture sounds rang out unendingly, truly fascinating.

Only, for others, it was extremely indistinct, and also rather indiscernible. It was as if they sounded from an immortal homeland, not clear at all. They wanted to grasp the concrete scripture meanings, yet it slipped right through the gaps in their fingers.

Shi Hao was fully immersed in cultivation, mind and body harmonizing, comprehending this unmatched great dao. He submerged himself within this brand new cultivation system.

He had to strengthen himself until he truly rose up!

It was because once he entered the Desolate Border, he would inevitably experience the bitterness of blood and flames, dangers of life and death. Speaking a bit more pessimistically, it would be equivalent to lingering about the path leading straight into the nine underworlds.

That was why Shi Hao wished to be stronger, wishing to seize this time to accumulate, transform, making himself more and more powerful.

There wasn’t much time, he didn’t have much room to prepare. He already made the decision to head to the Desolate Border, endure the cruelest sharpening. There...

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