Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380 - A Year Passes Quickly

On the mountain peak, scripture sounds rang out unendingly, truly fascinating.

Only, for others, it was extremely indistinct, and also rather indiscernible. It was as if they sounded from an immortal homeland, not clear at all. They wanted to grasp the concrete scripture meanings, yet it slipped right through the gaps in their fingers.

Shi Hao was fully immersed in cultivation, mind and body harmonizing, comprehending this unmatched great dao. He submerged himself within this brand new cultivation system.

He had to strengthen himself until he truly rose up!

It was because once he entered the Desolate Border, he would inevitably experience the bitterness of blood and flames, dangers of life and death. Speaking a bit more pessimistically, it would be equivalent to lingering about the path leading straight into the nine underworlds.

That was why Shi Hao wished to be stronger, wishing to seize this time to accumulate, transform, making himself more and more powerful.

There wasn’t much time, he didn’t have much room to prepare. He already made the decision to head to the Desolate Border, endure the cruelest sharpening. There was Heaven Abyss, devil medicine mountain ranges, burial realms, Heavenly Beast Forests, and other places. Danger and opportunities coexisted!

There was an ancient city that Shi Hao even more so wished to enter. He wanted to see for himself whether there was still anyone among the Seven Kings alive. Did they all wither away?

Apart from this, the most crucial thing was that he wanted to truly face the foreign enemies. He wanted to face the leading figures of King Clans, even more so wanted to fight a battle at the peak against the ancient Emperor Clans’ true young heavenly talents.

Who was stronger and who was weaker?

To face each other on the battlefield, fight to the death, this was the best sharpening!

Scriptures continued to sound, making many people feel envious. The effects were too clear, Shi Hao’s skin flowed with a mysterious type of radiance, as if he was cast from a golden body.

This was a transferring of immortal energy, even more so a type of aura that was reviving, growing. He was slowly becoming stronger!

Immortal dao aura!

Right now, this type of aura flourished even greater than before within Shi Hao’s body. However, it didn’t turn into great dao flowers, instead starting to take root within his flesh.

The three dao flowers scattered, returning into three streaks of immortal energy. Then, they broke down again, becoming strands of light, taking root in Shi Hao’s limbs and bones, being nurtured once more.

This gave one a type of misconception, as if Shi Hao’s entire body became an immortal body, one full of true immortal dao aura!

Seed, this was the root of Immortal Ancient methods!

Before this, Shi Hao had already accumulated enough. After the three streaks of immortal energy condensed, it was equivalent to harvesting the most precious seed, now, it was time to sprout branches and leaves.

Right now, his flesh was like soil, heaven and earth essence the water that nourished the seed, making it germinate.

After the three streaks of immortal energy turned into light, they hid within every inch of his flesh. Shi Hao followed the cultivation method recorded in the ancient scripture to nurture them.


It was as if a heaven and earth furnace was opened. Endless divine light was released from Shi Hao’s body!

The bones in his body released vibrating sounds, becoming more and more brittle, as if Immortal Gold was clashing. Meanwhile, the blood flowing inside his body was even more so like a roaring sea.

This was just the beginning of dao comprehension, just a brief nurturing of immortal energy, yet he already underwent such shocking changes. The pores on his body expanded, releasing some gray-white substance.

“What is that?” Everyone was shocked. It was because Huang had already cultivated to the point where his body was already extremely perfect, there should be no way that he could eliminate so many impurities. This was just too shocking.

“It isn’t impurities, but rather his dao bones being altered, polished. There is some bone matter that is being removed, and then forced out of the body!” An elder on the cliff said.

While saying these things, he was extremely alarmed, never expecting the immortal scripture to be this tyrannical, actually able to strengthen and forge bones in such a short amount of time.

One could see that Shi Hao was drenched in sweat. This was definitely an extremely painful process, of course, it was also a self-sharpening and transformation, part of the dao comprehension experience.

“The immortal scripture is this heaven-defying?” Many people cried out in alarm. Shi Hao’s transformation was just too fast, right?

“This is the first time he came into contact with the scripture, yet his body long prepared three strands of immortal energy, so the results naturally wouldn’t be weak!” An elder said with a sigh.

Everyone was moved. They saw Shi Hao’s transformation, he was heading towards perfection, towards the so-called immortal flesh dao bones!

“Instead of feeling jealous of another, it is better to break through myself and go further along my path!” Little Sky King said. He already sat down on a mountain peak, starting to cultivate his own method.

A moment later, the entire mountain shone, waves of mist rising. He was surrounded by a great dao aura, becoming a deity in the primal chaos mist!

On the other side, Jin Zhan also closed his eyes a long time ago, not noticing the disturbance on Shi Hao’s side. He was cultivating, tempering his own body, comprehending his own great dao.

A few young supreme beings’ wills were resolute, not moved at all. For example, Great Xu Tuo’s hands moved about, forming ancient monk magical imprints. He had previously merged with the ashes of an immortal monk, the natural luck heaven-defying. RIght now, he went into seclusion like a monk, chanting scriptures, refining his own Zhang Six Golden Body!


Then, many young cultivators began to meditate. They borrowed the heaven and earth ancestral vein left behind from the last great era, starting to cultivate, comprehend their own divine abilities and techniques.

Three days passed in a flash. The elders on the cliff began to lecture once more.

Many people opened their eyes, waking on the mountain peak. Only a few people entered a deeper state of dao comprehension, because the underground ancestral vain was too extraordinary, immortal dao energy rich, suitable for going into seclusion.

Shi Hao woke up. This was the first time he studied this scripture, experiencing this completely new cultivation system for the first time. He didn’t enter the deepest level of comprehension.

Wayaya, this scripture is too formidable? What is even recorded on it?” The little rabbit really wasn’t reserved, directly rushing over and asking.

Shi Hao didn’t plan to monopolize this scripture, saying, “You all can study it as well.”

Those from the three thousand provinces who he was close to were all shocked when they heard this. This was but a priceless treasure, normally things that were kept a secret, treasured greatly. Who would hand this type of thing over?

“A great era of darkness is coming, a bit more skill will mean a higher chance of survival. I hope that in the future, all of you are still here. Moreover, what everyone ends up comprehending and realizing isn’t necessarily the same.” Shi Hao said.

It was precisely as he said, this was a completely different cultivation system, developing from the ‘seed’. Everyone had different seeds, so when it germinated in the end, the fruits that were produced won’t be exactly the same.

Qing Yi, Chang Gongyan and the others all needed this scripture badly, and even though the little fatty Cao Yusheng cultivated present world methods, he still muttered to himself, studying it for a long time.

“Let’s listen to the elders’ lecture first, it’ll also allow us to understand different things about the other side.”

Apart from a few individuals, most of the young geniuses came out, arriving beneath the cliff, listening to the elders.

“Immortal Ancient War, the most powerful experts of my world, who were the one who killed them? For example, Heavenly Horned Ant Great One, was he impaled by Anlan Clan’s ancient ancestor’s golden pike?”


This was a process with questions and answers. The young cultivators who wished to head to Desolate Border wanted to understand more. They wanted to know about those unmatched figures on the other side.

“In the more crucial battle, two great immortal kings died miserably on the battlefield, blood dyeing the war banner red, who were these two individuals?” Ten Crown King asked.

“They were Without End Immortal King and Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King.” An elder sighed.

“Whose hands did they die under?” Great Xutuo asked.

“The two immortal kings’ causes of death were extremely complicated. They had fought too many battles, no one able to fight in their place, in the end falling after their strength was completely exhausted. This is especially true regarding Without End Immortal King’s conclusion, even more so a mystery. As for Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King, the final strike came from a Divine Gu[1] Clan matchless expert.” An elder replied.

“Divine Gu Clan?”

“Correct, a terrifying clan. If you all head to Desolate Border, you will encounter experts from this clan sooner or later. Their numbers are few, but they possess unmatched power, extremely strong, left hand able to break space, right hand able to sever time, terrifying beyond compare!” The elder said with a sunken voice, a wave of anger also appearing in his eyes.

“Why does this clan seem similar to a clan from the Vicious Ten?” Daoist Qi Gu was confused, asking like this.

“It is because their bloodline came precisely from the Vicious Tens Gu Clan after they rebelled. In addition, after entering the other side, they underwent strange changes, becoming even stronger, thus forming the Divine Gu Clan!”

“What? They were originally my side’s Gu Clan?!” Everyone was shocked.


Time quickly passed, in the blink of an eye, a year passed. It was already close to the time that was agreed on, the ones who wished to head to Desolate Border were about to go on their way.

During this year, these young cultivators all cultivated with great effort, borrowing this piece of Immortal Ancient’s ancestral vein to refine their bodies, nourish their primordial spirits. They surrounded themselves with immortal dao aura, fully concentrated on the comprehension of scriptures, strengthening themselves.

Meanwhile, during this time, their understanding of the foreign enemy also grew much deeper, understanding many secrets.

“There isn’t much time left, soon afterwards, all of you will go on your way. Hurry up and use this time to make your preparations, if there is anything else you all do not understand, you can come and ask us!” The elders said.

“I’m already itching to get on with it! Just let me slaughter my way into the foreign side earlier, I want to go to Desolate Border, get revenge, make the Heavenly Horned Ant’s divine might be renowned once more!” The golden little ant said. It had already endured for a year!

Great Xu Tuo, Little Saint, Jin Zhan, and even Shi Yi, Exiled Immortal, and the others all bathed in divine splendor, also preparing to forge ahead.

There were quite a few people who wished to head to Desolate Border. It really was surprising. They weren’t scared off by the difficulty and danger of death, all of them wishing to sharpen themselves in the darkest of times, be the first to rise up!

1. a type of bug, mole cricket

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