Chapter 138 - Descendants of the Martial Imperial Family (Teaser)

Chapter 138 - Descendants of the Martial Imperial Family

It was a sable roughly a zhang in length[1]. Its entire body was purple and sparkling, and its pair of eyes were like rubies, transparent and brilliant. It traversed through the mountain forest, appearing at this location.

A group of young experts also sped along. They took out their precious artifacts, attacking in front of them. They wanted to subdue this young Archaic descendant.

“What a spirited creature! This sable is not ordinary. If not for the fact that it was injured previously and was seriously hurt, this group of people would most likely not be able to do anything to it.” The big red bird was amazed.

This was a rarely seen Archaic species. Its spiritual influence pressured everyone, and there was no lack of demonic aura. Between its brows was a vertical eye. It was not known what type of creature it fought with to sustain that injury, as there was a terrifying claw scar.

“Quickly withdraw. The Martial Imperial Family will capture that Archaic species, don’t obstruct us!” The person who was charging in front loudly shouted.

The little guy jumped down from the bird’s back and stood on the ground. He completely ignored them, and stared at the sable that was being surrounded. He felt that it was definitely a type of tonic medicine.

“We are talking to you! Did you not hear us?!” One of them shouted, rushing towards this area. That person wanted to seal off that golden passageway, preventing that sable from stepping over towards another region.

The little guy continued to ignore them like before, appearing rather uncommunicative.

The group of people revealed their anger, and walked forward. Their expressions were callous. One of them stared at that big red bird and said in astonishment, “Fire Yunque, it’s also an Archaic species.”

“We are talking to you. Did you hear us even once?” The leader of that group had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and he was extremely buff. He seemed to be around...

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