Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379 - Nine Immortal Scriptures

Immortal scripture, how rare and precious was this?!

This was an unmatched supreme treasure, something that couldn’t be exchanged for no matter how many heavenly stones, precious artifacts, or old medicines were offered, not even the term priceless suitable to describe it, far from being enough.

It was because forget about a city, not even an ancient country was enough to exchange for it. After all, just how many people could easily witness an immortal scripture?

Immortal Ancient elapsed, long life beings all annihilated, countless true immortals completely disappearing, the scriptures they left behind eradicated. Apart from a few unique ancient inheritances, they were too hard to find.

That was why the appearance of this immortal dao scripture immediately created a huge disturbance!

Shi Hao sat down over there, reading the scripture, studying the great dao, immediately becoming deeply immersed. Three waves of immortal energy emerged from his body on their own, producing great dao flowers above his head that were beautiful and complex.

Then, the dao flowers scattered, wisps of faint mist scattering, entering every inch of his body. Then they gathered again, coming full circle, cleansing his body!

The immortal scripture began to move, slowly washing his blood vessels. This was...

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