Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379 - Nine Immortal Scriptures

Immortal scripture, how rare and precious was this?!

This was an unmatched supreme treasure, something that couldn’t be exchanged for no matter how many heavenly stones, precious artifacts, or old medicines were offered, not even the term priceless suitable to describe it, far from being enough.

It was because forget about a city, not even an ancient country was enough to exchange for it. After all, just how many people could easily witness an immortal scripture?

Immortal Ancient elapsed, long life beings all annihilated, countless true immortals completely disappearing, the scriptures they left behind eradicated. Apart from a few unique ancient inheritances, they were too hard to find.

That was why the appearance of this immortal dao scripture immediately created a huge disturbance!

Shi Hao sat down over there, reading the scripture, studying the great dao, immediately becoming deeply immersed. Three waves of immortal energy emerged from his body on their own, producing great dao flowers above his head that were beautiful and complex.

Then, the dao flowers scattered, wisps of faint mist scattering, entering every inch of his body. Then they gathered again, coming full circle, cleansing his body!

The immortal scripture began to move, slowly washing his blood vessels. This was natural luck, granting him extraordinary benefits.

One had to understand that this was just the beginning!

Everyone could see how world shocking that scripture was.

These were all inconceivable irregular scenes that left everyone shaken!

A true dragon appeared, scales cold and metallic, moving about, swallowing the sun and moon. When its body moved, starry rivers were broken. Then, an undying bird cried out, fiery light overflowing, burning the heavens. Gods were in fear, all spirits bowing down in worship.

Moreover, there were large amounts of ascension light that surged, surrounding Shi Hao as it moved about, cleansing his flesh, making it even more sturdy, heading towards becoming imperishable!

Immortal scenes covered the skies, auspicious signs shocking the world!

Many people became stupefied. Just how heaven-defying was this scripture? If they were able to read this scripture, then they would definitely obtain endless benefits. They really wanted to immediately seize it and read it themselves.

“It truly is a formidable scripture. This was left behind by an Immortal Ancient peerless expert, a Flame Seed of inheritance given to later generations!” On the cliff, an aged eccentric released a light sigh.

They were the ones at the peak of the Nine Heavens, so they could naturally see the great dao true meanings of this scripture from a single glance, that it hid unmatched divine abilities. It was an unimaginable precious scripture.

On the other peaks, there were some youngsters who snapped out of their daze, all of them revealing strange expressions. This type of jade book left behind from the past was too inconceivable, making one’s eyes turn red.

Some people’s eyes flickered with cold radiance, developing thoughts of greed. It was because this was a heavenly book, if they obtained it, it would affect these cultivators’ entire lives, make their clans prosper.

If they obtained this scripture, they would be able to establish an unprecedentedly great clan. With this inheritance, if they continued to develop, the clan would prosper for many generations.

Forget about others, even Lan Xian, Great Xu Tuo, and the others were moved. Their own inheritances were mysterious, origins shocking, but when they saw the immortal scripture, they still revealed different expressions.

Little Sky King’s eyes were even more intimidating, symbols of order appearing within them, as if they were going to peer through the immortal scripture, wishing to see what was recorded within. He walked the path of ancient methods, so when he saw this scripture, how could he not be moved?

This was especially the case since Little Sky King was known to be unrivaled in the younger generation, reaching the very peak of his cultivation realm, making him desire these ancient secret texts even more so that he could improve further!

He possessed heaven warping talent, blessed with great opportunities, also having heavenly books. However, who disliked getting more? This was especially the case when there would be great benefits when two were verified with each other.

In that instant, many blazing eyes landed on Shi Hao’s body, these eyes carrying jealousy, envy, hostility, and other things, wishing to take his place, be the ones who obtained the immortal scripture.

Without a doubt, Sacred Academy, Heavenly Deity Institution, and Immortal Academy also had unmatched scriptures, or else how could they have attracted the geniuses of the Nine Heavens? However, they weren’t things just anyone could read.

This was especially the case with Shi Hao’s scriptures, definitely extraordinary. This was just the beginning, yet it already cleansed his vessels and nourished his flesh, it was a bit inconceivable.

Forget about those who cultivated the ancient methods, even the eyes of those who cultivated the present world methods were filled with desire. If they obtained this scripture, they might be able to refine an unbreakable precious body.

Right now, Sacred Academy’s Qi Gu, Yi Yi, Little Saint, and others all looked over, not calm like how they were normally.

Moreover, this was true even for the Pride of Heaven Jin Zhan, his eyes swirling about, primal chaos appearing in his pupils, a few great stars swirling about, as if a world was being created; this was his dao. Right now, he was paying close attention to this, staring at this immortal scripture.

In that instant, a wave of terrifying battle intent overflowed, and then it quickly withdrew!

Jin Zhan calmed down. He suddenly turned around, not looking in this direction anymore. However, there were some people who knew that he actually cared a lot about this scripture. If the conditions were right, he would definitely fight over it!

Even someone who walked the present world methods was like this, one could well imagine how the others felt!

Right now, Wang Xi, Princess Yao Yue, Lu Tuo, and others were all moved, silently watching Shi Hao and the shining scripture in front of him.

Shi Hao opened his eyes and said, “Don’t tell me that long life families don’t have scriptures from the last great era? For example, Wang Family, you all can come to exchange for this with the Chaos Calming Art, I will be more than happy to do so.”

Wang Xi’s long dress trailed on the ground, standing on the mountain peak swirling with white mists. Her figure was slender and beautiful, hair shiny. When she heard this, her expression immediately changed.

This peak was occupied by Jin Zhan. Right now, he revealed a faint smile, saying, “My clan also has some ancient scriptures, would we be able to carry out an exchange?”

Shi Hao nodded and said, “Several days ago, I met Jin Taijun. Even though she is one of the most ancient individuals of the present world, her mind was still sharp, I am quite interested in the secret methods she used to refine her tendons and bones. If Jin Family can exchange with their sect protecting ancient scripture, then it can be done!”

Two streaks of lightning shot out from Jin Zhan’s eyes, the void several zhang in front of him even split open, his gaze forceful and terrifying.

Everyone knew that Jin Zhan’s origins were astonishing, inheritance ancient, originating from the last great era just like Wang Family, one of the most powerful long life families.

Moreover, Jin Family was quite special in that their scriptures emphasized the forging of the body, the cultivation tied to their bones, a bit unique.

It was to the extent where there were legends saying that the bone texts that were cultivated in the present word actually had a lot to do with Jin Family, that it was a portion of their scriptures that were spread throughout the world, affecting the formation of present world methods in this way.

Of course, there was no way to verify these rumors, as none of those in later generations could read Jin Family’s sect protecting ancient scripture!

Many people speculated that the reason why even though he was the inheritor of a long life family, he still chose to take the path of present world methods, was because of the scriptures they had, that they were close to the present world methods.

Even though many people’s eyes were red, desiring Shi Hao’s immortal scripture, they didn’t dare take action. Who didn’t know about his glorious accomplishment of defeating ten foreign kings in a row?!

It was useless even if they reported this to their elders, because with those eccentrics lecturing here, who dared act recklessly here? They would definitely be suppressed!

Shi Hao cultivated peacefully, carefully studying every symbol, completely focused on comprehending them. This was an Immortal Ancient method, a type of extremely perfect great dao system.

In the past, he didn’t have the qualifications to read this, because he didn’t reach the Void Dao Realm yet, unable to even open this scripture. There was a great power sealing it.

This was precisely an Immortal Ancient wondrous book, those of lower cultivation realms unable to even see its contents, only able to study it after reaching a certain level.

After reading through the opening section, Shi Hao released a light sigh. According to what was recorded in the scripture, only by opening this book on one’s own could one be considered to reach the beginning, the crucial part of cultivating this scripture.

This was to say, the Void Dao Realm was nothing more than this!

No wonder it led to immortality, the requirements were too high!

However, this didn’t mean that Immortal Ancient Great Era was too high to reach, because it was written in this scripture that the cultivator had to build a foundation first, light a Flame Seed.

Before cultivating this scripture, the various clans’ worthy individuals had to grow first!

Meanwhile, the so-called Flame Seed was the path of dao foundation. Those who had exceptional talent could cultivate immortal energy!

Moreover, this scripture was prepared precisely for those who cultivated immortal energy, or else one didn’t even have the qualifications to read it. It could be said that this was an incredibly profound and mysterious ancient book.

Even in Immortal Ancient Era, there weren’t many creatures who cultivated immortal energy, all those who did were elites!

Shi Hao read everything carefully. He really had to thank Heavenly Deity Institution for learning Immortal Ancient characters there. Otherwise, there would be no way for him to study this scripture at all.

Great dao immortal sounds rumbled on this mountain peak, mysterious symbols extending from the scripture, surrounding Shi Hao inside. He immersed himself in the dao methods of the past.

It could be said that this was a completely new world. This scripture was different from present world methods, opening up a brand new world for Shi Hao!

In the past, even though he walked the path of ancient methods, they were all things he fumbled upon himself, forcefully cultivating three strands of immortal energy and other things based on legends, only today did he see the grand picture of an entire system.

“I really was lucky to have obtained this scripture, or else if I continued to randomly grope about on my own based on rumors, then things would have been extremely troublesome!” After Shi Hao read a portion, he became inwardly shocked.

They all said that the strong all had their own dao, establishing their own methods, but that was only after completely integrating all types of dao methods. Only after standing on the shoulder of a giant can one gaze even further.

Shi Hao clearly didn’t reach that step yet. Without seeing long life, how can one dare to claim that what they established themselves was different from the systems those of the past discovered?

He already had immortal energy, forcefully gathered on his own. He was like a seed that already existed. There were even branches and leaves extending out, to the point where flowers even formed above his head. However, this was like duckweed without roots!

Fortunately, he had this scripture, perfectly able to make up for his deficiency.

“Since I have a seed, then it naturally needs to sprout roots, definitely shouldn’t expect it to immediately blossom and display results!” Shi Hao nodded, developing an understanding of the scripture meanings in the book.

Shi Hao’s foundation was too deep. He had long cultivated three strands of immortal energy, moreover using the body as a seed, producing an abundance of immortal dao aura. From now on, it was precisely time to start a major undertaking!

As such, he operated this scripture. His body immediately released a weng noise. Streak after streak of light lit up, immortal mist surging, making him look incomparably divine and holy.

All of his pores relaxed, hundred bones all vibrating, like sonorous immortal sounds, also like an unmatched war melody. It now officially begun!

One could see that his body was transforming inch by inch. Immortal sounds spread, carrying out a type of mysterious baptism for him, as if he was shedding his mortal body and exchanging his bones!

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