Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378 - Opposition

This expanse of immortal earth was extremely vast. Even though there were many youngsters who came, there were still enough spiritual mountains and precious lands for them to choose their own special small dao rites.

The place where immortal energy was the heaviest was the central region. The ten mountain peaks there were the most extraordinary.

It was because there was only one segment of the ancestral bloodline left behind from Immortal Ancient, perfectly buried here, waves of pure white immortal mist surging outwards.

This was extremely shocking. In the present world heaven and earth, this type of place was extremely rarely seen, equivalent to restoring about a portion of Immortal Ancient’s cultivation environment.

The reason why there were no immortals in this world, no one able to achieve long life was precisely because heaven and earth changed, the environment becoming more and more vile, losing the soil that could nurture true immortals.

“Go, let’s hurry over. If we are late, other people will seize the good places first!” Cao Yusheng shouted.

It was because in the following period of time, those...

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