Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378 - Opposition

This expanse of immortal earth was extremely vast. Even though there were many youngsters who came, there were still enough spiritual mountains and precious lands for them to choose their own special small dao rites.

The place where immortal energy was the heaviest was the central region. The ten mountain peaks there were the most extraordinary.

It was because there was only one segment of the ancestral bloodline left behind from Immortal Ancient, perfectly buried here, waves of pure white immortal mist surging outwards.

This was extremely shocking. In the present world heaven and earth, this type of place was extremely rarely seen, equivalent to restoring about a portion of Immortal Ancient’s cultivation environment.

The reason why there were no immortals in this world, no one able to achieve long life was precisely because heaven and earth changed, the environment becoming more and more vile, losing the soil that could nurture true immortals.

“Go, let’s hurry over. If we are late, other people will seize the good places first!” Cao Yusheng shouted.

It was because in the following period of time, those who came from various parts of the Nine Heavens would all cultivate here, listen to the elders lecture on scriptures, discuss the enemies’ strong and weak points. They were going to stay here for some time, so they had to select a good dao rite.

Immortal Academy’s Little Sky King was extremely powerful, long moving, hurrying towards a divine peak. This was a place with rich spiritual herbs, purple energy rising.

When they saw that it was him, there were some who felt restraining fear, in the end no one fighting with him over that place.


Shi Hao moved. Since he had to cultivate here, he naturally had to find the best cultivation location.

At the center of this place, there were differences between the ten great peaks as well. There were four that were the most extraordinary, chaotic energy overflowing from the base of the mountains. They were all accompanied by immortal mist, surrounding the mountains!

There were branches of the ancestral vein that directly extended into these mountains!

Ancestral veins, these were things that were always believed to contain life, able to produce branches and leaves, growing into a few mountains. 

Shi Hao’s movements were extremely fast. Even though he moved after the others, he still seized a great mountain first, immortal energy immediately surrounding his body.

“You…” A few people were unwilling. They already rushed forward, yet they discovered that someone else came first. They really wanted to take action to seize it back.

However, when they discovered that it was Shi Hao who rushed up first, those people immediately became quiet, hurriedly withdrawing.

If it was said that Shi Hao’s past battle accomplishments were still not enough to display his power, then Great Scarlet Sky Border’s battle completely changed this. His unmatched might truly shook up everyone.

This was true military glory accompanied by blood and bones, killing ten great kings in one go, ten battles, ten victories, earning back face for the Nine Heavens. Just how astonishing was this?

These past few days, everything that happened in Great Scarlet Sky Border spread through the various clans, triggering a huge sensation.

The older generation supreme beings were killed in battle, younger generation with perfect ancient seeds also killed. This triggered quite the alarm. Meanwhile, Huang’s battle accomplishments were even more stunning, simultaneously reducing the fear they had towards the unmatched foreign side.

“Come here!” Shi Hao called over Qing Yi, Chang Gongyan, witch, Heavenly Horned Ant, and the others, wishing for those he was familiar with from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces to all cultivate on this mountain.

“There are too many people, we also occupied one on this side.” Cao Yusheng, Lunar Jade Rabbit, and the others waved from a mountain peak not too far off. They were extremely fast, they already seized the divine peak that was ranked tenth while everyone else was fighting over the best mountains.

Only, there were quite a few people who had their eyes on them, their eyes red.

Moreover, right at this time, everyone discovered with shock that there were people who even walked over to the mountain Huang was at, as if they were going to fight over it.

Who was this? To actually fight with Huang, this drew quite a few startled eyes.

“It’s him, Jin Zhan!” Someone said quietly, immediately understanding.

Jin Zhan, this was someone from Sacred Academy, known to be the Pride of Heaven of a generation, strength extraordinary, reaching the limits of the present world methods. He exceeded all those before him, unmatched in the same realm!

At his side were a few others. Wang Family stood against Shi Hao, too many things happening between them. Was Jin Zhan going to take action in Wang Xi’s place?

This triggered a huge commotion. Was Jin Zhan going to confront Huang here? This was definitely something huge, there was definitely going to be earth shattering results!

“Huang is but someone who established great merit, bringing glory to our world in Great Scarlet Sky Border’s battle! If Jin Zhan takes action like this, fights against him, it’s not too good, right?” Someone said quietly, somewhat unable to continue watching.

Cao Yusheng immediately sneered and said, “What does this brat want to do? Fight against Shi Hao? If you have the guts, then fight the enemies in Desolate Border, also earn ten victories in a row, shock the foreign side with your power, only that can you be considered heroic. If you want to take action for Wang Family, engage in internal strife within the Nine Heavens, then you really are worthy of being Wang Family’s son-in-law, all of the same sort, only knowing how to deal with those on the same side!”

There were those who sided with Shi Hao, and there were naturally those who sided with Jin Zhan as well. After all, his reputation was great. After reaching the limits of the present world methods, he went even further. There were people who felt endless admiration towards him.

“Jin Zhan was cultivating in seclusion before, that was why he couldn’t immediately head to Great Scarlet Sky Border. Otherwise, how could the glory of ten successive victories be given to another? His power would have definitely overwhelmed the foreign side!”

“Jin Zhan possesses heaven warping talent, granted the title of heaven’s pride of this generation, just how high of an evaluation is this? How can anyone else compare to him? This is the perfect time to fight against Huang, see who is stronger. Heng heng heng, the present method is without equal, today, he will definitely show his power, glory overwhelms even the sun and moon!”

Those who were partial to Jin Zhan spoke, feeling like he was the unmatched one.

Many people looked over, because it wouldn’t be too strange even if both sides truly fought a fierce battle.

Many people knew that not long ago, Shi Hao was still ‘fighting intensely’ against Wang Family, Heavenly Deity Institution standing against Wang Family. It was to the extent where even the five dragons were sent to Desolate Border as a result!

Wang Family could be said to hate Shi Hao thoroughly. Meanwhile, Jin Zhan stepping out for Wang Xi’s sake was something some people felt like was only right and proper.

On the great peak, Shi Hao had his hands behind him as he looked at everyone, his expression calm. He eyes swept from Jin Zhan to Wang Xi, and then to those followers one after another.

Jin Zhan already stopped, also looking at Shi Hao. There was a terrifying domain that took form between the two.

Were they truly going to fight Shi Hao over his dao rite? Many people trembled inwardly!

Jin Zhan, this was an extremely mysterious person. Normally, he rarely showed himself, but now, he definitely wasn’t low-pitched. He was surrounded by primal chaos, his eyes like heavenly suns, releasing a brilliance that was like that of when the world first opened!


Right at this time, the space between the two experts exploded, the scene extremely terrifying!

However, the great battle they expected didn’t arrive. Jin Zhan nodded towards Shi Hao, saying, “I heard of your battle success. Formidable, if we have the chance, let’s exchange pointers.”

After speaking, he turned around to leave, not staying here. Wang Xi and the others also left, arriving at a great mountain at the side.

There were already some cultivators that gathered there, but when they saw Jin Zhan, they all became sullen, retreating on their own.

“We can fight right now!” Shi Hao said.

This immediately made Jin Zhan’s body stop. Many people were naturally shocked, all of them watching nervously.

“There will be more than enough opportunities. In Desolate Border, we can see who kills the most enemies.” An elder’s voice sounded from the distant cliffs.

The old monster spoke up, so this battle definitely couldn’t happen. The elders didn’t permit internal strife right now, wishing for them to kill enemies in Desolate Border instead, compare with each other in this manner.

Only, there were some things that were just unavoidable. Even if they were in Desolate Border, what was going to stand against each other was still going to stand against each other.

However, the storm before their eyes was put to an end just like that, making everyone release a breath of relief. However, they still felt that things were a bit regretful, after all, they missed out on a battle at the peak between the two.

Soon afterwards, Great Xu Tuo, Qi Gu, Yi Yi, Exiled Immortal, Shi Yi, and the others also found their own peaks, the precious lands all occupied.

There were some who set their eyes on the tenth peak the Lunar Jade Rabbit and others occupied, trying to seize it, but when they saw Shi Hao look over, they all withdrew.

This was originally a simple matter, just choosing their dao rites, yet there were many issues that could be seen, to the point where the layout of future powers could be somewhat seen.

That day, Shi Hao sat down on this immortal earth, producing a scripture. This was an ancient scripture he wanted to read all this time, but so far never did.

In the past, when all of the young geniuses of the Three Thousand Dao Provinces entered Immortal Ancient Remains to fight for great natural luck, Shi Hao, Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, Ning Chuan, and others had fought for supremacy.

In the end, Shi Hao was the first to enter the place of natural luck. He carried an ancient coffin on his back, within it a jade book, this was something many people knew about.

Apart from this, he also had other gains that outsiders didn’t know about.

Right now, he was reading precisely that jade book!

Only when one entered the Void Dao Realm could one read the scripture. Back then, Shi Hao was powerless to move it, no way of reading it.

En?!” When Shi Hao’s divine will entered the jade book, he immediately triggered heaven and earth irregular scenes. All types of mysterious symbols surged, covering him underneath.

“Immortal scripture!” Many people cried out in alarm. Those irregular scenes were too shocking, as if someone was going to ascend with multicolored light. There were true dragons dancing about, undying phoenix birds crying, even more so the light of immortal ascension rising, immortal dao scenes filling the skies!

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