Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377 - Secret Earth of the Past

This was a serious issue that would affect the great situation of the future. Many people were holding their breaths, looking towards those elders on the cliffs where purple mist rose in spirals, waiting for them to explain.

On the cliff, an elder who was sitting on a praying mat, surrounded by immortal energy, released a sigh. A cool breeze blew past, exposing his aged face, his expression carrying a bit of disappointment and frustration.

The hearts of the young cultivators here all sunk. With the greater situation like this, was there really no hope in the future?

“With the foreign side being this powerful, how are we supposed to win? There are many people who feel that there is no chance of success at all. Just one undying being slaughtering his way over is already enough to completely wipe us out.”

On the wall, the eccentrics didn’t avoid this issue, instead directly speaking about the most crucial parts.

With reality being like this, even if there is a realm wall in the way, with the world’s natural laws rejecting them, this would still only stop them for some time, and not for an entire generation....

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