Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377 - Secret Earth of the Past

This was a serious issue that would affect the great situation of the future. Many people were holding their breaths, looking towards those elders on the cliffs where purple mist rose in spirals, waiting for them to explain.

On the cliff, an elder who was sitting on a praying mat, surrounded by immortal energy, released a sigh. A cool breeze blew past, exposing his aged face, his expression carrying a bit of disappointment and frustration.

The hearts of the young cultivators here all sunk. With the greater situation like this, was there really no hope in the future?

“With the foreign side being this powerful, how are we supposed to win? There are many people who feel that there is no chance of success at all. Just one undying being slaughtering his way over is already enough to completely wipe us out.”

On the wall, the eccentrics didn’t avoid this issue, instead directly speaking about the most crucial parts.

With reality being like this, even if there is a realm wall in the way, with the world’s natural laws rejecting them, this would still only stop them for some time, and not for an entire generation. It was because once the great world of the foreign side merged with this world, it would be difficult for the realm wall, natural laws, and other things to display any effects.

“I know that many people feel that things are pessimistic, to the extent where they are even in despair, not even able to see the slightest glimmer of chance for victory.” When the elder spoke up to here, he paused slightly, and then he emphasised, “But in reality, that is not the case. Let me tell all of you right now, the Desolate Border can be defended!”

Everyone was shocked. They all stared at the elders on the cliff. What other trump cards did this world have, was there anything else that could turn defeat into victory?!

“Senior, please explain things to us!” Exiled Immortal spoke up, asking the elder to speak in more detail.

The eccentric nodded and said, “Actually, our world is also extremely mysterious, with many secrets that have yet to be uncovered. For example, there are a few restricted areas that have existed for a long time, some even before the start of Immortal Ancient Great Era. Now, they are still standing tall, yet we cannot step foot into them. Of course, what I wish to talk about are not these things.” When he spoke up to this point, his eyes became deep, looking into the horizon, as if he could peer through Desolate Border. “What I wish to say, is that Desolate Border has an ancient city.”

En?” Everyone was shocked, extremely confused.

Only Shi Hao’s mind was shaken greatly, instantly thinking of something.

“There is an ancient city that had existed for an endless amount of time, difficult to trace back. It rests outside Desolate Border’s giant city, rising and falling with the world itself, with the flow of time, defending there the entire time.” The elder said.

Everyone became stupefied. A few people knew the inner details, that there was a giant city in Desolate Border. It was incredibly massive, towering into the cosmos, the walls made of stars, known to be the most powerful defensive position throughout history!

This was an Emperor City that couldn’t be broken through!

Meanwhile, the old city this senior spoke about was definitely not this city, seemingly pointing at something else.

Sure enough, as he continued speaking, it verified everyone’s speculations.

“In Desolate Border, outside the so-called world’s sturdiest Emperor City, in the nothingness, the primal chaos, the blood dyed demonic earth, there is an ancient city!”

It suppressed everything, preventing the foreign troops from treading onto this world!

This city was incredibly mysterious, some saying that it was ominous, a cursed ancient city. It had existed for a long, long time, couldn’t be investigated. It represented bitterness, accompanied by bloody radiance year-round.

There were others who said that it was the most grand city, defending Desolate Border, protecting this world.

There were others who said that there was a group of the most stunning heavenly talents defending that place, but they all died in battle, turning that place into a city of death. However, before dying, they left behind world shaking methods, subduing the primordial zone.

The elder slowly explained everything, in the end, he released a sigh, not saying which legend was true.

He only told those young experts that there was an ancient city there that would play a vital role, that it would make the undying beings feel restraining fear, prevent them from breaking through!

Meanwhile, this old city was only one of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ mysterious lands, it wasn’t the only trump card. There were still other strange places in Desolate Border!

Everyone was shocked, even stunned!

There was a city outside Desolate Border, an old city where formidable people and events seemed to have taken place.

“Deal with the strange with the ominous, deal with enemies with the disastrous. It is an ancient city where blood flows!” The elder sighed, the expression of frustration and emotion becoming even heavier.

Many youngsters couldn’t understand. What kind of emotions was he feeling? Why was the elder like this? What kind of secrets were hidden within this? Why did they feel like he felt frustration and disappointment, as well as pain? 

Underneath the cliff, there were some who did know why.

At the very least, Shi Hao clenched his fists, his body going taut, breathing a bit difficult. It was because he thought of a possibility!

In his heart, the figures of a few experts appeared: Desolate Border’s Seven Kings!

Was it that city?

How could he forget? Back then, when he tried to track down the ominous, he entered a blood-soaked black ancient ship, seeing too many scenes on an altar. Outside the Desolate Border was a lonely city. There were a few creatures who were fighting bravely, Desolate Border’s Seven Kings fighting with their lives on the line.

Time was ruthless. Some of Desolate Border’s seven kings withered away, some of them dying, full of grief and pain. Did that city and those people still exist?

After endless time passed, countless generations elapsed, what could still remain? Was it already a true city of death? This place was completely inauspicious!

Shi Hao felt a wave of suffocation inside. He thought back to those scenes he saw on the altar. The elder and the child both stood on the city, participating in the battle, risking life and blood to protect it.

Right now, Shi Hao felt a bit of pain inside. Was that the so-called ancient city?

Why was it able to stop the foreign side? Were there some secrets hidden regarding this? It was clear that the elder only spoke about some things, not directly telling them everything. There was definitely something that made one feel great sadness involved.

Before, Shi Hao had previously thought about this before, whether the place Desolate Border’s Seven Kings guarded was the imperial pass, but in the end, he rejected this thought.

It was because he had previously headed to the imperial pass. Before heading to the higher realms, the test the young cultivators from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces faced was precisely to hurry to that massive giant city.

Shi Hao had previously seen it, the two cities having differences!

“Desolate Border’s Seven Kings, old city, I have to go there. My ancestors previously fought there, the sinner’s blood does not carry sin, but glory, honor, tears of blood!” Shi Hao said softly.

Apart from Shi Hao, Shi Yi, and Qin Hao’s eyes also shone with light, sensing something inside.

Apart from this, Six Crown King Ning Chuan also frowned slightly, clearly preoccupied with something, unknown what he was thinking!

“Apart from this, there is another in Desolate Border that also protects our world.” The elder on the cliff said.

Based on what he said, there was an abyss outside Desolate Border, but it didn’t lead to the depths of the great earth, but rather towards the heavens, completely opposite of what one would normally expect.

Heaven Abyss, it was bottomless, able to travel even through the star dome. There was no end to be found!

“Desolate Border, just what kind of place is it exactly? How could there be so many strange things about this place?” Someone asked in confusion.

“That place is extremely mysterious, with too many unknown secrets that not even we understand. However, it can separate the other side from our world. Apart from what I mentioned, there are still other things, even more so having great natural luck!” The elder said.

“What kind of natural luck?”

“There is a great dao comprehension Forest of Steles, limitless immortal ancient lands, vast divine medicinal mountain ranges, terrifying heavenly beast forests, even more so burial regions and other places…”

These places all had extraordinary natural luck, could be considered to be places that shocked both past and present.

However, opportunity and danger went hand in hand. How much natural luck a place had corresponded to how terrifying it was, with danger of losing one’s life at every turn.

It was rumored that the foreign troops didn’t even dare rashly step foot into these places. There was once a great army that entered Heavenly Beast Forest, but they never returned.

There were also rumors that an extremely flourishing and terrifying ancient family sent out large numbers of men, but they all directly vanished in a mysterious great valley.

It was rumored that at the time, the great mist was extremely heavy, making all of those men lose their way. Perfectly intact weapons and tents were left behind, but the people themselves disappeared without a trace.

The foreign side previously had undying beings who personally investigated for many years, but in the end, they found nothing, not obtaining a clear explanation.

“In short, there are quite a few secret lands, unmatched natural luck, but also great danger. It will depend on whether you all can stick it through or not, if you can come back alive.” The elder said things as they were. This was a land of loss, as well as a vicious place. There were heavenly opportunities, but it was also a place of nine deaths one life.

He didn’t hide anything, directly saying that if a hundred geniuses headed there, a few people surviving was already not bad.

When he said this, everyone couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air, their bodies going cold. As expected, there was great danger!

“It is precisely because Desolate Border is mysterious, incomprehensible, with so many secret lands, that it can stop the other side, prevent their troops from crossing over, slowing down their attacks.”

“I will give you all time to think things over, make your own decision as for whether or not you will head to Desolate Border. To rise up as a small soldier in Desolate Border, become a supreme being, step into long life, it isn’t that easy. You all must make the mental preparation to give up your lives at any point!”

This was what the elders had to tell them. They wanted the youngsters to ask themselves whether or not they were going to go.

They didn’t lecture on scriptures today, instead talking about some Desolate Border secret matters, and it ended here. Everyone got up, starting to seriously think about this.

“Are you going to go?” The people from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces gathered, for example, Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng and others, asking Shi Hao.

“I have to go, prepare enough strength. I am going to Desolate Border!” Shi Hao gave a decisive response.

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