Chapter 1376

Chapter 1376 - Geniuses Gather

Shi Hao suddenly stood up, staring into the limits of the horizon. 

At the same time, the best geniuses of every region were called upon, asking if they wished to bathe in blood and flames, rise up in this chaotic world!

“There isn’t much time left for you all, no one knows when the gate of heaven and earth will be opened. Once the foreign side’s iron hooves cross over, everything will be too late then!”

“Go, let’s take a look. I wanted to pay Desolate Border a visit a long time ago. That is the place where my old man previously fought. I want to take a look, achieve the dao there!” The golden little ant jumped up, even more stirred up than Shi Hao.

At this time, old ancestors from long life families, some of them even the rulers of a clan, like stone statues in primal chaos mist, opened their eyes from unmoving states, responding to this.

“Let the children in the clans make the choice themselves!”

It could be said that regardless of whether they were small clans or long life families, all those that had top level geniuses were reached out to, all of them receiving the message.

The eccentrics of this world were m...

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