Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375 - Target: Desolate Border

Immortal Wang’s words left everyone stupefied, inwardly shocked. They never expected him to make this type of decision!

That gate was extremely massive, as if formed from a massive immortal peak. It towered between heaven and earth, supporting the universe, forming a realm crossing divine dao gate.

Troop after troop of soldiers set out, every one of them surging with blood energy, spiritual essence surrounding them. Divine force overflowed from these people, gathering together, crashing down like great waves against a shore, shaking up the skies, making this place unstable.

These were definitely elites, their helmets bright, armors shining, the cold radiance of their weapons illuminating the nine heavens, leaving even one’s primordial spirit even horrified. They were like a group of demonic gods from hell, about to fight in the great desolate land.

At first, it was still calm, but as the great army arrived, barbaric beasts were used as mounts, stirring about restlessly, all of them ancient beasts, many of them abnormal species who cultivated for over ten thousand years. Knights sat on top of them, holding pikes, war spears, and other things, the scene extremely frightening!

These vicious beasts had cold scales that flickered with metal-like cold radiance. They were extremely large, every one of them releasing low roars, shaking up the void until it split up.

There were...

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