Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374 - Dispatched to Desolate Border

The five dragons were all pressed to the ground and beaten, simply like something out of a fantasy. Everyone was completely stupefied.

When the people from various long life families saw this scene, they all lost their voices. What could they even say? They were asking themselves if what they were seeing was real, but reality was right before their eyes.

Pi pa!

The noises were sharp and clear. The five old soldiers were extremely ruthless. They took action, not even the five dragons able to hold on anymore, their flesh lacerated and bones broken.

If those from the side dared touch them, then they would definitely be blasted apart, blasted into bloody mist before they even got close. Even though the five dragons had their cultivation sealed, their flesh could still produce protective fields on their own.

However now, they were like sheep, unable to stop the five old soldiers.

“Immortal Ancient departed spirits, you all should have scattered a long time ago! You all actually dare to humiliate us!” Wang Wu was violent tempered, not bowing down even under this type of situation, instead shouting out angrily.

He was angered to the point where his entire body was shivering. For him, this was a type of humiliation, he had never felt so dejected before, pressed to the  ground and having his mouth smacked, it truly was unimaginable.

From the past until...

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