Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373 - Taken Prisoner

The five dragons were all captured, all of them subdued, moreover thrown into Heavenly Deity Institution. They were covered in blood, bodies still carrying chaotic energy, displaying their power.

Those who watched this scene from the distance couldn’t help but shiver with coldness. These were five dragons, yet they were captured!

Their divine might was incomparable. When all of them were together, they could overturn the nine heavens!

Right now, no one laughed at them, because they knew who their opponents were. These five old soldiers were undying ancient people that had existed from Immortal Ancient Great Era until now, remaining undying through endless battles.

Just how cruel and bitter was Immortal Ancient Great War? All clans went out to fight the foreign side, fighting until the heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, ghosts cried and deities trembled, even the world about to fall apart. Under this type of environment where all experts fell in battle, experts of all clans withering away, these five soldiers were able to survive with ruined bodies. This was a miracle in itself, enough to explain the issue.

This was precisely...

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