Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373 - Taken Prisoner

The five dragons were all captured, all of them subdued, moreover thrown into Heavenly Deity Institution. They were covered in blood, bodies still carrying chaotic energy, displaying their power.

Those who watched this scene from the distance couldn’t help but shiver with coldness. These were five dragons, yet they were captured!

Their divine might was incomparable. When all of them were together, they could overturn the nine heavens!

Right now, no one laughed at them, because they knew who their opponents were. These five old soldiers were undying ancient people that had existed from Immortal Ancient Great Era until now, remaining undying through endless battles.

Just how cruel and bitter was Immortal Ancient Great War? All clans went out to fight the foreign side, fighting until the heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, ghosts cried and deities trembled, even the world about to fall apart. Under this type of environment where all experts fell in battle, experts of all clans withering away, these five soldiers were able to survive with ruined bodies. This was a miracle in itself, enough to explain the issue.

This was precisely the reason why the five dragons’ battle against the five old soldiers was that intense. They had long proven themselves. It wasn’t that they weren’t strong enough, but rather that the opponents they encountered were too extraordinary!

It was because as the five old soldiers fought, eventually, even the slumbering heroic spirits within their bodies revived, battle consciousness returning. Immortal mist surged, incomparable in this world!

“Little bastard!” When faced with the little ant’s ridicule, Wang Da replied coldy. Then, he rose up, raising his hand to slap outwards.

If this palm struck its target, even he it was of the golden Heavenly Horned Ant bloodline, he would still be slapped into a bloody paste, ending his life.


A war spear thrashed over from the back, used like a rod. It had a pitch-black metal body and metal weight, directly striking Wang Da’s back, making him cough out large mouthfuls of blood, his entire body flying out.

Before he landed on the ground, the old soldier’s war spear flew out. With a pu sound, it pierced through his body, nailing him straight to the ground. Blood splashed everywhere, he could no longer move.

These were precisely the old soldiers who had experienced Immortal Ancient’s war, powerful and decisive, ruthless when taking action.

Wang Da released a muffled groan, his entire body struggling about, shaking all over. One had to admit that he was extremely powerful, actually enduring the power of this type of war spear that could destroy one’s soul.

“Do you all still want to wipe out Heavenly Deity Institution?” Shi Hao looked at them.


Wang Er looked at him, two streaks of silver radiance suddenly shooting out from his eyes. Chaotic energy surged, piercing through the world, wishing to kill Shi Hao.


A snow-white great halberd stood in the way, scattering the chaotic silver radiance that shot out from his eyes!

An old soldier took cation, interfering. Moreover, he brandished the great halberd in his hand, hacking forward. With a pu sound, it hacked diagonally into Wang Er’s shoulder, blood splashing everywhere.

The two body parts split up. The scene was extremely terrifying. Wang Er’s body contorted, expression incomparably furious, eyes carrying bitter resentment and ruthlessness.

Wang Zhen was his oldest son, so after he was killed in Heavenly Deity Institution, he personally led an army over. He called over some of his brothers, even bringing out the clan suppressing immortal treasure, yet they were still captured.

“You still want to act vicious? Are you all really going to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way?” Cao Yusheng lowered his head, looking towards these living fossil level figures.

Wang Family’s five dragons were all subdued here, every one of them dripping with blood, seriously injured. In the past, this was an unimaginable thing.

Everyone knew that Wang Family’s nine dragons were unmatched. How could this type of thing happen, actually becoming prisoners!

The five dragons were furious. They felt a wave of humiliation, never expecting the day would come when they were like this, falling to the point of becoming prisoners. Wang Family was high up above, always remaining unmatched, yet today, a legend was destroyed.

Even the Long Life War Halberd and founder’s decree were seized, making them people who would be condemned by Wang Family for all of history.

“The founder is matchless in the universe, true words shaking the world. Please come back and subdue these monsters and demons!” Wang Da roared out. He was still unwilling, trying to summon the founder’s decree.


Endless divine radiance erupted from underground. That decree was struggling intensely, because Wang Family founder’s true spiritual imprint was on it. When it heard the summons, it wanted to rescue its descendants.

The great earth ruptured, skies collapsing. In that instant, it was as if the universe was going to be broken apart!

However, this disturbance only continued for an instant, it was quickly suppressed. The Origin Source Cauldron shook, devouring sun and moon, directly subduing it.

Inside the cauldron, countless great stars swirled about, slowly moving in the primal chaos. He decree was suppressed, instantly prevented from moving.

“War halberd, please revive, fully display your might in this world and kill all enemies!” Even though Wang Er was cleaved in half, blood all over the ground, he was still unwilling to yield. He chanted a segment of the ancient incantation, wishing to summon the Long Life War Halberd.

Zheng zheng zheng

This was the war halberd moving. It released radiance, even more terrifying than exceptional sword energy, tearing open the skies and shaking up this world!

The war halberd was released, unmatched under the sky.

It was rumored that after the true halberd revived, if it was thrown into the starry sky, it would immediately make a stellar dome collapse, wipe out countless stars, terrifying to the extreme.

Great Elder walked over. He activated the iron blood war banner that had soaked in the essence blood of immortal kings. With a huala noise, the war halberd was wrapped around, calming its rebellion.

“You…” Wang Er was shocked.

“The cloth that had previous wrapped around the corpses of immortal kings, also soaked in the essence blood of countless ancient people is not something this war halberd can resist even if it has a spirit.” Great Elder said.

“Heavenly Deity Institution, you bully others too far! Meng Tianzheng, do you think my Wang Family has no one left?!” Wang Er was humiliated and angry.

“Senior Meng, bullying the young as the old, aren’t you scared of leaving behind a bad name? One has to understand that my Wang Family still hasn’t declined, my father is still alive!” Wang San spoke, his expression unkind, a bit overbearing.

It was because they believed that within a short period of time, Meng Tianzheng wouldn’t take their lives out of fear towards their father.

“My Wang Family is becoming more prosperous with each passing day, Little Nine already broke through the peak, catching up to my father. Meng Tianzheng, bullying others like this, do you not fear your descendants and Heavenly Deity Institution being wiped out in the future? Everyone has the day when they age, there is no way you can forever maintain your blood energy without declining!” As for Wang Si, he had even more confidence, a bit arrogant, speaking out threateningly.

In the distance, the various long life families all remained silent, because he wasn’t exaggerating. The fact that Wang Family produced someone like that was just too terrifying.

There were rumors circulating that Wang Family’s nine dragons were each stronger than the last, the last one the most powerful!

It was rumored that Wang Nine directly caught up to Immortal Wang, blessed with talent, achievements extraordinary, skills heaven-defying.

In this world, the day would come when cultivators aged, all of them eventually dying. Even if Great Elder’s skills were matchless, he was still starting on a path of decline, fated to wither away into his later years not far from now.

Meanwhile, Wang Nine was precisely in his best years. At that time, he would definitely reach the very peak of all life, become unmatched in the heavens above and earth below. If he wanted to get revenge, no one could keep him in check.

“You’ve thought too much. As this old one is alive, then I will not allow evildoers to stir trouble in this world, I will definitely take action and suppress them! As for later generations, I believe there will still be people who will rise up. As the world changes, Wang Family won’t be able to throw this world into chaos, there will be someone who can face Wang Nine!” Great Elder said.

Shi Hao felt Great Elder’s eyes glance over. A wave of heat stirred within him, he had to rise up no matter what! Regardless of whether it was to deal with the foreign side or to suppress Wang Family, protect Heavenly Deity Institution, he needed unrivaled strength!

“Great Elder, you are too kind. When dealing with people like this, why would you even bother reasoning with them? If it was me, I would have long slapped them to death!” Cao Yusheng said. He also went for broke, standing together with Shi Hao and Meng Tianzheng.

“Younger generation brat, who do you think you are, daring to humiliate us?!” Wang Si released a roar, making the void tremble. Even though he was seriously injured, cultivation sealed, he was still extremely astonishing.

He struggled to his feet, wishing to slap Cao Yusheng to death with a single slap.

However, the old soldiers were ruthless. One of them directly hacked down with a heavenly spear. With a pu sound, his head was cleanly removed.

Ah…” Wang Si screamed miserably. This was an execution, something he had never endured before.

Even though he was powerful, he was always high up above. He was born in Wang Family, so there was no chance of him enduring this type of suffering. His heart was erupting with rage.

His head was removed, but he wouldn’t die. Moreover, his broken body could be quickly combined, but the old soldier didn’t give him the chance to.

“Correct, Cao Yusheng spoke correctly. Great Elder is too kind, when dealing with these five insects, you should just fiercely slap their mouths, there’s no need to lecture them on reasoning, even less of a need to act politely.” The golden little ant shouted noisily, wishing for the whole world to fall into chaos. He asked the five old soldiers to take action.


In the end, this type of thing really did happen. The five soldiers did things as he said, because they were Heavenly Horned Ant Great One’s troops, protecting the clan’s bloodline was their responsibility. The five dragons had previously all humiliated the Heavenly Horned Ant Bloodline, so they didn’t feel any inner hindrances when dealing with these people.

Something that left every clan shocked happened. Pilipala sounds rang out. How noble were the statuses of Wang Family’s nine dragons? However, they had their faces struck viciously here.

The sounds of their mouths being struck was especially resounding, clearly audible even from several dozen li out.

The cultivators of all clans were stupefied, unable to speak. This was just too shocking! Those were but Wang Family’s five dragons! However, they had their faces struck while pressed to the ground.

“This…” Everyone was speechless, not knowing what to say.

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