Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 - Subduing Dragons

Ah, stop!” Wang Er shouted. He was now truly terrified, because the war halberd in his hands was trembling, about to leave his hands.

This made his fine hair stand on end. This was but an immortal weapon, something his grandfather who he had never met refined throughout his entire life.

The war halberd was unmatched, able to sever the long river of past and present.

However now, it was instead imprisoned. The resplendent vortex below swept upwards, many stars swirling inside, as if a stellar domain appeared, about to collect this war halberd.


The war halberd shone, immortal mist surging, auspicious multicolored light overflowing, even more sky shocking killing energy surging. Wang Er did everything he could, trying his best to resist the devouring force below.


The skies trembled, heaven and earth resonating.

One could vaguely hear a scripture chanting sound from the underground depths, as if there was a golden ant chanting sutras, comprehending the great dao, affecting this entire heaven and earth.

“Get off me!” Wang Er roared. He definitely couldn’t lose this halberd, or else he would be someone condemned by Wang Family for all of history.

The great halberd shone, erupting with all types of patterns. These were engraved by a true immortal, now completely reviving, breaking free from the mysterious vortices, about to escape.


A roar sounded, as if a giant beast was howling out. One could vaguely see a cauldron emerge from the primal chaos mist, faintly discernible underground.

Origin Source Cauldron, the weapon of a paramount being, previously belonging to the Heavenly Horned Ant!

This was a weapon that had shocked generation after generation of people in Immortal Ancient, because this was the most important weapon of history, nothing more important than it. What stellar rivers, sun, moon, mountains, and rivers? Everything would be destroyed before it.

It’s material was extremely special, excavated from the primal chaos sea, powerful and sturdy, imperishable through ten thousand eras. Together with the fact that it had been refined endless times over, it was simply incomparable.

This cauldron was extremely terrifying. Even though it was only a projection, it could still crush mountains and rivers.

Towards this, Shi Hao had previously been greatly emotionally stirred, because he had entered the underground immortal manor world before, previously raising this cauldron. That was the Origin Source Cauldron’s projection, not its true self.

Moreover, of the group of young supreme beings who went underground, he was the only one who could raise it, everyone else not even able to move that projection!

One could see just how astonishing the weapon was. Its weight could collapse heaven and earth, able to suppress the ancient times.

Now, the old soldier released a shout, borrowing the Origin Source Cauldron’s might to deal with Wang Family’s immortal dao magical artifact, wishing to seize Wang Family’s Long Life War Halberd instead!

There were great mysteries hidden beneath the ground, the entire immortal manor world having nine mountains, among them a dao rite that belonged to the Heavenly Horned Ant.

Its weapon was hidden there!


The war halberd that struggled free was pulled back once more under a tremendous power.

“How could it be like this? My Wang Family’s Long Life War Halberd isn’t inferior to any weapons, how could it be subdued by a cauldron? Disappear!” Wang Er roared.

He was now really worried. This was something that had never happened before!

“You really didn’t even bother taking a look at what kind of place this is, what rests beneath Heavenly Deity Institution? How can this be a place where your Wang Family can behave atrociously?!” Shi Hao said coldly.

It was because he was fully aware that the head remains of one of the Vicious Ten, Heavenly Horned Ant Great One were right here, and it would definitely have a powerful effect on this cauldron here.


The old soldier took action, the sword core in his hands hacking forward, directly crushing down on the long life halberd, starting to seize the weapon.

“No, hurry and take action, help me!” Wang Er roared, his eyes even about to stand up. He no longer had his previous arrogance and conceit, cold sweat pouring down his face.

“Do you think my Wang Family has no one left?”

Right at this time, it wasn’t just a single voice that sounded. Three people walked out from that warship in succession, supporting the magical decree together with Wang Da.

Together with Wang Da and Wang Er, there were five people in total. Five dragons from Wang Family appeared!

One of them held a few low level magical decree fragments, using them like weapons, activating them at the old soldier. They tore through the sky like blades, incredibly dazzling.

These shattered magical decrees had previously been used by Wang Family. Even though they lost their matchless immortal might, they still possessed exceptional power.

Previously, when Wang Zhen led the trump card army of thousands here, the magical formation fragment was precisely one of these.


The magical decree in Wang Da’s hands was naturally a world shocking one, originating from their grandfather’s hands. Even though it was cracked, its surface was full of complex patterns, power extremely great.

Moreover, the entire decree’s materials was quite special, able to carry the greatest power of an unmatched expert!

Even after endless years had passed, experiencing great battles one after another, already displaying cracks, its immortal might didn’t decrease, or else it wouldn’t have been able to stop the sword core just like the Long Life War Halberd.


Several people activated the magical decree, the entire ancient scroll releasing a streak of blazing golden light. It surrounded Wang Er, forcibly dragging him back to the warship.

Then, the warship shrunk, no longer oppressing the heavenly dome, instead moving out who knew how many li!

Heng, the Origin Source Cauldron is quite strong, but it is sealed underground, not its time to come out yet. If we stay further away from the academy, it cannot display any of its viciousness.” Wang San said coldly.

Wang Family completely stabilized their footing. Wang Er no longer panicked, his expression now incredibly ugly. “Just a small mishap. I want to see what you all will do now. I already said that today, Heavenly Deity Institution will be flattened, wiped out from this world, so it will definitely be done!”

“Second kid, stop bullshitting already, if you have the guts, then just come. This old one’ll beat the shit out of you!” In Heavenly Deity Institution, the golden little ant said absent-mindedly.

This type of mockery made Wang Er who had lived from the ancient years until now sink. His head of long grayish-white hair fluttered about in primal chaos mist, his expression incredibly terrifying.

“Long distance offense, wipe out Heavenly Deity Institution!” Wang Da gave the order.

Wang Family’s nine dragons all possessed exceptional divine might, every one of them experts, difficult for them to encounter their match in this world. RIght now, with five of them gathered, an immortal weapon in hand, who could contend against them?


The warship shone. Wang Da activated the magical decree, Wang Er stirred on the Long Life War Halberd, attacking together, completely submerging Heavenly Deity Institution below.


The vortex underneath Heavenly Deity Institution never disappeared. It rose into the sky, covering the heavens above and earth below, incomparable, completely swallowing up all of the divine force that attacked over!

“This…” Wang Family’s five dragons sucked in cold air.

Meanwhile, at this time, the expressions of the old monsters who saw this scene through the Heaven Connecting Mirrors, Divine Illuminating Mirrors and other things changed greatly, feeling great shock and alarm.

The Origin Source Cauldron was here, able to defend against everything.

“Impossible, how could his cauldron be this strong, as if it completely revived! It is as if a true immortal is operating it!”

“Could it be that we should completely awaken my clan’s Long Life War Halberd as well?”

Their expressions became ugly, because they definitely had to pay a price to do that.

“Kill! Continue the attacks! I refuse to believe that cauldron can continuously activate!” Wang Da roared.


Right at this time, the five old soldiers all rushed into the sky, divine towards the five dragons, wishing to subdue them here!

“Just come at us! Just a sword core, I want to see what you will bring out to face an immortal dao magical artifact now, after leaving the Origin Source Cauldron’s protection!” One of Wang Family’s dragons laughed coldly.

“You’ve all behaved atrociously for a long time, it is time for all of you to be suppressed!” Right at this time, a figure appeared behind the warship. Great Elder Meng Tianzheng appeared.

“You… you old thing, didn’t you go to the Desolate Border? Why did you come back?!” Wang Er was alarmed.

Wang Family’s five dragons were shocked, their expressions ashen. They felt that things were now really bad. Even though they were extremely confident, when Great Elder appeared, it still made them feel an extremely great pressure.

“Kill him!” Wang Da roared. He activated the immortal dao magical decree, attacking Great Elder.

The various experts who were watching from the distance all revealed dazzled expressions, never expecting Great Elder Meng Tianzheng to suddenly appear. They all knew that the five dragons were likely in big trouble. This was opening up a bag, waiting for them to dive in headfirst.


Two Wang Family dragons operated the magical decree at the same time, making it release heaven overflowing immortal light, blasting it at Great Elder.

Hua! Great Elder’s hand shook, directly producing the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth, its power engulfing the heavens, sending a few celestial bodies that were relatively closer crashing down.

The corpse wrapping cloth shone, rushing at that magical decree, directly suppressing it!

“How can the founder’s magical decree tolerate your unbridledness? Suppress and kill!” Wang Da roared.

“Just a decree, yet you all delusionally think it can compare to the war banner soaked in the essence blood of two immortal kings? Just hand it over!” Great Elder released a cold snort. The corpse wrapping cloth surrounded the sky with a hua sound, covering the magical decree below. Then, it completely seized it.

“No! Come back!” Wang Family’s dragons trembled.

Shua! Great Elder swung the corpse wrapping cloth, throwing the magical decree into Heavenly Deity Institution’s underground depths, letting the Origin Source Cauldron devour it. He didn’t have to worry about this decree’s retaliation ever again.


At the same time, the five soldiers arrived, carrying the Everlasting Sword Core ad well as their own weapons, attacking the five dragons.

“We are going to risk it all, kill!”

The five dragons roared. They held the Long Life War Halberd, attacking forward, fighting a great battle against the five old soldiers.

This was, without a doubt, a world-shocking battle. Human figures flew everywhere, blade radiance flickering about, sword radiance splitting the skies. The divine halberd crushed the heavens, just too terrifying.

“The five dragons are so strong!”

A few old monsters from some of the long life families couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air, feeling deep shock.

Many people already knew that the five old soldiers were ancient people. Even though they had long passed away, some combat awareness and other things still remained. They had previously fought endless battles without dying, participating in Immortal Ancient’s last phase war, true undying soldiers.

However now, Wang Family’s five dragons actually fought with them until the sky and earth were turned upside down, ghosts crying and deities howling.

This type of battle accomplishment made the old monsters watching from the dark release cold sweat. When some of them asked themselves if they could do this, they didn’t think they could.

This was an intense struggle, a terrifying great battle!


In the end, Wang Er coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. The Long Life War Halberd in his hands was subdued by the old soldier’s sword core, the battle situation suddenly changing.


The five old soldiers released a low roar.

Under the cold radiance and roaring voices, they were like revived unmatched war souls, becoming more and more terrifying, gradually subduing the five dragons.

Their previous battle consciousness awakened, becoming more and more terrifying!


Wang Er was blasted flying, an arm removed by the Everlasting Sword Core. Even the Long Life War Halberd left him.

Then, the other four dragons all suffered serious damage, struck by the weapons in the other four soldiers’ hands, making them vomit large mouthfuls of blood, their bodies sent flying.


The five old soldiers’ bravery and power were unmatched. They rushed over, capturing all five of the dragons!

“You five bugs, where did all of your tempers go? Where is your grandness and magnificence now, saying that you were going to wipe us out? In my opinion, you all came to throw away your lives, wishing to be thrown into a pot and stewed together!” The golden little ant shouted.

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