Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 - Subduing Dragons

Ah, stop!” Wang Er shouted. He was now truly terrified, because the war halberd in his hands was trembling, about to leave his hands.

This made his fine hair stand on end. This was but an immortal weapon, something his grandfather who he had never met refined throughout his entire life.

The war halberd was unmatched, able to sever the long river of past and present.

However now, it was instead imprisoned. The resplendent vortex below swept upwards, many stars swirling inside, as if a stellar domain appeared, about to collect this war halberd.


The war halberd shone, immortal mist surging, auspicious multicolored light overflowing, even more sky shocking killing energy surging. Wang Er did everything he could, trying his best to resist the devouring force below.


The skies trembled, heaven and earth resonating.

One could vaguely hear a scripture chanting sound from the underground depths, as if there was a golden ant chanting sutras, comprehending the great dao, affecting this entire heaven and earth.

“Get off me!” Wang Er roared. He definitely couldn’t lose this halberd, or else he would be someone condemned by Wang Family for all of history.

The great halberd shone, erupting with all types of patterns. These were engraved by a true immortal, now completely reviving, breaking free...

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