Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371 - Long Life War Halberd

Long Life War Halberd, this item made an appearance, killing energy engulfing the stellar rivers, immortal mists covering the heavenly dome, its power immediately tore apart the great cosmos!

“Not good!

A few people’s expressions became deathly pale. When facing this weapon’s matchless strike, how was one supposed to block it? This was completely impossible to deal with!

It was because once this war halberd attacked, even the great cosmos would be hacked to pieces, impossible to block. This was a true immortal dao weapon, one that was incomparable!

One had to bear in mind that there weren’t many immortal weapons even in Immortal Ancient years, not every true immortal able to find unmatched materials to refine weapons that matched themselves.

Even true immortals, most of them used weapons of the mundane world, not those at the immortal dao level!

Meanwhile, in this era, immortal weapons were even more rare, impossible to find. There were only those few in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, with most of them even being damaged.

It was because all of them were destroyed in Immortal Ancient’s battle, even true...

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