Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371 - Long Life War Halberd

Long Life War Halberd, this item made an appearance, killing energy engulfing the stellar rivers, immortal mists covering the heavenly dome, its power immediately tore apart the great cosmos!

“Not good!

A few people’s expressions became deathly pale. When facing this weapon’s matchless strike, how was one supposed to block it? This was completely impossible to deal with!

It was because once this war halberd attacked, even the great cosmos would be hacked to pieces, impossible to block. This was a true immortal dao weapon, one that was incomparable!

One had to bear in mind that there weren’t many immortal weapons even in Immortal Ancient years, not every true immortal able to find unmatched materials to refine weapons that matched themselves.

Even true immortals, most of them used weapons of the mundane world, not those at the immortal dao level!

Meanwhile, in this era, immortal weapons were even more rare, impossible to find. There were only those few in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, with most of them even being damaged.

It was because all of them were destroyed in Immortal Ancient’s battle, even true immortals themselves dying, let alone their weapons. Everything was destroyed in the end, exploding together with their owners.

Long Life War Halberd, this was already a supreme treasure, a formidable weapon in the past, let alone in this era!

That was why once this undamaged war halberd attacked, even great stars in outer space would tremble, the heavenly dome collapse, all sides shaken. The small asteroids and other things that were closer would all come crashing down.

This was precisely the power of the Long Life War Halberd. It could sweep through all enemies between heaven and earth!

“Activate the formation!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder shouted. This was not a normal place, it was Heavenly Deity Institution. Normally, who dared attack this place?

The academy established by the material gathered by a group of old monsters was something no one dared provoke.

However, today, a disaster arrived!

There were ancient formations buried here. Even though they were damaged, they were still a corner of an immortal dao formation. At this moment, it was activated, completely reviving, flickering with sky reaching brilliance.

The war halberd looked ancient, just too powerful. It hacked down from above, chaotic energy surging, heaven and earth cleaved in half. The power was just too great!

This type of immortal might was something no one dared imagine, their souls even trembling as a result. Many people fell weakly onto the ground, unable to resist even when they were hundreds of thousands to millions of li away.

Not many people could remain standing!

“Dare kill my child, all of you can accompany him to the grave!” This was Wang Er’s voice, carrying a type of ruthlessness within the coldness, as well as a chilly killing intent that swept outwards.


Inside Heavenly Deity Institution, a great formation shone, large amounts of light beams interweaving together, forming a screen of stellar light, as if rivers of stars were converging into a stellar diagram, blocking this war halberd.

“Merely a damaged formation, yet it wants to block my clan’s unmatched supreme treasure?!” Wang Er’s voice was extremely cold, carrying arrogance, as well as a type of corresponding disdain.


Sure enough, this war halberd was unmatched, power too great. It hacked apart the universe, sliced through primal chaos, descending on the barrier of light, wiping out the endless star fragments that emerged on its surface.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s magical formation couldn’t stop it. The war halberd descended, the great dao symbols of the great formation even growing dim, immortal dao fragments unable to block its unmatched might.

“Just a trifling Heavenly Deity Institution, not worth anything, yet you all dare to act boldly. Before my Wang Family made our move to wipe you all, all of you ought to have just played your part. Since you all have provoked our king clan, then we will just exterminate you all!” Wang Er said coldly.


Heavenly Deity Institution’s magical formation swayed, endless divine might starting to surge from the foundations of the buildings, forming an even more resplendent barrier of light. It was as if the great universe was opening, accompanied by primal chaos light.

Immortal dao magical formations were incomparable.

If it was complete, it could seal devils and kill gods, nothing able to approach.

However now, it could only gather power, release a sky shocking attack, contend against the unmatched immortal war halberd.


An ear-splitting sound rang out, because the damaged formation symbols gathered into an artifact, a shield, the symbols on the surface complicated, mysterious and unfathomable, as if the cosmos was evolving. There were mottled traces on its surface.

World shocking defense!

If it was in the past, when the formation wasn’t damaged, it definitely could’ve blocked the attack from an immortal weapon!

The war halberd struck down on the shield, releasing a deafening noise, shaking up the Nine Heavens. Many ancient families gasped, all of them horrified.

Right now, the various long life families were all paying attention, using their clans’ Heaven Connecting Mirrors, Divine Illuminating Mirrors, and other things to observe this shocking battle!

The great halberd surged with dazzling immortal light. It was incomparably sharp, killing energy engulfing all directions, impossible to stop, crushing all living souls to the point of near extinction.

This halberd hacked apart the shield, the shield unable to hold on in the end. The Long Life War Halberd was unstoppable, shattering the formation’s defenses again.

All of the creatures were horrified, all sides trembling. What kind of power was this?

The various long life families, those old monsters’ expressions changed even more. Immortal dao artifacts were incomprehensible after all, impossible to deal with; these were the thoughts everyone was thinking.

However, everyone also saw that this time, the war halberd was also blown back, unable to descend. The immortal dao damaged formation still displayed use, stopping this world shocking strike.

Otherwise, if that Long Life War Halberd hacked down, even this great earth would shatter, be completely destroyed, let alone the living creatures.

“You all actually blocked this strike. I want to see what you all will do next!” Wang Er laughed coldy.

He raised his hand again, holding that great halberd in hand, the weapon cold. Then, it surged with immortal mist, chaotic light erupting in all directions, hacking straight down towards Heavenly Deity Institution.

It was trying to completely annihilate this place, destroy this land!

“Of course, that little bastard named Huang can’t die. I’ve already seen you, for you, you won’t be able to die even if you want to, it won’t be that easy!” Wang Er’s voice was extremely cold.

His entire head of gray-white long hair scattered about, chaotic energy even more so surrounding his body, his figure mysterious and powerful.


Heaven and earth collapsed, nothing able to stop this power!

For Heavenly Deity Institution’s formation to activate, heaven and earth spiritual essence was needed, requiring a sea of energy. Just now, it was already used up, so one could see just how terrifying the war halberd was.

How were they supposed to stop it this time?

Everyone became a bit stunned. Could it be that Heavenly Deity Institution really was going to be wiped out?

Everyone was shocked. The Wang long life family’s Nine Dragons were terrifying after all. They normally remained secluded, but once they emerged, the heavens would collapse and earth sink, blood raining down and foul winds  blowing about, no one able to stop them.

“Senior, please take action!”

In front of a copper palace before Heavenly Deity Institution, Shi Hao, the little Heavenly Horned Ant, and five old soldiers stood together. Right now, they asked the great experts to take action. He handed over the Everlasting Sword Core.

The old soldier leader accepted the sword core, rising up into the air to face the other side.

En? It’s that little bastard’s sword!” Wang Er’s eyes narrowed. He knew that this sword was strange, but he didn’t feel fear, remaining confident in the Long Life War Halberd’s power.


He supported this halberd with great strength. Immortal light overflowed, becoming even more terrifying than before, possessing world destroying might.


Under this type of pressure, the Everlasting Sword Core shone. It was extremely strange, a sky filling rain of light scattering down. In addition, a human figure appeared on the sword body, as if it was ascending with multicolored light.

This scene was strange, extremely shocking!


The sword core and war halberd smashed together, sparks flying everywhere between the two, the radiance dazzling. Those light beams were like lightning, tearing the void apart.

Their weapons collided, erupting with unimaginable power!

“I just knew that the little bastard would lend his weapon to you all! In that case, I’ll be more than happy to accept your present!” Wang Er’s eyes flickered with blazing radiance, staring at the Everlasting Sword Core.

En?” On the ground, everyone became shocked, because they felt a wave of irregular power.

The war halberd suppressed the sword core. In addition, a magical decree appeared on the large ship, even though it was old-fashioned, covered in cracks, it still released immortal light, illuminating heaven and earth.


On the warship, Wang Da appeared. He released a great roar, activating this immortal dao magical decree, imprisoning the Everlasting Sword Core.

“Not good!”

At this moment, everyone from Heavenly Deity Institution was shocked, their expressions incredibly ugly. Wang Family wanted to steal an immortal weapon, the situation not good.

“I never expected Wang Family to not only bring out the Long Life War Halberd, they even used the legendary founder’s magical decree!” An old monster from a certain long life family said with a sigh of astonishment.

The so-called founder wasn’t Immortal Wang, but rather his father, the true immortal dao matchless expert. That was someone from Immortal Ancient.

“Huang, you little bastard, did you truly think that you can do whatever you want just because you have a single sword core that isn’t that bad? Today, we are going to take it to strengthen my Wang Clan!” Wang Family’s people laughed coldly.

Everyone could feel how happy they were, because they could tell with a single look that the sword core wasn’t ordinary. Once it entered Wang Clan, they would surge with power, able to complement the Long Life War Halberd’s unmatched might.

“Wang Family used the founder’s decree to restrict the sword core, using the Long Life War Halberd to suppress and seize it, might very well succeed!

“Aren’t you all getting happy a bit early? My things aren’t that easily stolen!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“How can a warrior allow his weapon to be seized?!” The old soldier held the sword core in hand, saying with a blank expression.

“Behaving maliciously in front of me, do you all truly think my Heavenly Horned Ant Bloodline’s official residence is just here to look pretty, without any familial belongings?!” The golden little ant even more so shouted. Regardless of how one looked at it, he wasn’t nervous, but instead excited.

“Origin Source Cauldron, collect!” The old soldier released a shout.

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