Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370 - Nine Dragons’ Emergence

Waiting for the nine dragons to come? They were going to fight Wang Family to the very end!

When the nine dragons came out, it was no different from Immortal Wang coming out himself. It was because if the nine dragons came out at the same time, they were unmatched under the sky, this saying had been passed around for a long time.

Now, Heavenly Deity Institution killed the eldest son of the second dragon, not giving the other party any face, completely breaking all relations.

“This… is a great disaster. Wang Family is definitely going to become furious, definitely going to send out a great army, dispatch troops to Heavenly Deity Institution. Heaven is going to collapse, earth is going to sink!”

Someone from a long life family released a sigh. They were definitely provoking a great disaster. There was no way Wang Family would leave the matter at that!

However, of those who were present, Shi Hao, Heavenly Horned Ant, and the five soldiers, all of them were calm, none of them looking like they went crazy.

Right now, Wang Family’s thousands of soldiers were all in disorder. They lost their leader, causing all of them to panic. In reality, their great formation had long been broken up by the five old soldiers.

“Kill, get revenge for Ancestor Wang Zhen!” Someone shouted. There were a few war generals in the formation who led the charge forward.

“You all have skills for nothing, not using it on the right path. Surrender!” The face of the elder who stayed behind in Heavenly Deity Institution sunk, also preparing to take action.

However, the five old soldiers’ movements were even faster. They activated the small banner. With a peng sound, it crushed over. Five hundred people exploded on the spot, all of them dying violently.

This was a flag that had participated in immortal battles, something that had experienced the war with the other side. The five of them definitely didn’t survive through a fluke, they were veterans of a hundred battles.

Under this type of massacre, Wang Family’s so-called trump card soldiers appeared too weak, the difference between them too great.

“Die, or yield!” Shi Hao shouted, giving them the chance to make their choice.

“You… are threatening Wang Family?” There was someone who shouted out, unable to accept this, wishing to intimidate Shi Hao with Immortal Wang’s name.

“I have never felt threatened by anything, this has remained true my whole life. The number of people from Wang family I’ve killed is already not that small, do you really think I’ll be scared because of your threat?” Shi Hao said.

“You…” That person shut his mouth.

“If you don’t want to die, then all of you better lower your weapons and lay on the ground!” Shi Hao shouted.

The five old soldiers took action. This time, they didn’t unleash a great slaughter, instead suppressing the other side. All of them were disarmed, weapons flying outwards. In addition, there was a great pressure they couldn’t resist crushing down on them, making all of them lay on the ground before the five old soldiers’ feet.

The three thousand soldiers that were still alive were all subdued!

Wang Zhen came powerfully, yet things ended in such a dismal manner. The leaders were killed, all those who remained were taken prisoner.

“People like you, even though you all don’t feel fear, are merely foolishly loyal, stupid. The ones you are protecting is Wang Family instead of the Nine Heavens that are truly in trouble. Stirring up internal strife, from a certain perspective, all of you are sinners!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder shouted.

These people were quickly convicted, about to be sent off to the Desolate Border to fight.

“What right do you all have to do this? We are Wang Family’s people, you all don’t have the right to punish us!” A war general roared out, expressing his disapproval.

“Then you can just die!” Shi Hao brandished the sword core in his hand, removing his head with a pu sound, moreover shattering his primordial spirit. Blood gushed outwards.

He was just this decisive, not giving this general a chance.

Everyone else from Wang Family kept quiet out of fear. They said that they didn’t fear death, but who truly didn’t fear death? This was especially the case when they faced this demon king-like youngster, all of them filled with apprehension.

It was because Shi Hao really did kill when he said kill, not joking around, even those from a long life family killed without hesitation!

“In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, the elite soldiers of all clans have already headed off to the Desolate Border, joining the bloody war. Where is your Wang Family in all of this?” Shi Hao shouted. He stared at them and said, “Slow and sluggish, I didn’t see you all hurry over, instead stirring up internal strife, we now have reason to believe that your Wang Family is colluding with the enemy, doing things for the other side!”

“You are maliciously slandering us!” A general's expression changed, shouting out. It was because this wasn’t something that could just be spoken. Once it was proved, Wang Family would have no footing left, they would suffer from the attacks of all clans!

“Fine, then I await the day your Wang Family proves your innocence, look forward to when you all send great forces to Desolate Border!” Shi Hao said.

After speaking, he looked towards the horizon, and then sat down.

What was he trying to do?

Soon afterwards, everyone understood. Huang really was waiting for Wang Family’s people!

Were the Nine Dragons going to make an appearance? This was a huge problem. If they did come, then that would be sky shattering!

Wang Zhen was killed, three thousand Wang Family troops taken captive, arrested in Heavenly Deity Institution. This information quickly spread, many giant clans in the nine heavens above all heard about this.

This triggered a huge commotion, producing heaven overflowing waves.

Everyone was stunned. Huang actually dared to do this, producing just too great of a disturbance!

At the same time, everyone also woke up. They silently thought to themselves, Wang Family indeed didn’t send troops to Desolate Border, could it be that there really was a problem?

This was an extremely terrifying matter, one that all families had no choice but to pay attention to!

If Wang Family betrayed the Nine Heavens, that would be an absolute disaster! A few old monsters that remained in the Nine Heavens began to talk in secret, as this matter couldn’t be treated simply.

“There is news, Wang Family has erupted with scarlet multicolored light, blood radiance overflowing. There was a peerless great figure who erupted with rage, already coming out of seclusion!”

“The Nine Dragons have moved, about to flatten Heavenly Deity Institution!”

These rumors appeared, triggering an uproar. This was definitely shocking news.

Just how many people dared to say they would flatten Heavenly Deity Institution? This place was established by Meng Tianzheng, a present world unmatched figure.

Only the Nine Dragons dared to be this unbridled, speak like this. This matched their style of doing things.

Sure enough, the information was verified. A giant warship rushed out from Wang Family, flying towards Heavenly Deity Institution, tearing apart the void, traveling across the sky dome, killing intent engulfing all directions.

Wang Family’s great figures moved, out, the nine dragons were coming!

This was a huge storm!

No one would have expected things to develop to this degree. The nine dragons actually made an appearance! Just how many years had it been since they left Wang Family’s pure land? They were now going to go to war.

“Heavenly Deity Institution is going to be exterminated! Even daring to detain my Wang Family’s people, daring to kill my children, all of you can just pass into oblivion!” Someone roared out from the torn void, deranged from anger.

This was Wang Er, the second dragon, a peerless expert. He stood at the bow of the ship, gray-white hair flying about. His body was wrapped within primal chaos, killing intent shaking the heavens.

“Huang, this little fella has provoked a huge disaster, possibly bringing a calamity of annihilation to Heavenly Deity Institution.”

There were old monsters who said softly, these individuals paying close attention to this matter this entire time.

“Something doesn’t seem right, why do I feel like it is a bit strange? A little fella like that doesn’t dare stir up such trouble. Don’t tell me he is testing to see if Wang Family really has intentions of rebelling?”

Wu, when everything is pieced together, Wang Family was the first to force the other side, and then Heavenly Deity Institution retaliated powerfully, did they do this to see Wang Family’s confidence?”

This was what the few elders were thinking. However, soon afterwards, they closed their mouths, because there were old monsters from the clans that were gathered together to secretly discuss things.


A warship that was absolutely massive, surrounded by immortal energy, tore through the sky, arriving from the limits of the world, immediately appearing above Heavenly Deity Institution.

This ship was just too large, comparable to a star, its tremendous size giving off an incomparable pressure.

Together with the strands of immortal energy that it gave off, as well as the chaotic energy that swirled about, this giant warship made even one’s soul start trembling. This was an unmatched warship.

It cast down an enormous shadow, the entire great earth was covered underneath, producing a dusky expanse!

Wang Family’s people came, the Nine Dragons appearing, arriving with matchless divine might. They arrived at Heavenly Deity Institution, looking down on everyone.

The aura the warship released made all creatures within hundreds of thousands to millions of li tremble, shiver with fear. This type of pressure was difficult to endure, it was just too terrifying.

The ship was dark red color, dyed by the blood of the most powerful experts. This ship’s origins were great, used by Immortal Wang, but today, it was controlled by the Nine Dragons.

“How many of the Nine Dragons came? Are all nine here?” There were great figures observing in secret, feeling greatly shaken up inwardly.

No matter how one looked at it, Wang Family’s nine dragons had now all become powerful, all of them exceptional experts. When all nine were together, they were simply undefeated!

“Heavenly Deity Institution, your sins are too severe. You’ve harmed my clan’s disciples, killed my children, just pay us back in blood!” Someone shouted!

A powerful figure walked out from the massive warship, his body towering into the heavens, standing at the bow of the ship like a world shocking giant.

This was his magical projection, supporting both heaven and earth, who knew how many tens of thousands of zhang tall. Right now, it erupted with an incomparably terrifying aura.

“Destroy Heavenly Deity Institution Dao Rite first, it no longer needs to exist!” This figure roared out. This was one of the Nine Dragons, precisely Wang Er.


Immediately afterwards, the nine heavens even trembled. Immeasurable Heaven shook, continuously cracking apart, simply like the end of the world.

It was because a halberd appeared in Wang Er’s hands. Killing light overflowed, boundless immortal energy appearing, about to cleave this world in half!

“Heavens, this is Wang Family’s sect suppressing supreme treasure, one of their clan’s unmatched immortal artifacts -- Long Life War Halberd!”

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