Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370 - Nine Dragons’ Emergence

Waiting for the nine dragons to come? They were going to fight Wang Family to the very end!

When the nine dragons came out, it was no different from Immortal Wang coming out himself. It was because if the nine dragons came out at the same time, they were unmatched under the sky, this saying had been passed around for a long time.

Now, Heavenly Deity Institution killed the eldest son of the second dragon, not giving the other party any face, completely breaking all relations.

“This… is a great disaster. Wang Family is definitely going to become furious, definitely going to send out a great army, dispatch troops to Heavenly Deity Institution. Heaven is going to collapse, earth is going to sink!”

Someone from a long life family released a sigh. They were definitely provoking a great disaster. There was no way Wang Family would leave the matter at that!

However, of those who were present, Shi Hao, Heavenly Horned Ant, and the five soldiers, all of them were calm, none of them looking like they went crazy.

Right now, Wang Family’s thousands of soldiers were all in disorder. They lost their leader, causing...

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