Chapter 137 - Decisive Victory (Teaser)

Chapter 137 - Decisive Victory


Wolf howled rang out through the skies. Many vicious beasts were surprised within the mountain depths. They couldn’t help but raise their heads to look, but they only saw the flapping wings of a big red bird as it flew over.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen such beautiful wings on a grandeur and tyrannical bird before?” The big red bird casted sidelong glances at them, and had the look of a great hero as he looked down on them.

“What kind of bird is this? Why is it making wolf howls?”

“It’s most likely an illegitimate child. It’s the later generation of a Flame Yunque and a Demonic Wolf.”

Vicious beasts mumbled below, criticising the bird.

The big red bird carried a big black pot on his body. Originally, it was already in a bad mood, so now it was even more upset. It overlooked the vicious beasts within the mountain range below and howled, “What do you bunch of ground beetles understand? My grandpa is a descendant of the divine Vermilion Bird. If you guys dare to randomly discuss, my grandpa will one day exterminate you bunch!”


A violent ape jumped out from within the great valley, reaching over a hundred meters. Its entire body was pitch-black, and its hair was thick and murky. Its vicious aura overflowed into the heavens as it jumped into the skies, clawing towards this big red bird.

The big red bird cried out with a strange shout. It scampered off, frantically fleeing and flapping its wings with all its might. That violent ape’s enormous palm swiped past, almost scratching it. The big red bird’s body transformed into a ray of fiery light as it disappeared from above that mountain range, its body wet with cold sweat.

“What kind of rotten place is this, too dangerous. This grandpa is known as a leading king in the large outside world, yet why am I always being bullied here? In the past, I was always the one pressuring others.” The big red bird was extremely angry, and his bad temper almost exploded.

The little guy and Xiao Tian...

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