Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369 - Formation Annihilated

They had previously fought a world-shaking battle in the Desolate Border, bathed in the blood of endless enemies. In the end, they returned with their bodies in ruin, left with no choice but to refine their own bodies into puppets. These were old soldiers who had previously fought great battles with the foreign side!

However now, they had to take action against the descendants of the Nine Heavens. Being forced to this step also left one feeling sorrow and helplessness. Their spears should’ve been pointed at the foreign side, yet now, there were people from the Nine Heavens who opposed them.

“You… let me down!” Wang Ji cried out. He was nailed into the air, in great pain, difficult for him to endure this type of torment.

Blood flowed down along the spear’s black golden shaft, an alarming sight. Wang Ji couldn’t move at all, only able to scream out, the spearpoint eating at his soul.

“Dao friends, please be magnanimous, there are some things that can be settled with just a bit of explaining. We still haven’t taken action against Shi Hao, yet you all pierced Wang Ji’s chest, killed our clan’s disciples, isn’t this going a bit too far?” Wang Zhen spoke. He already withdrew far away.

That war chariot really was unordinary, swirling and flowing with complex bone texts, successfully avoiding the five old soldiers’ attacks.

This place became...

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