Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368 - Trump Card

“Youngster, is this the attitude you should be having when you see older generation figures? You didn’t come to pay your respects, instead shouting noisily. Do you have no sense of propriety?!” A cold voice sounded from the war chariot.

“This old thing really is a good-for-nothing. All face has already been torn, yet you still want Shi Hao to go and pay his respects, truly intentionally acting sickeningly.” Cao Yusheng said.

The little ant nodded. He was rather hot tempered, if he had a choice, he would have just slaughtered his way over.

“Surrounding Heavenly Deity Institution, giving off so much murderous intent, coming over with such hostility, yet you still have the nerve to mention what older generation and respect. The fact that I didn’t directly ask you all if you have cast yourselves over to the other side is already an act of politeness, giving you all face!” Shi Hao said.

He opposed them with equal harshness, not having the slightest good impression of Wang Family. Towards Wang Zhen’s invasion, it really was unexpected. Wang Family’s people actually really dared to do this, leading a large army to trap Heavenly Deity Institution.

“Huang, you...

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