Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368 - Trump Card

“Youngster, is this the attitude you should be having when you see older generation figures? You didn’t come to pay your respects, instead shouting noisily. Do you have no sense of propriety?!” A cold voice sounded from the war chariot.

“This old thing really is a good-for-nothing. All face has already been torn, yet you still want Shi Hao to go and pay his respects, truly intentionally acting sickeningly.” Cao Yusheng said.

The little ant nodded. He was rather hot tempered, if he had a choice, he would have just slaughtered his way over.

“Surrounding Heavenly Deity Institution, giving off so much murderous intent, coming over with such hostility, yet you still have the nerve to mention what older generation and respect. The fact that I didn’t directly ask you all if you have cast yourselves over to the other side is already an act of politeness, giving you all face!” Shi Hao said.

He opposed them with equal harshness, not having the slightest good impression of Wang Family. Towards Wang Zhen’s invasion, it really was unexpected. Wang Family’s people actually really dared to do this, leading a large army to trap Heavenly Deity Institution.

“Huang, you should know why we came!” The people in the war chariot next to Wang Zhen shouted.

Shi Hao laughed coldly, saying mockingly. “Of course I know. You came to apologize, right? If you all are sincere, then just immediately head to the border to fight, my Nine Heavens’ good men are currently fighting with their lives on the line. I believe your awareness shouldn’t be this low right?”

“Audacious!” A youngster lost his cool, roaring out, “Shi Hao, Huang, who do you think you are? Provoking the Wang Family again and again, today, not even an immortal can save you if he comes!”

“What? A cornered dog driven to desperate action? You don’t want to talk reason anymore?” Cao Yusheng laughed loudly. He stood at Shi Hao’s side, pointing forward, a look of disdain on his face.

“Shut up!” Several thousand people roared, the voices great. Several hundred mounts roared, the noise shaking up heaven and earth. These were definitely elite troops, blood energy immediately surging outwards, extremely intimidating.

“How can Wang Family be something you can humiliate?!” The thousands of people raised their weapons at the same time, cold light flickering in the nine heavens. A wave of vicious killing energy pressed over, making all of Heavenly Deity Institution’s temperature drop sharply.

Cao Yusheng’s expression changed. These men really were too powerful. They should be Wang Family’s trump card!

“Little friend, we do not wish to oppress others with strength, but this time, you’ve truly crossed the line, actually continuously killing my Wang Family’s disciples. Do you really think my long life family has no one left?” On the largest bronze war chariot, Wang Zhen walked out, standing there. He wore golden robes, having white hair but fair skin, his aura exceptional. “Originally, senior Meng Tianzheng and my clan had reached an agreement that the misunderstanding between us has been removed, that you won’t act with hostility towards us anymore. I never expected that after just a short period of time, you would act so viciously, harming my clan’s disciples. It truly is going too far.”

“This old man looks like he has an immortal aura and dao bones, so why is he this shameless?” The golden little ant said.

“Exactly! This fella really has the nerve to say this. Wasn’t it the Wang Family who came on their own to bother my Heavenly Deity Institution’s Shi Hao? Why is something black now spoken as if it was white?” Cao Yusheng also spoke out.

The two of them echoed each other, not giving the other side any face, directly exposing everything.

“With things already reaching this state, your Wang Family should already understand what happened. If not, then just ask the people here. Everyone has seen that Wang Family’s people deserved to be killed!” Shi Hao’s reply was extremely simple and direct, because what should have been said had already been said by the Heavenly Horned Ant and Cao Yusheng, there was no need to go any further.

“Little friend, you are too overbearing. What is there that cannot be discussed? Why was there a need to kill? This matter truly leaves me quite troubled. If I cannot bring you back to the clan, then there is no way of justifying the dead. However, you don’t need to be scared, my Wang Family has always been benevolent, we know that the confrontation this time might have been a misunderstanding, which is why we will not harm your life. However, you have to be brought to the funeral hall and apologize to the dead. What do you say?” Wang Zhen said with a gentle voice, putting on a tolerant look.

“Old man, didn’t you all just come for that scripture, wishing to kidnap Shi Hao? Can you all stop being so despicable? Listening to you makes me want to vomit!” The Heavenly Horned Ant said loudly.

“Unbridled! You dare speak to my old ancestor like this?” Someone from the younger generation shouted.

“Get lots. Who do you all think you are? Thinking that you are extremely noble? Forget about Wang Zhen, even if Immortal Wang came himself, I would still say the exact same thing!” The Heavenly Horned Ant berated.

Everyone’s minds trembled, and then they woke up. This was the descendant of the Vicious Ten, the Heavenly Horned Ant’s own son, the descendant of an immortal! In terms of his status, it really was extremely high.

“What a pity, this is not Immortal Ancient era, already not the place for you to act impudently!” In the war chariot beside Wang Zhen, a middle-aged man said coldly.

“Even someone like you can use the word impudent? I am the only Heavenly Horned Ant left, yet I am still more open and honest than your entire Wang Family. You are a group of hypocrites! If you want to steal the scripture, then just come! What is the point of saying all of this? All of you are disgusting, like a group of flies!” The little ant said.

After staying together with Cao Yusheng all this time, the pure Heavenly Horned Ant’s mouth also became quite dirty.

“The Heavenly Horned Ant Clan, did they dominate Immortal Ancient through their tough mouths? No wonder they declined.” That middle-aged man from Wang Family said coldly.

“What did you say?!” The little ant was furious. Immortal Ancient War was when all of their past people were wiped out, including his own father. For him, this was a type of great pain.

He wasn’t the only one, Shi Hao’s face also fell. “Wang Family, you all have crossed the line. The Heavenly Horned Ant Bloodline fought a great battle against the foreign enemies. How can the sacrifices these people made be something you all can humiliate?!”

The others also felt something, all of them staring at that Wang Family middle-aged man.

Haha, Wang Ji was rambling, that isn’t what he really means.” Wang Zhen laughed, and then his face fell. “Huang, are you going to come to my Wang Family mourning hall or not?”

“Your words make me feel utter disgust for Wang Family!” Shi Hao was extremely impolite. He didn’t wish to say too much to these people. “If you want to arrest me, then you all better have prepared yourselves. Wang Family’s mourning hall might just have another few thousand coffins!”

This was an undisguised threat, killing intent overflowing!

In the surroundings, everyone became shocked.

“Directly take action, kill this group of shameless people!” The little ant shouted.

“Thing who doesn’t know the difference between life and death, originally we still wanted to talk things over, give you all a chance to step down quietly. Now, we’ll just directly seize you all!” That middle-aged man Wang Ji said coldly. Then, he looked towards the little Heavenly Horned Ant, saying, “Even though I don’t want to bring it up, this is how reality is. Your bloodline should just properly reproduce and take care of yourselves!”

“You dare threaten me?” The little ant was furious.

“And what if I am? Prepare for attack!” The middle-aged man said.

In the skies, several hundred war chariots, thousands of men immediately erupted with heaven shocking killing intent. Wang Family’s trump card was moving out, pressing forward, weapons flickering with cold light.

“Kill!” These people roared.

“Seniors, please take action and arrest them!” Shi Hao spoke.

“Kill!” Right at this time, five low roars sounded, the voices not that loud, but they penetrated the nine heavens. Five figures appeared, all of them dressed in black armor. It was precisely the five soldier puppets.

“Five people even dare face my army of thousands? What a joke!” The middle-aged man Wang Ji said with a sneer.

They didn’t know these five people’s identities, only knowing that something happened to Wang Family’s people, and then hurriedly rushed over. This time, they invested quite a large amount, using the most powerful battle formation!

Sure enough, thousands of people lined up, powerful winds sweeping about, engulfing the heavens above and earth below. A wave of terrifying battle intent immediately pervaded outwards, shocking this entire world.

All of the observers trembled inwardly, even those who came from long life families like this. They all knew that Wang Family used a formidable type of battle formation. Unless exceptional individuals took action, there was going to be great trouble.

However, what was unexpected was that the five individuals weren’t affected. They wore black armors, great halberds, war pikes, heavenly spears in hand, directly facing the army of thousands, not displaying any fear.

“The ones who humiliate the Heavenly Horned Ant Bloodline shall die!”

Moreover, at this time, the leading soldier spoke this sentence.

“Is that so? We are waiting to see what you all can do about it!” Wang Ji didn’t seem concerned at all, saying this indifferently.


Immediately afterwards, the five soldiers roared, completely erupting, their voices immediately shaking up heaven and earth, even more terrifying than primal chaos thunder. Everyone immediately became stupefied.

Moreover, at this moment, they erupted with a sea-like wave of killing intent, a wave of blood energy that had accompanied them from the past life and death battlefield engulfing this place, intimidating the world.

Everyone became stupefied. These were definitely people who had walked through mountains of corpses, seas of blood, a bloody killing intent created after killing countless enemies. It was just too shocking, never before seen in this world.

There were only five individuals, yet they swept through the great army before them. In that instant, a path was cut open, broken arms and severed limbs flying about, weapons broken, no one able to stop these five individuals.

Even Shi Hao was now stupefied. These five experts were just too terrifying.

As for Wang Family’s so-called trump card, it was directly overturned, crushed, swept through, corpses falling in large amounts, war chariots exploding!


In what seemed like just an instant, the five great soldiers slaughtered their way over, one of them even more so turning into a streak of black lightning. The war pike in his hand shot out, and then with a pu sound, pierced through the middle-aged Wang Ji, fishing him up into the air. “The Heavenly Horned Ant Bloodline cannot be humiliated!”

This scene was too shocking. They tore through everything like rotten weeds, directly slaughtering their way over, not even the super expert Wang Ji able to evade in time. His body was pierced by a pike, nailed into the sky!

Everyone was stupefied, and then hot blood surged within their bodies.

However, Shi Hao instead sighed. The five great experts originally warped and weaved through Desolate Border, slaughtering the foreign side’s great enemies, yet now, they were forced to deal with some people from the Nine Heavens. This was a type of sorrow, those five individuals definitely didn’t feel good inside.

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