Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367 - Striking Down Wang Family

Kill them all! He was extremely straightforward, not sparing a single person. Wang Family’s people were completely wiped out.

Moreover, things didn’t end just like this. Shi Hao discussed things with Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan, and even consulted the elder about where their strongholds were.

Was he trying to pierce the heavens?

A disturbance erupted. Everyone was extremely shocked. Huang was going to take action powerfully, going to overturn the sky! This was definitely a major event!

Of course, after news spread. Heavenly Deity Institution was completely furious. Wang Family went too far, going against their own side at this crucial point, targeting someone who fought for the Nine Heavens, it truly made one suspect if they harbored evil intentions.

“We must demand an explanation from Wang Family. Just what exactly are they trying to do?”

Someone shouted. It was as if gunpowder was ignited, everyone stirred up.

Haha, I can’t wait. Wang Family, you group of bastards clearly have sinister motives. We will take the initiative to come and pay you all a visit ourselves!” The golden little ant was excited, extremely warlike.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao moved, getting onto a warship. Many people followed, heading towards the stronghold closest to Heavenly Deity Institution.

Shi Hao believed that this stronghold was definitely where intelligence was gathered. Wang Family’s people nearby all had their eyes on Heavenly Deity Institution the entire time, so this type of stronghold should be wiped out.

There was an ancient castle that wasn’t that small. It could be considered a branch academy, also taking disciples, located not too far from the giant city at the limits of the great earth.

The mountain region here rose and fell, ancient trees towering into the heavens. This could also be considered a spiritually refined place, or else Wang Family wouldn’t have attached importance to the land here, definitely wouldn’t have used it to build a dao rite.


Between the verdant mountain range, a shout sounded from an ancient castle, because someone discovered that a warship was approaching.

“Who dares enter the long life Wang Family’s restricted land, daring to act this wantonly? All of you will be killed without pardons!”

On the platform in front of the mountain region stood two youngsters. They were extremely arrogant, even though they saw a warship fly over, they still didn’t panic, instead sitting there pompously, pikes resting by their sides.

It was clear that these were people who were in charge of keeping a lookout. However, they were extremely arrogant, not believing that there were people who really dared to attack Wang Family, which was why they didn’t attach much importance to this incoming warship at all, only berating the other side.

En? Still not stopping? Are you all courting death? This is Wang Family’s restricted land, all those who dare to trespass will be killed!” Someone shouted coldly.

The warship ignored them, moving while sticking close to the mountain forest, quickly arriving. The intention was clear, it was going to smash straight into the ancient castle.

“Enemy attack!”

The two youngsters cried out, blowing the bugle horn.

In that instant, the people inside the ancient castle were alarmed, quickly starting up great formations, producing large amounts of symbols and other things, stopping the enemy invasion.

When the warship rushed past, the platform outside the ancient castle was immediately smashed through. The two youngsters lost their previous arrogance, scared to the point of rolling on the ground, their bodies laying close to the ground to avoid being killed.


This ancient castle’s main entrance instantly collapsed to pieces, because the warship was just too tall, not even the formation patterns that appeared here able to stop it.

Large amounts of buildings broke apart inch by inch, and then they collapsed. A giant warship crushed down on this place, tearing through everything like rotten weeds, about to completely destroy this stronghold.

“Who? Not knowing the height and depths of heaven and earth, you dare come here to stir up trouble in my Wang Family’s branch academy?!” A short shout sounded. There were finally experts who came out, activating a type of precious technique. It was as if a great sea surged over, stopping the warship.

This was definitely a powerful individual, or else how could he have this type of methods? However, this place was just one of Wang Family’s branch academies, a stronghold that was far from the original clan shouldn’t have this type of expert.

The warship stopped, remaining still in midair.

Sou sou sou...

Several dozen figures rushed into the sky, overlooking the warship, one of them a middle-aged man with extremely deep cultivation. His eyes flickered about like a small sun.

This person was a bit weaker than the two elders who entered Heavenly Deity Institution, but comparatively speaking, he should still be a great expert, at the very least, comparable to Wang Tianming.

“It’s you, Huang, you actually dare charge here!” These people recognized Shi Hao with a single look, all of their expressions changing. The middle-aged man in the lead felt that the situation wasn’t right. “Where is Wang Tianming?”

“It seems like you all really came for me, aware that Wang Tianming headed to Heavenly Deity Institution. However, he is already dead.” Shi Hao coldly said.

“What?” These people were first shocked, and then they were furious. That middle-aged man in the lead was quite decisive, saying, ‘Run!’, the first one to flee. His eyes carried viciousness, about to escape after giving Shi Hao a look.

“This has something to do with you all after all, monitoring Heavenly Deity Institution here. Not a single one of you will be allowed to escape!” Shi Hao shouted.

On the warship, several blazing streaks of light flew out, the symbols of the ancient ship. They launched attacks. Under pu pu sounds, a few people were killed.


At the same time, a black figure flew out, instantly catching that middle-aged man. Then, a spear pierced through him, raising him up. He didn’t even have room to resist.

This was one of the soldiers the golden little ant called out, his fighting strength powerful!

This time, he didn’t deal a killing blow, because Shi Hao wished to understand the situation a bit.

Shi Hao invited that elder from Heavenly Deity Institution to take action, explore his sea of consciousness, find out what exactly Wang Family wanted to do.

“Imperishable Scripture!” When the elder secretly transmitted to Shi Hao. He was shocked, this scripture was exposed after all, Immortal Wang deduced it.

Shi Hao couldn’t help but feel shock. Immortal Wang was too formidable, this person who was suspected to have been sealed from the last great era was too terrifying, able to even deduce who the scripture belonged to, he really couldn’t help but shiver inwardly.

“You… let me know! This matter will end here, both of us are in an awkward situation.” That middle-aged man said softly.

Only, this type of compromise was only on the surface. Shi Hao saw a hint of coldness flash past in the depths of his eyes. Wang Family’s people did not want to accept this.


Shi Hao personally took action, a sword penetrating that elder’s skull, and then wiping out his primordial spirit. Since he already took action, he wouldn’t act too kindly.

“Go, to the next place!”

The warship set sail, turning into a streak of flowing light, disappearing in the mountain range.

That day, in this boundless earth, four strongholds belonging to Wang Family were flattened, the important figures all wiped out.

This triggered quite the commotion. Many people were paying attention to this. What was Huang trying to do? He really dared to take action, actually overturning Wang Family’s stronghold!

This was definitely a huge matter. Daring to attack several strongholds of a long life family, this was simply the same as wishing to pierce the heavens!

A wave of undercurrents surged, brewing. A giant storm was about to take form!

Sure enough, Wang Family’s people came, moreover an extremely important figure coming to denounce Shi Hao publically for his crimes, bringing quite a few men straight to Heavenly Deity Institution.

This was a war chariot pulled by nine giant beasts, oppressing the heavens, rumbling as it arrived.

The war chariot was copper green, looking extremely ancient, previously suffering the baptism of war. It was covered in blade marks and sword holes that hadn’t been repaired, because great dao natural laws were condensed on their surface, supporting this chariot and making it even stronger.

Wang Zhen!

This was the descendant of one of Wang Family’s Nine Dragons, Wang Er’s eldest son, belonging to the Wang Family’s most ancient third generation group. He was an extremely important figure, his authority great.

Of course, his cultivation was also ridiculously powerful. After all, with this type of status, moreover living from the ancient times until now, he had experienced all types of things.

Wang Family was angered, now mustering great forces, bringing several hundred war chariots across the sky. The skies rumbled with noise, several hundred barbaric beasts rushing over, making the heavens shake intensely.

This shocked many great powers. Wang Family was going to make a serious move! They brought out their family’s great banner, the flag fluttering about. Normally, they would only do this when they went on an expedition to fight a great battle.

Wang Family was still far, but Heavenly Deity Institution already received news.

Cao Yusheng was furious, saying, “Wang Family’s people really are shameless! When all of the clans headed to Great Scarlet Sky Border to fight, they were nowhere to be seen, yet now, they sent out several hundred war chariots, thousands of elite men!”

Many people were paying attention to this, watching this event play out.

These war chariots had clearly been immersed in the flames of war. Right now, they were all extremely brilliant, the copper rust releasing heaven rushing radiance under the support of divine force.

They were closing in. Wang Family’s men pressed towards Heavenly Deity Institution, one able to sense that wave of vicious energy even from far away.

This was the first time something like this happened since Heavenly Deity Institution’s opening, another party actually wished to trap this place.

“Huang, where is he?!” From the horizon, a dignified voice sounded from within the largest bronze war chariot. It sounded like thunder, as if a heavenly emperor was roaring, making the skies break apart.

Regardless of whether it was Heavenly Deity Institution’s people or the men from various clans who hurried over after receiving news, they were all shocked. That was Wang Zhen! He was terrifying after all, his cultivation deep and immeasurable.

Shi Hao stood on top of a great mountain within Heavenly Deity Institution, shouting, “You all didn’t go to the Desolate Border to fight against the foreign enemies, instead leading your elite forces to trap Heavenly Deity Institution, what are you all trying to do? Are you going to betray this side?!”

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