Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366 - Killing Intent Surging

The changes took place too quickly!

An ice-cold spear that was pitch-black like ink, incomparably sharp, pierced through Wang Tianming, fishing him high into the air, blood scattering down.

The ground burst open, five individuals dressed in black armor emerged. They either held pitch-black great halberds, heavenly spears, or cold war pikes.

There was also a golden little ant that stood on the shoulder of the leader. They suddenly emerged from underground, rupturing the ground surface, arriving in Heavenly Deity Institution.


Wang Tianming screamed miserably. He didn’t immediately die, suffering from extreme pain. Even his face was warped, entire body contorting.

The black war pike was extremely thick and long, piercing in straight from his ribs and out through the bottom of his neck, penetrating his entire chest. This type of damage was just too serious.

This was especially the case when the spearpoint pierced through the bottom of his neck, its surface dyed in bright red blood, appearing perfectly in front of his face. This type of scene was even more frightening.

The victim Wang Tianming was scared out of his wits. After that spear pierced through him, it now rested right in front of him, this intense scene almost making him directly faint.

However, he couldn’t faint, because the pain was too great, directly roasting his soul, burning his body.

This weapon was too terrifying, not only could he feel it himself, everyone else could clearly see this scene as well.

The black war spear had a ring of mysterious symbols around it, a type of spell, as well as secret force, even more so a release of divine power. They released great dao patterns, appearing there.

These symbols were like flames of the underworld, burning Wang Tianming’s body, corroding his soul.

“No! Let me down! Save me!” Wang Tianming screamed. He couldn’t endure this type of torment.

Everyone’s expressions changed. One had to understand that Wang Tianming wasn’t an ordinary individual, but rather a super expert. Even if he couldn’t compare to Immortal Academy’s elders, his status was still extremely high.

However now, he surrendered. After being pierced by the spear, his soul was even trembling, as if a judgment day trial was carried out, one that he couldn’t resist.

Blood dropped down, flowing along the pike, landing on the ground. This scene was truly alarming.

Wang Tianming was raised up just like that, nailed into the air by the giant war spear. The surrounding void all split apart, difficult for him to budge in the slightest!

The scene was terrifying, everyone in the surroundings horrified!

“Filth like you are just too unbridled. It is one thing if you all act bossy and overbearing in your own Wang Family territory, yet you all dare come here to act crazily. Not knowing the difference between life and death!” The golden little ant said coldly.

He truly was angered badly. After returning from Great Scarlet Sky with Shi Hao, they were actually trapped by this type of scrafty scoundrel, moreover wishing to capture them. This filled him with anger.

They fought on the battlefield, Shi Hao facing the ten kings alone. Meanwhile, Wang family didn’t challenge the enemy, instead stirring up trouble in the back, wishing to deal with those from the same side. It truly was hateful. How could the little golden ant not be angry?

When he sensed danger, he exchanged a few words with Shi Hao, and then immediately left, silently going underground to call for reinforcements from Heavenly Horned Ant’s immortal manor.

“Let him down!” The faces of the two great figures from Wang Family were downcast. This type of change was outside their expectations.

This was a sudden change in situation, inwardly feeling alarm, feeling that they didn’t understand this place well enough. They never expected that the Heavenly Horned Ant could bring over this type of mysterious soldier.

Everyone could see that these black armored soldiers weren’t true flesh and blood creatures, already turned into puppets. However, they were definitely loyal to the Heavenly Horned Ant, possessing a mysterious type of spirituality that allowed them to remain somewhat clear-headed.

“Are we going to let him down just because you said to? Who do you all think you are?!” The golden little ant stood on the black armored soldier’s shoulder, saying this coldly.

It loathed Wang Family’s people, hating them even more than the other side.

Shi Hao walked up, not giving the two great figures who spoke up a look, instead looking at Wang Tianming and saying, “I already warned that if you didn’t back up, you would inevitably be killed!”

“Let me down, quickly!” Wang Tiaming roared. He truly couldn’t hold on anymore. That black war spear was wrapped in symbols, as if the flames of hell were refining his soul.

His primordial spirit couldn’t even escape, trapped in his flesh. It was corroded, burned to ashes by the black flame, disappearing bit by bit.

This was a type of unimaginable torment. He watched as his soul turned to dust bit by bit, watching himself slowly die. This brought him even more fear than direct death.

“Do you all truly harbor ulterior motives? Resisting arrest is one thing, yet you even dare take action to kill those patrolling this world. We came to patrol this place, see if the various areas are safe, yet only you all have acted arrogant and despotic. Are you all really going to rebel?” A great figure from Wang Family said with a sunken voice.

“Do you all even want any more face? You can even speak these types of words?” Cao Yusheng couldn’t help but curse out.

Wang Family was clearly deliberately distorting the truth, harboring ulterior motives themselves, yet they now placed the accusation on Shi Hao and the others instead.

In reality, those two elders were a bit helpless as well. They were forced to this extent, truly not having any other reasons to use. If they directly bowed down, then everything would have been meaningless.

They came for the Imperishable Scripture, coming under Wang Family’s highest level of decree.

“Let him go. We will let bygones be bygones. As long as you tell us about Great Scarlet Sky’s situation clearly, we can return your innocence.” An elder from Wang Family said.

It was because he didn’t dare truly act rigidly. The five great experts the golden Heavenly Horned Ant brought made him feel fear. Even though he knew that they weren’t living people, only war tools, they still made him feel great apprehension.

“Does your Wang Family not want any face anymore?” Shi Hao spoke up. With a wave of his hand, he said to the golden little ant, “Kill that person!”


The golden ant spoke a single sentence, and then the black war pike in the leading soldier’s hands moved. A wave of black flames surged, and then with a hong sound, Wang Tianming screamed, his entire body turning into charred coal, primordial spirit even more so directly burned to ashes.

An important person from Wang Family was killed just like this!

In the surroundings, there were quite a few people who were watching this, all of them greatly alarmed. This was but a great figure from a long life family, yet he died just like that.

“Huang, do you know what you’ve done? You resisted arrest and killed an inspector, are you rebelling?!” An elder from Wang Family roared, but he was clearly appearing fierce while cowardly at heart.

Shi Hao berated, “Resisting arrest? Who does your Wang Family think you all are? Who gave you all the title of inspector? What qualifications do you all have to arrest others? All of the long life families are fighting with their lives on the front lines, yet you all are stirring up things in the back, even daring to claim devotion to righteousness, do you all even want any face? Absolutely no sense of shame!”

His voice was like thunder, making many people’s ears ring with weng weng sounds. Wang Family’s people’s faces even more so changed.

“You… even if you feel that it is unfair, you could speak up. Why is there a need to directly kill someone? Moreover with this type of black demonic flame, burning one’s soul, it is just too vicious.” Someone from Wang Family disputed.

“Do you feel that this type of black flame is vile? These are immortal dao symbols. Back then, it killed the enemies, burned down countless people from the other side on the battlefield!” The leading warrior said with a blank expression.

When these words sounded, everyone became alarmed. These were but worthy and virtuous people from the past! They fought against the other side before, who dared question them?

Meanwhile, Wang Family’s people even more so quivered inwardly. Don’t tell me these puppets truly had their own wills?

“Seniors, please take action, arrest all of them!” Shi Hao said.


The five of them walked forward together, in their hands war pikes, great halberds, heavenly spears, and other things, all of them surging with killing intent, carrying a type of terrifying aura not even endless time could erase.

“You all… cannot act recklessly!” Wang Family’s people lacked confidence. At this moment, they all shivered inwardly, because even though the five of them could be considered puppets, they were deep and immeasurable.

“Is there anyone who has acted even more recklessly than you Wang Family?” Cao Yusheng shouted.

“I wish to ask all of you something. Does your Wang Family have no memory, or do you all truly wish to betray the Nine Heavens?” Shi Hao shouted.

“You… what are you saying? Don’t randomly accuse others!” The expression of Wang Family’s elder became ugly.

“If that isn’t the case, then why did you all do this, questioning the worthy people who have returned from the battlefield?” At this moment, Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder also walked over, because those two no longer dared to stop him.

“Wang Family’s people, if you all aren’t betraying us, did you all already forget? Not long ago, Great Elder and I have previously visited your Wang Family, killed a few people. Your Ancient Ancestor Immortal Wang personally promised not to stir up trouble. However, not much time had passed, yet you all already went back on your words, coming here to provoke us. Are you all courting death? Do you want your clan eradicated?!” Shi Hao berated.

“You…” Wang Family was starting to lose confidence. They originally wanted to captured Shi Hao quickly and obtain the Imperishable Scripture, never expecting things to suddenly develop like this.

“You what you? Since Wang Family has become deranged, wishing to be wiped out, then we will satisfy your wish!” Shi Hao said.

“You… you dare! My Wang Family has the  Nine Dragons and the ancient ancestor, yet you dare claim to wipe us out. There will definitely be a great disaster for you!” That Wang Family youngster shouted.

“Just a weed, a random dog-like existence, where is there room for something like you to make noise?!” Shi Hao directly walked over. His right hand reached out, a large hand crushing over.

“You…” The youngster was already speaking domineeringly from earlier. Now, he was struck by this slap, immediately exploding with a pu sound, turning into a blast of bloody mist.

“You are going too far, actually daring to randomly deal with my Wang Family’s people, this is provoking the dignity of an entire long life family!” Someone from Wang Family shouted.

“What dignity does Wang Family still have? Merely scum. You don’t want to accept this? Today, I am going to start precisely from you. I want to see if Wang Family really is defecting!” Shi Hao berated.

“You dare?!” The middle-aged man quickly took action, wishing to capture Shi Hao first, use him as a hostage. With a hong sound, his sparkling purple large hand approached, about to grab Shi Hao.


Blood splashed out. He released a miserable cry, because Shi Hao held a sword core in his hand. It directly pierced through that large hand, the wound bleeding endlessly. That sword core possessed a demonic nature, simply about to suck his entire body’s blood dry.

 In this instant, Wang Family’s people trembled, even the two elders’ expressions changed. They knew that this youngster was difficult to deal with himself, having many abnormal things on him.

“Kill them!” Shi Hao said.

Right at this time, bloody light splashed out. Five great elders’ war spears, heavenly pikes, and other things pierced over. Wang Family’s people couldn’t retaliate at all. They were instantly pierced through!

Only those two elders avoided the attacks, as they were experts after all. They resisted with everything they had, but in the end, they still couldn’t hold on. The five weapons stabbed right through the others, and then they stabbed towards the two of them again.

This was a war formation. On the battlefield, it had previously cut down countless foreign enemies, so capturing these two was just a trifling task.


The two elders’ precious artifacts and other things they cultivated together with their lives were completely crushed to pieces under the war pikes and heavenly spears. Then, the two elders were also pierced through by the weapons, fished up, and nailed into the sky, blood dripping everywhere.

Everyone was shocked. These were Wang Family’s great experts, their clan’s seniors, yet in the end, they were all killed under the five great puppet soldiers’ weapons!

“You all dare to do this, my clan’s old ancestor won’t just sit still! All of you will definitely be eradicated!”

“My Wang Family has the Nine Dragons, when they move out together, no one can match them!”

Wang Family’s two elders were unwilling to accept this, weakly shouting this.

“If the Nine Dragons dare show themselves, then we’ll just kill all of them!” Shi Hao said coldly. Then, he shouted, “Kill them!”


The five weapons shook. Those people who were raised into the air, including the two Wang Family elders were blown up, turning into blood and scattered ashes!

They were eliminated just like that, all of them killed!

The scene was dead silent. The great figures of a long life family were killed just like that!

“What do we do now?” The golden little ant asked, clearly looking like he still wanted to continue.

“Naturally take action, uproot a few of Wang Family’s strongholds in Immeasurable Heaven, especially those places that are relatively closer to Heavenly Deity Institution. We won’t leave a single one alive, wipe all of them out!” Shi Hao spoke, full of killing intent.

“What?” Everyone was shocked. This was just too crazy. Was he going to go to war with Wang Family? However, who could stop Immortal Wang?

“Child, you must take your time to make your decision!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder walked up, fearing that Shi Hao might encounter danger and provoke a huge disaster. It was because if those Nine Dragons truly were going to come out, no one could suppress them now. What was even more frightening was if Immortal Wang came out from seclusion, then things would become even more troublesome.

“Great Elder returned, he didn’t leave yet!” Shi Hao only had this line, secretly informing this elder.

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