Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366 - Killing Intent Surging

The changes took place too quickly!

An ice-cold spear that was pitch-black like ink, incomparably sharp, pierced through Wang Tianming, fishing him high into the air, blood scattering down.

The ground burst open, five individuals dressed in black armor emerged. They either held pitch-black great halberds, heavenly spears, or cold war pikes.

There was also a golden little ant that stood on the shoulder of the leader. They suddenly emerged from underground, rupturing the ground surface, arriving in Heavenly Deity Institution.


Wang Tianming screamed miserably. He didn’t immediately die, suffering from extreme pain. Even his face was warped, entire body contorting.

The black war pike was extremely thick and long, piercing in straight from his ribs and out through the bottom of his neck, penetrating his entire chest. This type of damage was just too serious.

This was especially the case when the spearpoint pierced through the bottom of his neck, its surface dyed in bright red blood, appearing perfectly in front of his face. This type of scene was even more frightening.

The victim Wang Tianming was scared out of his wits. After that spear pierced through him, it now rested right in front of him, this intense scene almost making him directly faint.

However, he couldn’t faint, because the pain was too great, directly roasting his soul, burning his body.

This weapon was too terrifying, not only could he feel it himself, everyone else could clearly see this...

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