Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365 - Deranged

This was originally Heavenly Deity Institution, so what reason did Wang Family have for presiding over things here? From their attitudes, their words, it was as if they completely treated themselves like this place’s masters.

“You! Ninth grandfather is asking you something, why aren’t you replying?!” Not far out, a young man walked over. He was extremely handsome, but his expression was a bit treacherous, not all that kind.

“He is your ninth grandfather, not others’.” Shi Hao replied indifferently. He had seen this youngster from the Wang Family. When this person met him before, he acted extremely respectfully, yet now, he acted so boldly, he clearly had confidence in his backing.

That middle-aged male in the lead was precisely the so-called ninth grandfather. He looked like he was in his robust years, blood energy exuberant, but in reality, he had already cultivated for an endless amount of time.

“Why are you not responding?!” Another person shouted.

“Coming to Heavenly Deity Institution and acting so arrogant and bossy, what kind of place does your Wang Family treat this as? Why should I bow my head to you all, why do I need to reply to you?” Shi Hao looked towards them.

“Wang Family’s people really are something, coming to Heavenly Deity Institution to behave atrociously. Why did I not see you all in Great Scarlet Sky Border? What are you all acting fierce here for?” Cao Yusheng couldn’t hold back, mocking them directly. He didn’t return to Sacred Academy.

“Younger generation, I was not talking to you. What right do you have to speak here?!” That so-called ninth grandfather Wang Tianming said, sweeping his eyes over towards Cao Yusheng.

“This is Heavenly Deity Institution, I can say whatever I want, what does it have to do with you? It’s not like this is your Wang Family, if you all want to pretend to be high and mighty, go back to your long life family!” Cao Yusheng opposed him with equal harshness, not backing up at all.

“Shut your mouth!” Right at this time, Wang Tianming released a short shout. He used dao sound, his voice like thunder, making even the void tremble. Even Heavenly Deity Institution was trembling.

Everyone’s expressions changed. What was he trying to do?

This was Heavenly Deity Institution! Everyone else was shocked. It was strange for a group of experts to rush over to the academy to begin with, now, they were actually opposing Shi Hao and the others.

“Speak, why did you all leave the battlefield, come back on your own, become deserters?” Someone next to Wang Tianming released a low roar.

This type of situation was extremely bad. They didn’t ask about the situation, directly attaching a bad name to Shi Hao and the others.

“Your Wang Family is too overbearing! This is Heavenly Deity Institution, what right do you all have to view yourselves as the masters? What do you all really want to do?!” Shi Hao asked a question right back, loudly berating the other side.

Right now, Heavenly Deity Institution became quiet. A few students walked over, looking at Wang Family. They all felt like today’s events were too strange.

“The world has changed, the foreign side has invaded. We are patrolling the various lands to prevent something unexpected from happening. Heavenly Deity Institution is an important place, so now that you all returned, we naturally need to seriously interrogate you.” Wang Tianming calmly replied.

Then, his expression became severe, shouting out, “So many people left, why did only you all return? It is definitely because you all left the battlefield without permission. Capture them and examine them strictly!”

Everyone’s expressions changed. This was too serious. Wang Family’s people wished to deal with Shi Hao, things were definitely not going to end well for him.

Quite a few people knew that this was revenge. Wang Family wanted to take this opportunity to capture Shi Hao, this was an excuse to deal with him.

“Unbridled!” Shi Hao shouted.

At the same time, Cao Yusheng was also angered, incredibly furious. He shouted out again, “I didn’t even see you all in Great Scarlet Sky Border, yet you are bossing others overbearingly here, what kind of skill is this? If you have the guts, then go on the battlefield! Just a group of cowards!”

Shi Hao carefully thought back, he really didn’t see Wang Family’s people in Great Scarlet Sky. Could it be that after they heard the Ancestral Dragon Bugle Horn, not a single person left!?

This was extremely frightening. With the Desolate Border battle arriving, there might very well be traitors in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ backlines! This produced a shadow over Shi Hao’s mind.

Wang Tianming said coldly, “A group of younger generation, how can you all understand the important figures’ plans? We received orders to patrol this place, make sure that the Nine Heavens are safe to avoid people taking advantage of the situation to cause chaos. Right now isn’t the time to explain things to you all. Hurry up and confess, why did you flee from the battlefield? Arrest them all right now!”

Several middle-aged man around them walked up, powerful auras released from their bodies. They were going to suppress Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng and the others.

“Do you think there is no one in my Heavenly Deity Institution? Wang Family, you all really are something, climbing up to our heads!” Not far out, a cold snort sounded. An elder walked over.

It was precisely an elder from Heavenly Deity Institution. The other elders all left, after the bugle horn sounded, they all followed the warship to Great Scarlet Sky to join the battle.

It could be said that Heavenly Deity Institution was extremely selfless, only leaving behind a single elder to watch over this place for the youngsters that stayed back, doing this to have a better chance in the great battle.

“Dao brother, long time no see.” Right at this time, two elders walked over from not far away. These were living fossil level great figures, right now blocking that elder’s path forward.

Did Wang Family go crazy?

This was what everyone was thinking. Wang Family was clearly going to powerfully take action, to deal with Shi Hao and the others. Even when an elder level figure from Heavenly Deity Institution took action, they still insisted on taking action.

“Unbridled!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder was now truly angered. Wang Family went too far.

“Dao brother, please remain calm and do not become impatient. Let’s capture these people first, we will know more after interrogating them for a bit.” An elder said with a laugh.

“What do you all really want to do?” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder said coldly. The situation was too clear, Wang Family was looking for trouble.

“It truly is hateful! Huang fought a bloody battle on the front lines, successively defeating ten great young experts from the other side, displaying might for my Nine Heavens, meanwhile, where was your Wang Family? All of you merely hid in the back, taking action against your own side, despicable and hateful!” Cao Yusheng said out of anger. He was normally cheerful and easygoing, yet now, he was truly angered badly.

Everyone was moved. Huang fought a great battle on the border? That type of accomplishment was extremely brilliant. When the two armies faced off, he slaughtered ten kings of the other side! Just the thought alone stirred everyone up.

“Merely one side of the story, just you all who are saying this, who would believe you? I want to capture you all. After examining you all, the truth will be known!” Wang Tianming said.

Everyone knew that once he fell in their hands, Shi Hao definitely wouldn’t have a good ending, even if he didn’t die, he was going to be crippled.

“Many people can serve as witnesses, the young geniuses of various clans have all returned, all of them returning to their clans. The events that happened will soon spread throughout the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.”

When he heard these worlds, Wang Family’s two elders and Wang Tianming’s eyelids jumped. However, they quickly calmed down, still insisting on interrogating them.

“Shi Hao, tell us everything that happened on the battlefield.” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder said.

Shi Hao didn’t hide anything, speaking about everything that happened on Great Scarlet Sky Border, making many people’s breathing rushed, their emotions rising and falling, nervous and excited.

This was especially the case when they heard that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Lu Hong, and the others were killed in battle, every one of their minds sunken. Those were but the best of the younger generation, known to be part of the strongest group of people, yet they actually withered away there.

When they heard Shi Hao calmly speak about his own ten victories, everyone could imagine the scene of those great battles. All of them could feel hot blood boiling within them.

“Just a one-sided story. How much stronger could you be than Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch or Lu Hong? They were killed in battle, yet you came back safely, even talking about what ten successive victories, nothing more than lies. In my opinion, you are definitely hiding things!” Wang Tianming spoke emotionlessly. He was extremely domineering, insisting on capturing Shi Hao and carrying out an interrogation.

“Wang Family, what are you all really trying to do? Could it be that you wish to betray the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, about to rebel?!” At this time, the only elder left in Heavenly Deity Institution couldn’t hold himself back anymore, erupting into a great rage. It was because the other side’s demands were too disrespectful, moreover completely absurd, pestering endlessly.

“Just directly say what you all want to do!” Shi Hao shouted.

“Motherfucker, there wasn’t a single person from Wang Family on the battlefield, yet all of you are strutting around in the backlines, targeting those from the same side. Utter trash!” Cao Yusheng also angrily rebuked.

Wang Tianming’s expression fell greatly, because this was just too disrespectful, but there really were no other excuses. He obtained orders that if he had the chance, he had to capture Shi Hao, obtain a piece of scripture from his divine consciousness!

This was an order passed down from the Wang Family’s nine ancestors, from the sons of Immortal Wang.

It was because they obtained news that Shi Hao obtained a piece of formidable scriptures from the Northern Stone Forest, very likely the Imperishable Scripture!

It was rumored that this was personally deduced by Immortal Wang!

These scriptures were too important, if Wang Family’s ancient ancestor Immortal Wang obtained it, he might very well step foot into the long life domain, achieving immortality!

That was why after Wang Family learned of this, they didn’t hesitate to pay any cost. Even if they offended anyone, having the heavens against them, they still wouldn’t shrink back. They had to obtain that scripture.

As long as Immortal Wang achieved immortality, broke through the shackles, then there was no need to fear any powers, especially in this era where no one could achieve immortality. Once one stepped into that level, the benefits they would obtain would be unimaginable. It wasn’t as simple as breaking through and becoming a true immortal, it might be even greater!

That was why Wang Family’s people came, watching over this place, appearing a bit ‘deranged’ here, insisting on capturing Shi Hao without giving the other side any face.

“Words cannot be spoken randomly, otherwise, there will be great trouble!” Wang Tianming looked towards Heavenly Deity Institution's elder. Normally, he treated this elder with great respect, but now, he acted as if the other party wasn’t important at all, because there were two great experts from Wang Family here!

Moreover, there might be peerless figures from Wang Family who might come themselves!

“Truly unbridled and domineering. Wang Family, since you all wish to betray the Nine Heavens, you all better have made the preparations to pay the most bitter price!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder shouted, directly about to fight.

“Slandering us like this, you really shouldn’t have done this.” The two elders from Wang Family stepped forward, stopping him. They released battle intent, preventing him from saving Shi Hao.

Everyone trembled inwardly. Wang Family was going to tear apart all face, insisting on dealing with Shi Hao. Right now, Great Elder, Second Elder and the others all went to participate in the battle, not coming back. The situation was looking bad.

“Are you going to bind your own hands and feet, or do you want us to take action?” Wang Tianming had his hands behind his back, walking over step by step. Everything was within his grasp.

“Huang, you traitor, compiling what lies, even saying some ten successive victories, today, I am going to capture you, reveal your true character!” Wang Family’s youngster said with a cold laugh.

“Get lost! When we were fighting on the battlefield, scoundrels like you could only hide in the back, not daring to join the battlefield!” Cao Yusheng shouted.

“I am standing right here. I want to see who can touch me!” Shi Hao said coldly, remaining extremely calm.

Hah, truly insolent. Just a younger generation, even though your cultivation is a bit unique, before us, you won’t be able to do anything even if you were a dragon!” Wang Tianming said coldly. He brought several middle-aged men forward, wishing to directly take action.

“I am warning you, if you take another step, you will immediately be killed!” Shi Hao said coldly.

Everyone was stunned. The situation was dire, yet Huang actually dared to speak like this, putting on this brash display!

Haha…” Wang Tianming roared with laughter. Then, his expression suddenly became cold. He walked forward and said, “I will personally subdue you, what can you do?”

“Kill!” Shi Hao released a light shout.

Wang Tianming’s face carried an expression of mockery. He was originally extremely calm, but now, he immediately stood still, and then a miserable scream sounded.

The earth ruptured, a black war spear carrying ruthless killing dao light rushed out from underground, piercing through him with a pu sound, fishing him high into the air.

“You even dare behave atrociously in my territory. Courting death!” A golden little ant that had remained silent this entire time appeared, guiding several ancient warriors in black armor, walking out from underground.

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