Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365 - Deranged

This was originally Heavenly Deity Institution, so what reason did Wang Family have for presiding over things here? From their attitudes, their words, it was as if they completely treated themselves like this place’s masters.

“You! Ninth grandfather is asking you something, why aren’t you replying?!” Not far out, a young man walked over. He was extremely handsome, but his expression was a bit treacherous, not all that kind.

“He is your ninth grandfather, not others’.” Shi Hao replied indifferently. He had seen this youngster from the Wang Family. When this person met him before, he acted extremely respectfully, yet now, he acted so boldly, he clearly had confidence in his backing.

That middle-aged male in the lead was precisely the so-called ninth grandfather. He looked like he was in his robust years, blood energy exuberant, but in reality, he had already cultivated for an endless amount of time.

“Why are you not responding?!” Another person shouted.

“Coming to Heavenly Deity Institution and acting so arrogant and bossy, what kind of place does your Wang Family treat this as? Why should I bow my head to you all, why do I need to reply to you?” Shi Hao looked towards them.

“Wang Family’s people really are something, coming to Heavenly Deity Institution to behave atrociously. Why did I not see you all in Great Scarlet Sky Border? What are you all acting fierce here for?” Cao Yusheng couldn’t hold...

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