Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364 - Arrival of a Cruel Era

Great Scarlet Sky Border was just like before, still lifeless.

The ancient city was in ruins. A giant abyss rested where it was, black and endless. Several dozen figures towered there, completely silent, cold like statues of demonic gods, waiting for the result.

On the Nine Heavens’ side, everyone had long left, no one defending this place.


The Immortal Smelting Pot shone, tearing apart the world, returning from the primal chaos!

“What happened?” The dozens of figures that were originally quiet all raised their heads, looking towards the nearby Immortal Smelting Pot, finding it hard to calm down. They were all stirred up.


Great winds roared, the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth fluttering about. Powerful winds swept about from the distance, but it didn’t approach this place.

“We went inside and discovered some clues.” Beneath the Immortal Smelting Pot, a group of people revealed themselves. They looked towards Great Elder Meng Tianzheng and the others in the horizon, really wanting to kill them.

At the horizon, the corpse wrapping cloth was put away. Great Elder, Shi Hao, and the others revealed their true bodies. They watched from the distance, not coming over.

Both sides stared at each other, wishing to kill the other side, but they all felt extremely helpless, unable to achieve this.

“It really is a pity. Why would that woman decide to stay uninvolved? She clearly participated in the battle back then, a matchless expert. Why does she now have this type of attitude?” Lan Xian said quietly.

“Ghost achieving immortality, these individuals are already different people from the past.” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng sighed. He was also full of regret. If the foreign creatures were killed in that ancient world and the Immortal Smelting Pot left behind, then this trip really would have been perfect.

“Go, we’ll discuss things when we return. The unmatched great one has exhausted too much magical force.” Next to the abyss, an elder said quietly. In the end, he gave the Nine Heavens a hateful look. He revealed a cruel smile and said, “When the Desolate Border is broken through, that will be when your nine clans will be wiped out!”

This was an undisguised threat. They crossed over with an objective in mind, yet things didn’t go smoothly at all.

“All of you can go fuck yourselves!” Cao Yusheng’s mouth was always extremely lowly, not feeling any restraint when he opened his mouth, swearing at the foreign leader.

“Little bastard, wait until my side’s great army crosses over, our endless troops will kill all of your cultivators, cut all of you down, not a single one of you will survive. We’ll let you all remain stubborn for now!” That elder said coldly.

“Don’t act so arrogant. The day will come when I will enter the other side and kill the undying beings, slaughter ten thousand enemies, overthrow your ancestral thrones!” Shi Hao also spoke hatefully.

In recent years, he rarely carried this type of hatred and viciousness when speaking.

However now, he couldn’t hold himself back. He really wanted to kill all of the enemies, wipe out the root of calamity and chaos.

A group of people looked over coldly, staring at him, because the impression this youngster left them with was too deep. He killed ten kings alone, defeating ten great experts, making them suffer an unprecedented defeat. For these warlike clans, this was a type of extraordinary shame and humiliation.

“When realms are crossed, the one who removes your head will be me!” On the other side, a young man with a golden divine ring around him laughed, pointing at Shi Hao; it was precisely He Ziming.

“You will be killed sooner or later!” The group of young kings roared. They felt extremely humiliated.

“The so-called kings were nothing more than this, already had the pleasure to interact with you all. On the true battlefield, I am going to kill all of you!” Shi Hao said coldly.



In front of the black abyss, those young kings were naturally boiling with anger, every one of them glaring at each other.

“Do you truly think of yourself as being unmatched under heaven? Let me tell you, we are kings, but we aren’t among the top ten young experts!”

They naturally refused to accept this, all of them extremely angry.

“Go back and ask your so-called long life families, they will definitely know how strong our side’s so-called unmatched youth are. They previously established unimaginable miracles one after another!”

Great Elder’s pupils contracted. When he heard the other side’s remarks, he thought back to a few old matters. The foreign side’s people were indeed frightening, there were all types of secrets passed about back then.

During the ancient times, those individuals were still young, yet they could already devour stars, enter suns to refine their bodies, enter great yin seas to kill prehistoric monsters.

Those accomplishments were truly incomparable, difficult to surpass!

The young kings who came out from the foreign side this time really did pale in comparison. They couldn’t really be called young supreme beings, unable to compare to those legendary ancient figures.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng and the long life elders had previously talked things over, believing that there were definitely young supreme beings like that in this generation as well, the later generation definitely not weaker than those before them.

Perhaps when the best of the ten great kings crossed over, that would be when that type of unmatched might would truly appear!

Heng, we are young kings, but there are still Emperor Clans, Anlan, Shutuo, and other ancient families’ young emperors. When they truly emerge from their ancient lands, your Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ so-called geniuses would all be like dogs and chickens, so weak they can’t even take a single hit, worth absolutely nothing!”

On the other side, someone said this coldly, carrying a type of zealotry and yearning towards those ten great kings, but completely disdainful towards the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ youngsters.

When these words sounded, the people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths all felt their mind fall, feeling anger, as well as a great pressure.

The foreign side’s most powerful young experts never showed themselves after all. There were still Emperor Clans above the King Clans!

“After suffering ten successive losses, you all still have the nerve to be so noisy?” Shi Hao looked at them, his voice frivolous, long hair fluttering about. “I’m waiting. I’ll first cut down the kings, and then kill those from the Emperor Clans!”

“Cease your arrogance. When we meet again on the battlefield, our weapons will be washed with your blood!” Even though the foreign young kings were unwilling to accept this, they still had no choice but to turn around and leave under the older generation’s lead.

Figures entered the abyss one after another, disappearing from Great Scarlet Sky Border without a trace.

Even though they could still appear, they couldn’t enter Great Scarlet Sky too deeply due to the realm wall’s obstruction. The heaven and earth were suppressing them, rejecting them.

Now wasn’t the time to invade yet. They were waiting, waiting until the day when their great realm merged with the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. At that time, they would kill all enemies!

At the limits of the great earth, Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng, Great Xu Tuo, and the others were all watching, not saying a single world. They could all imagine just how bloody and bitter the future great battle was going to be.


Suddenly, they saw a terrifying scene that left every single person shocked, all of them shivering with fear.

The black abyss was trembling. Around it, several large hands appeared, and then they slowly sunk into the black abyss’ depths.

“Heavens, it is an abyss supported by several large hands, preventing it from closing. This is just too terrifying!” The little fatty Cao Yusheng cried out in alarm.

When those large hands left the edge of the abyss, that area slowly closed, the world cracks slowly vanishing.

Just how great of power was this? Those hands supported heaven and earth, maintaining this passage! The divine might was matchless, simply unimaginable.

“We are going back!” After saying this, Great Elder brought these youngsters with him, tearing apart the void and thus leaving.

They crossed realms, traveling through the Nine Heavens, from Great Scarlet Sky to Immeasurable Heaven. This was an extremely great distance, one that was unimaginable, yet under Great Elder’s divine abilities, the moat of heaven could be traveled on, the time cut down.

Along the way, youngsters left one after another, all of them carrying heavy emotions. They headed towards their respective families to deliver news, because the great sects of the Nine Heavens still didn’t know about what happened in Great Scarlet Sky.

It was to the extent where at the Desolate Border, where the true battlefield was, those great sects still didn’t receive information.

Eventually, there weren’t many people left on the warship, most people leaving.

When they returned to Immeasurable Heaven, Great Elder disappeared with a flash, having Shi Hao and the other youngsters return to Heavenly Deity Institution on their own on the warship.

Yi, they came back!”

In the academy, there were people who cried out, looking into the sky.

Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng, and quite a few people descended, appearing in Heavenly Deity Institution’s plaza. There were others who headed for Immortal Academy, Sacred Academy, and some back to their own families. With such major events happening, they all wanted to report back as soon as possible.

“Did the foreign side truly invade?”

“Did a great battle happen? What are those enemies from the other side like?”

A group of youngsters rushed over, surrounding Shi Hao and the others, continuously asking questions.

These people didn’t have the qualifications to head to the battlefield, because back then, only the best of the younger generation were brought along to gain experience. The others were all older generation experts.

“The war has become, a cruel era has begun!” Shi Hao’s expression was heavy, speaking in a serious tone.

“Why did you all return? You went to the battlefield, didn’t fight with the other side, instead cowering and running, aren’t you all deserters?” Right at this time, an inharmonious voice sounded.

Shi Hao’s eyebrows jumps. He endured a wave of anger and turned around. His mind immediately sunk, those people seemed a bit familiar.

He immediately recognized them. When he broke into the long life Wang Family with Great Elder before, fighting a great battle against Immortal Wang, these two had previously watched from afar. These were people from Wang Xi’s family!

Why did they come? Shi Hao thought back, truly not paying attention whether anyone from Wang Family headed out to battle.

“Speak, why did you all come back? How is the battle situation up ahead?” The middle-aged man in the lead coldly asked.

This made Shi Hao’s mind turn. The situation was extremely strange. Why did Wang Family’s people arrive in Heavenly Deity Institution, criticizing and ordering others here? With the great war starting, this was extremely strange, an extremely dangerous signal!

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