Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363 - Restricted Land

When these words were spoken, everyone’s bodies went rigid, completely unable to move!

What kind of person was this? One dream, endless generations pass, a heart like a calm lake, now disturbed by others, this way of speaking… was too terrifying.

However, everyone could see that there was no way she could have survived completely intact. There was definitely some type of unforeseen change along the way that made her body die, her own great dao almost extinguished.

There was only a set of human skin inside the coffin, beautiful like a goddess, perfect and fine, as if forged by the heavens, their most perfect masterpiece.

Ghost achieving immortality, it was too similar to this type of legend!

In the past, there were no real examples, always been just a few rumors. Now, they seemed to have seen the result of ghost achieving immortality for the first time, this result extremely shocking.

Who was she? What kind of identity did she have before?

“Break through!” The foreign side were now scared, frantically activating the Immortal Smelting Pot, not hesitating to pay the price. There were immediately individuals whose bodies exploded, because the more thorough the revival of the magical artifact, the more intense the fluctuations would be, the harder it was for them to bear.


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