Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363 - Restricted Land

When these words were spoken, everyone’s bodies went rigid, completely unable to move!

What kind of person was this? One dream, endless generations pass, a heart like a calm lake, now disturbed by others, this way of speaking… was too terrifying.

However, everyone could see that there was no way she could have survived completely intact. There was definitely some type of unforeseen change along the way that made her body die, her own great dao almost extinguished.

There was only a set of human skin inside the coffin, beautiful like a goddess, perfect and fine, as if forged by the heavens, their most perfect masterpiece.

Ghost achieving immortality, it was too similar to this type of legend!

In the past, there were no real examples, always been just a few rumors. Now, they seemed to have seen the result of ghost achieving immortality for the first time, this result extremely shocking.

Who was she? What kind of identity did she have before?

“Break through!” The foreign side were now scared, frantically activating the Immortal Smelting Pot, not hesitating to pay the price. There were immediately individuals whose bodies exploded, because the more thorough the revival of the magical artifact, the more intense the fluctuations would be, the harder it was for them to bear.

Those young kings’ expressions were pale. Fortunately, there were older generation figures who protected them, or else they would have all been wiped out!


The Immortal Smelting Pot trembled, breaking free from the restrictions, about to escape.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s expression was serious. He did everything he could to operate the corpse wrapping cloth, wrapping it around everyone to bring them out of this place.

“Senior, are you a cultivator from my Nine Havens? From your clothing and your immortal voice, it doesn’t belong to the other side! Hurry and kill the enemies! Those bastards came again!” Cao Yusheng screamed out.

The domain between heaven and earth was unstable, the cultivators of the Nine Heavens also rushing over.

“What Nine Heavens? What other side? What does past smoke and clouds have to do with me?” That woman released a sigh.

“We didn’t mean to disturb you, we will leave here!” A foreign elder cupped his fists, currently acting extremely humble, wishing to immediately leave, not wanting to stay even a moment longer in this blasted place. Those so-called secrets couldn’t be investigated, it was just too dangerous.

“This pot is a bit familiar, I have forgotten too much…” The woman spoke up, her voice pleasant to listen to. However, it was also a bit lonely.

With a hu sound, the coffin lid opened, and then she actually sat up. With a raise of her hand, her slender, spotlessly white, sparkling jade white finger lightly tapped on the Immortal Smelting Pot.

The foreign side’s souls all trembled, utterly terrified. Just what kind of existence was this? Her movements were like lightning, striking out with a finger from the distance just like that.

One had to understand that what they were controlling was the Immortal Smelting Pot!


The noises were ear-splitting. After the Immortal Smelting Pot was struck, it erupted with a blast of dazzling light. The terrifying power erupted like a mountain torrent, rushing towards the woman.

However, with a wipe of her jade-like hands, it was actually directly scattered.

The expressions of everyone on the foreign side became pale. This woman was too terrifying.

“Pot spirit, please revive!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out, using an urgent and ancient voice to call out, summoning the Immortal Smelting Pot’s spirit, to wake it from its sleep.

A powerful will gradually awakened, producing heaven overflowing power!

However, before the woman moved, this world already sensed something first. This wasn’t an artifact that belonged to this world, and as a result, it was severely rejected. There were all types of great dao patterns that suppressed it.

“It gives me quite the bad feeling.” The woman said to herself. A finger pointed out. The Immortal Smelting Pot swayed, ripples spreading, loud noises sounding.

At the same time, she also looked at Shi Hao and the others. With a raise of her hand, she was going to seize the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth.

“If you are a predecessor of my Nine Heavens, a former warrior, then you would definitely recognize this banner. It is the previous iron blood banner, how could you forget?!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng roared out.

He activated it with all of his power, making this cloth shine, immortal light brilliant. There were several types of blood that appeared, with immortal king auras that pervaded out, surrounding the heavens.

That was immortal blood. There were at least two immortal kings who were brought back in it, their souls still lingering about this banner!

“It is extremely familiar…” The woman became absent-minded. Her hand stopped in midair, not touching the banner. However, soon afterwards, she snapped back again. “So what if I recognize it?”


Great winds swept about. With a turn of her hand, the Immortal Smelting Banner and Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth were both pushed aside. They dropped into the mountain range up ahead.

There was actually a giant chess board there. 

“Not good, this is an unmatched formation, she is going to trap all of us here!” The foreign side’s people cried out.

“Those who stand in my path shall be killed!” Right at this time, the Immortal Smelting Pot’s will gradually revived, about to act out.

“Artifact spirit, please quell your anger, please continue your slumber.” Someone from the other side shouted loudly, moreover starting to chant sutras.

“Why are you stopping it?” Someone asked.

“It is because those from the Nine Heavens are also stopped here, that woman not discriminating between us, which is why we cannot provoke her first, or else the result won’t be good.” Someone said quietly.

The Immortal Smelting Pot was quiet, not acting out anymore.

Meanwhile, the great earth thus also finally became calm. Otherwise, countless dao patterns would appear, all of them dealing with this pot.

“I have forgotten about the past, and I do not wish to recollect those memories either. All of you will be captured.” The woman said.


Six undying creatures’ corpses walked over, their bodies incredibly massive. They began to charge towards the chess board in the mountain range.

At the same time, several immortal corpses also arrived, surrounding all sides!

“Senior, you and I are both residents of the Nine Heavens, why is there a need to do this?!” Shi Hao shouted.

The youngsters all already realized that this should be an expert from the Nine Heavens who died, and then was reborn through chance. Even if it was a ghost immortal, she should have still been on the Nine Heavens’ side when she was alive.

“Those memories weren’t all that wonderful, so since they have already been lost, what purpose is there in further pursuing them? I do not wish to remember those things. Forget it, all of you, leave, I am not going to compete with this world. From here on out, this realm will be a forbidden region, one outside that of the secular world. Do not disturb me!”

This really was shocking, the woman actually spoke like this. At first, she was still a bit perplexed, but eventually, she became incredibly decisive, speaking with an unquestionable tone.


That chess board was opened. They were blown out, sent flying by a swing of her sleeves, directly rushing out of this realm’s borders.

Jiu jiu… That young phoenix cried out, not willing to let them go, communicating with that woman.

“Senior, you can’t let them go! These are foreign people! You had a direct relationship with them before your death! You should completely kill them!” Cao Yusheng roared out, finding this extremely hard to accept.

The faces of those from the other side warped, angered badly. They all clenched their fists, their bodies under the cover of the the Immortal Smelting Pot, eyes staring in this direction.

In reality, Shi Hao, Great Xu Tuo, Qi Gu, and the others all wanted to have this woman kill the foreign creatures, wipe out this group of enemies.

However, it was quite a pity. That beautiful woman was extremely decisive, completely unaffected by these words, chasing all of them out, not getting involved.

“The persistence of the past did not produce wonderful results. Instead of this, why not just cut it off, what does all of this have to do with me? From this point on, I will just calmly watch the endless river of time flow on, the heavens grow old and the earth wither. This place will become a restricted land, standing outside the smoke and clouds, isolated from all tribulations and disorder!” The woman said indifferently.

Those from the Nine Heavens were left feeling extremely helpless, feeling a wave of powerlessness.


Immediately afterwards, they all rushed out from this ancient realm. Then, the hundred thousand zhang tall giant pitch-black monument slowly descended, sealing this place once more.

Primal chaos surged. That ancient realm was about to disappear.

“This really is hard to accept… this was such a great opportunity to wipe out those bastards, yet all of them ended up escaping!” Cao Yusheng grumbled.

“Killing them won’t change all that much, the foreign undying creatures are the ones who are the most terrifying. That is the true threat.” A few people comforted themselves.

On the other side, the foreign creatures below the Immortal Smelting Pot laughed coldly.


At this time, an object rushed out from the primal chaos, landing on the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth, and a woman’s voice sounded.

“Since it belonged to this side of the world before, then it shall be returned here.” This voice was extremely calm, as if it let everything go.


In the back, the giant black monument trembled, completely falling. That ancient realm was finally sealed up, disappearing without a trace.

It was clear that the object that flew out landed on the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth. This was enough to prove that this woman previously belonged to the Nine Heavens, because this item chose them.

Everyone stared at it, carefully studying it.

This was an incense that was less than half a foot long. It had previously been lit before, but it had long gone out.

“What is the meaning of this? Does she want us to burn incense or something?” Someone expressed their discontent.

Everyone stared at it. This stick of incense was extremely ordinary in appearance, nothing special about it.

There were a few characters carved on its surface. Two characters were Immortal Ancient characters, the others unrecognizable, ought to belong to some type of extremely powerful species.

The two characters that could be recognized were: World Annihilation!

This was too terrifying, leaving everyone horrified. What was the meaning of this? Was the world going to be wiped out?

Why did that woman send out this type of incense?

What kind of use did it have?

“This thing isn’t simple, it has to be properly stowed. It definitely has incredible uses.” Great Elder’s expression was extremely serious.

The foreign side’s people’s eyes released vicious light, wishing to seize it. However, when they saw the Everlasting Sword Core, corpse wrapping cloth, and other things aimed at them, as well as the World Tree Sapling Ten Crown King produced and Heavenly Horned Ant’s single horn Exiled Immortal produced, they all held themselves back.

“I suspect that the woman from just now doesn’t belong to the Nine Heavens, that she came from the same place as my ancestors.” Dugu Yun spoke, the expression in his eyes profound and unfathomable. “She might be the one who fought against Luo Mo!”

“What? The unmatched expert who has a bit of primal chaos blood, the one who took down the foreign side’s ancient ancestor in mutual destruction?” Someone released a low shout.

When they thought about this, they felt that there was a chance that this was true!

“Go! We are going to leave this place first!” They confronted the foreign creatures, and then they left this primal chaos region one after the other, returning to Great Scarlet Sky Border.

Many of them remained silent, thinking over everything that happened.

“Turning into a restricted area, no longer willing to be contaminated by the aura of mortals, isolated from disputes, it truly is a pity!” Someone said with a sigh. They thought back to that woman, even if she was a ghost that achieved immortality, she likely still possessed immortal level strength.

“Could it be that the emergence of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ restricted areas are all because of similar reasons?” Shi Hao said to himself.

Everyone immediately became stunned, and then they were horrified.

This issue was extremely frightening. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths had true restricted areas that couldn’t be crossed, extremely mysterious existences residing inside of them. It was unknown just how powerful they were, existing from the past until now!

When they thought about it more deeply, they felt that there were definitely many past events hidden within, terrifying secrets buried there.

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